The Kids are Growing – a life update

Instead of just popping in with an update on Walker this month, I decided I would group all the updates in one!  Incase you don’t follow me on Instagram, or have missed my last couple blog posts, Jack recently turned 5 (FIVE….yeah that was a tough pill to swallow), and Avé turned 3 a few days later.  As a mom, I feel like birthdays are so bittersweet.  On one hand I feel so blessed and lucky to have healthy children who are celebrating another trip around the sun, and love seeing their excitement.  On the other hand the fact that their baby and toddler years are flying by, and I can practically feel Jack getting older daily is painful.  I always felt like I was born to be a mama, and I am having to remind myself that just because they won’t always be babies, it doesn’t mean my job with them is done, or even close to done.  I just think that when you’re in the thick of it with babies and toddlers its hard to see the parenting side much past the wiping of butts and preparing meals.  Anyway, enough about me, on to the updates about those sweet babies!!

 Jack at 5 years old:

October 17 updates -

October 17 updates -

He lost his first tooth a few days post birthday.

He LOVES animals and is SO SMART

He can write all his letters and numbers and do some basic spelling and reading.

He is so sweet and kind and really loves being a big brother.  He is so proud of telling people that he has TWO babies (Avé and Walker).

He remains fairly compliant, but has his fair sure of meltdowns and moments where he chooses not to listen – aka his is a kid.

He loves to sing, and we have really loved to see that he’s developing a strong grasp of faith, and prayer in the past year.  Something that is so very important to Sam and I.

He is totally an outdoor lover.  He loves to get dirty and play in the dirt and grass all day.  God has a funny sense of humor for this indoor lover!

Still struggles a lot with his language understanding, but has gotten so much better, and is really thriving and working hard!

Would eat pizza, Oreos and ice-cream for all meals if given the option (so would I haha).

Is becoming more adventurous with food!

Avé at Three years old:

October 17 updates -

So sassy, articulate, and smart.

LOVES jewelry, makeup, princesses, dolls, and anything small.

Very opinionated and less compliant than her brother.

Shy in social situations until she feels safe.

LOVES dance, and is so fun to watch.  She really pays close attention and HAS to be closest to the teacher.

Would love it if we let her take her blanket or lovey everywhere with her.

Cake pops are one of her favorite things. but only the pink ones, and otherwise she isn’t a big sweets fan.

Loves all things chip/cracker related.

Got her first hair cut and thought it was the greatest thing ever!!

Walker at 4 months:

October 17 updates -

Super smiley and happy but wants to be held while standing ALWAYS

The most drooly baby I have encountered…SEND HELP ha.

Sleeps well at night

Sleeps like crap during the day haha

His laughs are my favorite but you have to really work to get them

He loves baths with country music in the background

He is bursting off the charts in length and holding middle ground on weight – but for this family is huge!

Overall he makes my world go round and I thank God everyday for that sweet soul!!



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2 thoughts on “The Kids are Growing – a life update

  1. I love this post – your babies are so dang cute. I’m getting all sentimental about Henry turning two in a week so I can totally relate to you saying that birthdays are bittersweet for the mamas!!

    1. We can cry together every fall. It’s so hard watching them grow, and I feel like the first and the last are the worst!!