Kids Room Organization

Part of my struggle as a mom to four kids is keeping our home organized and free from chaos. With so many little people around, it is so easy to have small parts of toys go missing, or to have a pile up of shoes at the door. Often, I’m able to manage all of the chaos in our main living space, but when it comes to my kids’ rooms, I need back up. I’ll share with your my favorite products to keep your kids room organization in check.

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Kid Room Organization

Every family has that one kid. You know the kid who tends to hoard toys, won’t throw away anything, and whose room is just perpetually always a mess? For our family, that kid is Walker.

Walker loves collecting treasures and wouldn’t dream of throwing any of them away. So I often find small piles of rocks, twigs, or even random shreds of paper sprinkled throughout his room.

I try to allow my kids to get creative, make messes, but at the same time, I like to keep a tidy home. Their rooms are where they can let that creativity shine and if they want to have piles of rocks in a corner, then I’m more than happy to shut the door so I don’t have to look at the mess.

Because I allow them to be a bit more messy in their own rooms, I also try to be extra intentional about keeping their belongings in their room organized so that their clothes and toys are easy to find. At the end of the day, when it comes to cleaning their rooms, they know where all their belongings go and can help in the cleanup process.

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My Favorite Products For Kids Room Organization

The products I’m sharing with your today are all items that we use in our kids’ rooms on a daily basis and my favorite kids room organization finds. When I completed Walker’s room in our home, I was very intentional with creating a space that had ample storage space for all of his collections.

I also made sure to implements items that would help him be as independent as possible with keeping his room organized, but still allowing him to be a kid and make chaos.

Whether you have a child who struggles with keeping their room tidy or not, creating a space that has the tools they need to keep their room clean, is paramount. While Jack struggles with keeping his legos organized, Ave has an overwhelming large collection of jewelry.

Meanwhile, Goldie has about 100 stuffed animals that all need a place to rest their heads. With Walker I’d be just excited if he would make his bed at this point.

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Whatever need you have, there is an organized solution to fill that void. Here are my top 19 kids room organization products that will control the chaos in your lives.

Pinned Kids Room Organization Round Up

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  1. Velvet Storage Ottoman- I love this ottoman! It can store a ton of toys and looks adorable in a little girls room. Plus, it doubles as extra seating.
  2. Beddys– If you haven’t tried Beddys yet, you won’t be disappointed! We have Beddys for all of our kids and I love that it zips up to help young kids (ahem Walker) make their beds easily. It comes in a ton of colors and designs. We have had these for years and the quality is excellent! Grab your own with this coupon code: ARINSOLANGE for 20% off.
  3. Vanity– No makeup obsessed little girl should live without a vanity. Ave loves to do makeup and play “Spa” with Goldie. We recently put a vanity in her room and it has made a huge difference. Not only is it a dedicated space for all of her makeup and accessories, but it also will grow with her as she ages.
  4. Jewelry Organizer – Speaking of accessories, I have this jewelry organizer in both of my girls’ rooms. It can hold up to 30 necklaces, plus has lots of space for earrings and rings.
  5. Binder For Small Items– Have I mentioned that my boys love Legos and all the million little pieces? These binders hold small items in an organized clear insert. I’ve seen it used for Pokemon cards, dress up jewelry, and even Walker’s random treasures.
  6. Stool– This stool is the perfect addition to the vanity mentioned in #3. There is tons of storage space as an added bonus.
  7. Mesh Jeans Organizer– Jeans can take up a lot of closet real-estate space. This organizer is a great alternative if you don’t have enough space to hang your jeans, but prefer to stack them instead. The mesh allows you to easily see your jeans to pick out your most loved pair.
  8. Honeycomb Organizers– Every underwear and sock drawer needs an organizer. Instead of having an absolute free for all with your underwear and socks combined together, use this organizer to keep the chaos down.
  9. Drawer Divider– If you don’t want to be quite as extreme in organizing your underwear drawer, then opt for this drawer divider instead. At the very least you can separate your socks from your underwear.
  10. Small Fabric Bins– These bins are great to hand on hand to quickly organize items in your child’s room. I used them for Goldie when she was a baby to keep all of her diaper changing kit supplies organized. Now, she has them in her dresser and closet to house different accessories.
  11. Velvet Hangers– At the bare minimum, hang up your clothes in your closet. It will create a ton more space and keeps clothes off the floor or crumpled in drawers.
  12. Roll and Stack Bags– I love these bags. They are so versatile and would also travel well. You can store bulkier items like winter clothes, jackets, or comforters and stack them in a closet to save on space. The bags also are washing machine friendly, so you can throw it in with the rest of your items to reuse.
  13. Shoe Cabinet– This shoe cabinet is extra thin and won’t take up too much space. You can actually fit it in a closet or smaller room. It could also act as both a show cabinet or a smaller dresser with bins. It comes with a top shelf to hang smaller items as well. This would be great in a small laundry room to keep your space organized.
  14. Acrylic Book Ledge– I have had these in multiple rooms in my home over the years. We also encourage reading and the love of books in our household. This acrylic book ledge looks fantastic and holds a ton of books.
  15. Hanging Bath Organizer– If you share a bathroom with kids, you’ll know that having a bathroom toy organizer is a must. No more tripping over water toys or slipping on a squirt gun.
  16. Earring Holder-For the Fashion obsessed girl in your life, this earring holder will help keep them all together. No more lost earrings.
  17. Small Toy Organizer– This is another Walker inspired find. I can not stress to you how much I find it essential to have items that hold small obscure toys. This small toy organizer is great for cars, arts and crafts, or just random rock collections.
  18. Hyacinth Ottoman– This is another great addition to a child’s room that will look incredible and double as a storage solution.
  19. Lego Bags– If it is possible, this may be one of my favorite items. I hate tripping over Legos and keeping them together is always something we are fighting. The bags are perfect to keep sets together and can travel easily.

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Keeping your child’s room organized doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Determine what items would benefit from some organization. Start there and do a little bit each day. Once you have a system in place, these great products will help keep their room tidy. Be sure to pin the photo below for later, and if you don’t already – follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok (@arinsolange) for more fun! Check out my Amazon store front or my YouTube channel where I’ll showcase more of my favorite products that work well for our family and can work well for your family too!

Pinned Kids Room Organization Round Up
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