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Toddler and Young Boy Gift Guide

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Christmas is around the corner and I have been trying to come up with some gift guides for everyone in your life!  This round will be for toddlers and young boy gift guide.  I am basing this off of Jack, and things he loves now and has loved for the past few years!

One thing that I have learned over time with my kids is that: A – less is more, and B – I am better off getting them similar items in many categories so there are less arguments.  So if you have boy girl siblings and are looking for great gifts that they can share this is a great place for you to start, and I will link the guide to my girl guide next week, and here is the baby guide if you have a babe in your life!

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Toddler and young boy gift guide -

The Gift Guide

  1. Usborne Wipe Clean Activity Books – I talked about my love for Usborne books in my baby gift guide, but these wipeable activity books are amazing.  I like to buy them in sets and then give them to the kids one at a time. (as a side note – dry erase markers are NOT washable, so buy a set of these off Amazon and save the headache haha).
  2. Green Toys Cars – I love these.  We have some for the car, and all over.  I let the kids take them outside. They are great.  But honestly, any cars are pretty great for boys!
  3. Micro Kickboard Scooter – My kids LOVE to scooter, and these with the 2 wheels in the front are the way to go.
  4. Toymail Talkie – We got this for Jack this year for his birthday and it’s SO CUTE.  He can send us voice texts through the little animal, to an app on our phones and thinks it’s the coolest thing!   We can also reply back, which has been especially fun for Daddy while he is at work.
  5. Teepee – We are planning to get the kids one for Christmas.  I love watching my kids use their imaginations, and things like this totally foster that.  I love the Tnee’s Teepees if you are looking for one!
  6. Legos – enough said.  They are such a timeless great toy.
  7. Cuddle and Kind doll – I have this on all my other lists too (see Baby gift guide) and put one in Walker’s room when he was born.  They are an amazing company, and you will be shocked by how soft these sweet friends are when they arrive.  Jack got one for his birthday and him and Noah are instant best friends.
  8. Tri0Kid Wagon – We also got this for Jack for his birthday, and the kid Loves it.  It is currently in the middle of my living room full of so many animals and books I don’t know how he can pull it. I love that it folds flat, so its a great space saver, while still being fun for the kids.
  9. Muffin Bub Felt Food – we got the kids some of this adorable handmade felt food for their birthdays, and it is as cute as you might imagine!! They are IN LOVE!


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