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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts from Amazon Prime

Who else is last minute on everything this year? Especially with the end of the school year, transitioning to camps and activities, and the birthdays coming up, Father’s Day always seems to get lost in the shuffle. I wanted to round up some great last minute Father’s Day gifts from Amazon that you will love.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts I like to round up a good mix of affordable, as well as splurge items. I often grab the splurgey items for my husband or dad and some of the more affordable for friends or brothers.

This year my round up is all items we either own or Sam put on his list this year! I feel like most guys are super low maintenance, but when it comes to grilling or gadgets…that is a different story.

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Incase this didn’t land you on exactly what you were looking for, I have plenty more gift guides for the dads in your life below. And if this helped you find the perfect gift, be sure to bookmark the next page so you can find my gift guides any time you are shopping.

I update all guides several times a year and towards the holiday season, I usually send them out in an E-book with free discount codes!


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  1. Slim Airtag Wallet – this is great if you know a man who constantly misplaces his wallet. It is still slim even though it has an AirTag.
  2. Cutting Tool – This funky tool measures any shape for you to be able to cut it exactly. A weird little tool that any handyman will love.
  3. Outdoor Pizza Oven – this has amazing reviews. Your man. can make pizzas outside all year round.
  4. Air Pods – this is common but a great gift none the less. Sam might be getting these this year!
  5. Smoker – Sam has this smoker and it is AMAZING! I can’t say enough good things about it.
  6. Kettle Bell – This kettle bell system goes from 5 to 40 lbs. It is a super space conscious and an affordable way to have this many sizes.
  7. Wayfarers– a classic
  8. Misting water bottle – this is seriously one of my favorite things we have gotten in a long time. The water bottle has a little misting spout on the top that is amazing for hot days.
  9. Razor – If your husband likes to cut their own hair this is the razor we have and we love it!
  10. Coop pillow – both my husband and I have these and we LOVE them.
  11. Garmin Smart Watch – this is on Sams wish list this year.
  12. Frame TV – we LOVE ours
  13. Herschel Duffel – Every guy I know can pack for any trip in one bag, and this is a great option!
  14. Tailgating Table – make him the envy of every guy at the tailgate
  15. Solo Stove – These are amazing. You get to do the traditional firepit but won’t have the smell of smoke!
  16. Bluetooth Speaker
  17. Spikeball
  18. Greatest Speeches Never Given book – this just screams dad vibes

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