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Favorite Items for a Day out with Kids

Heading out for a day with 3 (almost 4) kids is a lot of work.  There is nothing that makes it a bit easier than having the right gear and items on hand.  Check out my favorite items for a day out with kids in this post.  I share everything from the little stuff to the bigger items, and I will be sure to link to a couple of other favorite blog posts at the end incase your outing is the beach or other more specific places!

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mom pushing uppa baby vista stroller with toddler

Favorite Items for a Day out with Kids

favorite items for a day out with kids


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  1. Toppers for Squeeze pouches – these are amazing because you can close them back up if your little ones don’t finish the pouch at one sitting, and they help prevent messes and thus messy clothes!
  2. Sippy cup strap – my youngest loves to throw things out of the stroller.  This is one of my favorite things to keep in the stroller.
  3. Gathre pocket bibs – I love how small these are, so I fold one up and keep it in #12 at all times.
  4. UppaBaby Snack tray
  5. Straw Lid for my Swell Bottle – if you have a swell bottle this makes it so much more easily used, and for me my Swell is my go to in the summer since I can throw it in my bag.
  6. Stroller Fan – I LOVE this especially if you have a really little one.
  7. These snack top lids are awesome because you can use them on most any container to make a spill proof snack.
  8. Piggy Back Board for UPPAbaby Stroller – this is one of my number one must have items if you an UPPAbaby stroller and have more than one kid! (they have universal options too for other strollers!)
  9. Freshly Picked Diaper bag – this is my go to diaper bag.  Check out why in my full review here.
  10. Stroller Lock – I have always had a nicer stroller so I like to lock it if we have to leave it for something like riding the train or a ride at Disney.
  11. Swell Bottle
  12. Diaper Clutch – I keep this on me all the time.  Throw in 2/3 diapers, a bib, and some wipes and you are good to go.  Its water proof too so if there is a blow out or something then you have something on hand that you can use and throw in the wash.
  13. Swanoo Stroller Caddy – Finding a good stroller caddy is hard.  I find it especially hard in my Uppa Baby handle bars due to the shape.  I love that this one hangs and has so much room for lots of stuff at your hands!
  14. Kids Hydro Flask Water Bottles – these don’t sweat and keep their water cold!
  15. Mommy Hook
  16. UPPAbaby VISTA – this has been my favorite stroller of the MANY I have owned!


Little boy in uppa baby stroller with flowers

Make sure if you’re heading on a more specific outing you check out some of these posts below to find the perfect gear for your day, and be sure to leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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