Last Minute Toddler Halloween Costumes

Alright we’re all busy moms, and I am not going to lie, even with how creative and into holidays as I am I have been stuck in a few pickles on Halloween trying to find last minute toddler Halloween costumes the day of or before we trick-or-treating.  I wanted to round up 10 costumes for everyone that I did with only a prop or two, and all outfits I had at home.  I am hoping to do a second round of these for 10 more in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.  But in the mean time check out these options and start getting excited for that spooky day!

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10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

#1: Arthur

toddler diy Arthur costume

The only props needed for this were some glasses and the ears I made out of paper!

shirt  // shoes // socks // skirt // glasses

#2 Frat Boys

two brothers frat boy costume
brothers frat boy costume

Details :  Hats c/0 // Walker shoes // cups // Jack slides // plaid shorts // plaid shirt

#3 Cotton Candy

toddler diy cotton candy costume

Ave´ did this a couple of years ago but with a bit more effort.  I actually saved the headband but to do an easier headband you could also just do noms and a paper cone (this is RIT dyed stuffing and a paper cone).

details: leo  // shoes // skirt

#4 Cinderella

diy toddler cinderella costume

This was Avé last year on Halloween.  It was a super easy DIY with things we had around the house. I wrapped white tulle around her shoulders, used black ribbon around her neck and a little gold crown headband we owned.  Add white tight and gloves and she was set.

details:  leo // shoes // gloves // crown  

#5 Gus Gus

diy cinderella and Gus Gus costumes

I dyed the white tee shirt and used a reusable swim diaper for the bottoms (over his diaper) the ears are felt attached to the hat

details: shirt // hat // shoes

#6 Cheetah

diy cheetah toddler costume
diy toddler cheetah costume
diy toddler cheetah costume

Details :  ears // shoes // dress // tail

#7 Where’s Waldo

diy where's Waldo costume toddler
toddler diy where's Waldo costume

details: shoes  // shirt // glasses

#8 Hippie

diy toddler hippie costume
toddler diy hippie costume
diy toddler halloween costume

details : pants // shoes // headband // sunglasses // necklace

#9 Basic Girl

diy halloween costume for toddler girl

toddler diy halloween costume

details: pants // sweater // bag // boots

#10 Dorothy

diy toddler dorothy costume
toddler diy dorothy costume

details: shoes // dress // basket

Add a stuffed animal to the basket and red ribbons in her hair.

Let me know if you have any questions on these costume ideas and please let me know if you’re interested in part two that I have already thought up! Would love to hear your favorite in the comments below and make sure you pin the below image so you don’t forget these fun ideas!

1o last minute halloween costume ideas






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  1. You are so creative with costumes!! I love them all! My top fav will always be Cinderella & Gus Gus!! ????????????