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The Best Fidget Toys for Kids – A Gift Guide

Fidget Toys are all the rage right now with kids. I have 4 little ones and every single one of them loves them, so it is a natural option for little prizes or gifts. As I was rounding up options for my kids stockings I figured I would share the wealth and give you some great options as well.

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Fidget Toy Favorites

Fidget Toys for Kids

So what the heck is a fidget toy? Fidget toys are essentially sensory toys that can help a person in a multitude of ways pending the toy and need. They are historically used by an occupational therapist, but have gotten increasingly popular in mainstream life in recent years.

Pending the fidget device it can help with specific skills or help in coping. Some fidget items help work as a stress reliever, others can help with fine motor skills, and many are used to help with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Kinds of Fidget Toys

Lets break down the kinds of fidget tools in this post so you know what you are looking at. But also – I want to be clear this is serving in more of a ‘fun’ manner than medical advice. I knew they would make amazing stocking stuffers, or small gifts for kids this year, so rounded them up. But I also think the dual purpose they can serve (as a mom with a sensory kiddo) is wonderful!

Kids Gift Ideas

Pop Fidget Toys

These are essentially silicone or plastic and silicone toys that work like bubble wrap. You sort of ‘pop’ the little bubble in and out. These are currently BIG for kids and come in basically every shape, and on everything. You will see them in this post on phone/ipad cases, keychains, and so much more. I think I even included bubble pop bracelet options.

These are great for general fidgeting. A good way to keep hands busy – think clicking a pen. This takes the place of other such behaviors.

Squeeze Stress Balls

Stress balls, and squishy fidget ball shapes are HUGE too. Stress balls are one of the best sensory tools for calming down and exerting energy into something positive. My oldest son jack uses a stress ball at school and it works well in a stressful situation with little attention being drawn to him.

Fidget Cube

Fidget cubes and other such toys work as another item to keep kids hands busy. These are a great way for ADD or ADHD kids to focus. They are similar in use to the puzzle balls and other similar sensory gadgets.

Hopefully that gives you some basic ideas of what you might see in this post.

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Other Gift Guides

Like I said above – this post was done in a gift guide manner as I was looking for fidget toys for my kids for gifts this year. If you are shopping for kids or adults check out the link below for all of my gift guides. You will see 40+ guides broken apart by age and gender from baby to adult. So be sure to check there when you are done!

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Now to get to this guide!

Fidget Toy Favorites

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Shop Fidget Toy Favorites

  1. Pop-it Ipad Case – My 7 year old has this and LOVES IT.
  2. Pokemon bubble pop toy – this bubble pop set is SO CUTE. MY 9 year old would lose it.
  3. Bubble Pop Bracelets – This is a big pack so great for stocking stuffers or gift bags for parties.
  4. Backpack – This pop-it backpack is just beyond cute!
  5. Fidget Spinner – These are a great way to keep little hands busy
  6. Fidget Cube
  7. Pop-it Keychains – again a great buy if you need to get something for several kids
  8. Keyboard – This is BEYOND cute
  9. Stress Balls – I love this set of squishy stress balls
  10. Pop – its – this style is one that my daughter has and loves
  11. Zippers – a great fidget toy
  12. Phone case
  13. Plastic Pop It – This hard plastic pop it toy is great for little kids
  14. Poppin Pipes – these are SO FUN. My 2 year old loves them
  15. Pop-it purse – this is high on my 7 year olds list this year
  16. Slug
  17. Smore Squishy – this is so fun. Again these are great for kids to use as calming tools
  18. Heart and Unicorn pop it set – my daughter has this set
  19. Single Dot pop – this is beyond cute
  20. Pop it Dice game – I have heard these are great for in classrooms
  21. Fast food pop its
  22. Nee Doh – these stress balls are so satisfying. I always want to take my daughters for my own.
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Hopefully you found fidget toys you love in this post and feel like you know exactly what your kids will love. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) so you don’t miss any of my other posts, and leave any questions you have in the comments below.

Fidget Toy Favorites
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