Free Self Care Ideas for Moms

Welcome back for another week of the summer blog series with Navy and myself.  This has been such a fun series of blog posts, asking several bloggers to weigh in on the same topic each week, while we get to know our readers and followers better!  This week we are all writing on the idea of self care.  Is it important?  What does it look like for you?  I will touch on that, but also really wanted to share 10 free Self care ideas for moms while I am at it.  Momming is expensive, and quite frankly, sometimes it feels like self care comes with added financial stress, so hopefully thats helpful.

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The Whole Idea of Self Care

Self care, especially for moms, has become a big thing recently.  Sometimes I wonder why things like this become big, and have to take a step back and make sure its a ‘needed’ movement, not just a trendy one.  But I really do think that life is hard, and busy, and with the pressure of constantly being under the social media spotlight (that goes for EVERYONE), self care is needed.  

I am honestly not great at what everyone thinks of as self care.  I think the popular idea of it is nails or hair getting done and such, and for me I don’t enjoy those things very much.  I am constantly trapped with time constraints and busy schedules, so for me self care is not fully scheduled.   That is okay.  Self care is not about doing what is expected, it is about doing what you need to do to fill back up your cup, and replenish you so you can be a better mom, wife, employee, or whatever it is.

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How I enjoy Self  Care

For me self care is typically solo errands.  I love getting out of the house alone for a little bit.  Aside from that I also love being IN my home alone for a bit, so I think one of the number one ways I am recharged is if my husband takes my kids to do an activity or the gym for a couple of hours.  Silence for me is so needed, so I turn off the tvs, many times I even turn off all music and do whatever.  Sometimes I work.  Sometimes I clean, sometimes I do very little, but doing it in silence while I enjoy my home is really therapeutic for me. 

I also see self care as things we squeeze into our day to day.  So in our house, one thing is that I get ready (I mean BARELY) before I come down in the morning.  That means that 90% of the time I get ready for the day without kids hanging on me which helps me start my day.  I also LOVE plain iced coffee from Starbucks.  For so many thats an expensive habit, but for me, I would rather that little trip through the drive through than getting my hair done every six weeks.  So I spend that money all broken up.  

For me getting my hair cut ( its been 2.5 years) isn’t self care.  Its something I need to go do to maintain myself.  The same goes for nails.  So don’t think when you hear ‘self care’ it has to be that.  

10 Free Self Care Ideas for Moms

So on the ideas of self care, lets talk about some ways you can do some free self care for yourself and refill your tank.  Below are 10 free self care ideas for moms that are maybe less conventional!

  1. A long bath (with a drink of your choice – maybe coffee, maybe wine?).  To me slipping into a bath uninterrupted is basically my number one way to recharge!
  2. Run solo errands, or go window shopping on your own.  
  3. Go for a walk alone or with a girlfriend with no kids!
  4. Get creative.  If you are a crafter or creator, slip away and work on a craft with some of your supplies!
  6. Go to the gym – so for me this is an option I can do WITH my kids.  I drop them off in childcare and I’m able to get an hour or 2 to myself.  I definitely think if you have a membership its a good way to get some self care time. 
  7. Relax with a book or a magazine
  8. Ask your spouse for a massage.  Alright it might not be FULLY free…but close hahaha.
  9. Pamper yourself at home – nails, face mask, anything that makes you feel better.
  10. Watch a movie or show that you like.  I love pouring a glass of wine and watching a good chick flick!

What do others think of self care?

So as mentioned at the start of this post, self care looks different and has a different level of importance for so many of us.  To read what the other ladies have to say about it check out their posts!

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10 free ways to enjoy self care


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