Simplifying Laundry Day

white washer and dryer with white laundry baskets | Simplifying Laundry Day

I went on my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago asking for advice on how people handle laundry day, and for tips on not letting it be a constant source of stress.  I got so many amazing tips, and probably just as many people asking that I share my favorite pieces of advice.  I didn’t take one persons advice, but rather combined a few things that I loved, and really thought about what part of laundry day at our house was causing such a hold up.  For me I realized that the biggest issue wasn’t as much in getting laundry done, but sorting and putting it away.  That isn’t a step I can do while the kids are sleeping so it seemed to be why we constantly got backed up.  I decided to try a new plan I will tell you about below, and laundry has become so much less stressful in our home!

laundry room with pottery barn backpacks and white bins | Simplifying Laundry Day

Simplifying Laundry Day

Each of the kids have a laundry baskets now have a basket in their own room.  This has taught them responsibility in putting their laundry in their own spaces.  Once a week, or if the baskets are full before that, ONE persons laundry is washed, dried and put back in their basket, then immediately put away.  The smaller loads also made the drier go about twice as fast to speed things up.

Towels are done separately as well, and sheets are done in their own loads.  I know this sounds like a simple fix, but its been a complete game changer for our family.

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laundry room with pottery barn backpacks and white bins | Simplifying Laundry Day

To check out another post on some things I do to cut down on stressful parts of our week check out this post, and be sure to pin the image below for later!

laundry room with pottery barn backpacks and white bins | Simplifying Laundry Day


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12 thoughts on “Simplifying Laundry Day

  1. Needed this! I’m not bad with the sorting and washing. It just takes me forever to get motivated to fold it…. and then even longer to motivate myself to put it away! There are 5 of us and i sweat we go through SO many clothes!

    1. okay so I am probably nuts but have never seperated many colors. I do use color catchers in some loads, and I wash all on cold!

      1. What are color catchers?! And what detergents do you use! I need to overhaul the way I do my laundry because it literally makes me go crazy

  2. This is kind of what I’ve been doing lately and I feel like it’s finally working! It’s just the putting away that is killing me-and my dining room table 😉