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Lille Baby Carrier I have fallen more in love with baby wearing with each of my babies.  I think that’s partially due to finding better products, but even more so due to the fact that I haven’t figured out how to grow extra hands to take care of these children. I recently was asked to do a Lillebaby Carrier Review, and I love it!  I have been using the Lillebaby carrier with Walker for the past month or so and I only continue to love it more!

Lille Baby Carrier -

One thing I was struggling with our previous structured carrier was the use of the infant insert.  I found it really hard to get Walker in on my own and he seemed to struggle with getting comfortable.   The fact that the Lillebaby Carrier works from newborn to toddler with no need for an insert is HUGE for us.  The added back support has been a selling point for my husband, and the fact that in only a few seconds I can change the seat width to go from Avé (who still loves Daddy to wear her) to Walker is amazing.  So far our Lillebaby carrier has helped us survive countless zoo outings, some small family outings and even DISNEY WORLD (check it on my Disney world must haves list). One of the reasons I found it to be such an asset this past month is that you can unzip the outer fabric to a mesh that is more breathable.  We went to Disney World when it was roughly 300 degree’s out so anything that could help that booger to not overheat was a huge win for us.

Lille Baby Carrier -

I also probably sound like a broken record  here in my little blog land, but I am a HUGE sucker for stylish baby gear.  Its 2017 and I don’t see any reason for anything I use with my kiddos to not look as cute as the clothes I buy for myself and them.  Lillebaby Carriers come in SO many amazing prints, it was super hard for me to pick one, but this black and white with the gold hardware won me over.  I get more compliments on it from my girlfriends…and if you’re a mama like me, that goes a long way!

Lille Baby Carrier -

Are you a baby wearing fan?  If so whats your preferred method?  Definitely Check out the Lille Baby Carriers and report back to let me know what you think!!

*product was received in exchange for my review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  Read more about that here.  



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