Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume for a Baby

If you’re looking for an easy last minute Halloween Costume for a baby, I have the perfect idea for you.  I will also link to 2 blog posts with SEVERAL other last minute easy costumes for toddlers and kids!

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Baby girl dressed as the hamburger

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Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume for a Baby

I wanted to create a costume that could easily be recreated via Amazon Prime or target for Goldie this year, but also wanted it to be something you could do for older ages too.  I created this Hamburgler costume super quick and easily, and am going to link options you could buy for non babies too!

You need: a black and white striped dress or shirt


Black Cape

Eye Mask

other optional parts I would likely do for a bigger child or adult: red tie, black hat with yellow sash, and reg gloves.

What I used:

I made Goldie’s cape out of one piece of felt, and also used that piece of felt for an eyemask.  I used a piece of stretchy band from an old headband on the eyemask.

You could easily use red felt for the tie if you choose, also!

For the hamburger we already have a HUGE assortment of felt food, so I used some of that!

Grab these items to create your last minute look!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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