Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has finally sprung,  and I am about to start some major spring cleaning.  I always make a point to do a huge spring cleaning weekend before the kids are out of school, or the pools open so that its off my plate and I can focus on the kids and having fun in the summer.  I wanted to share with you all my Spring Cleaning Checklist.  

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Checklist below will include areas to clean as well as areas that I like to focus on cleaning out and minimizing.  Things tend to stack up in the winter, but I want to also talk about what you should be focusing on in this time.

One thing that would be super helpful to use along side this is my friend Jen and my free downloads for a declutter program you can do in 6 weeks or less!


The biggest things with the kitchen are to really empty things out and start fresh.  Clean out your cupboards, fridge and freezer, and get that oven clean!

I know for me, doing the self clean cycle in the winter isn’t happening thanks to the smell, so once warm weather is here, that is one of the first things to be checked off my spring cleaning checklist!

When it comes to the freezer – if there are items you haven’t used all winter you likely won’t eat them, so throw them out and get ready for the next season. 


Bedrooms get really dusty in the winter, so be sure to REALLY dust well.  Move beds and dressers out and get the dust behind them because that will help your air quality in your house.  This step is such a pain in the butt, but so needed after the long winter.

This is a space that you also should really focus on decluttering when it comes to spring cleaning – if you didn’t wear something all winter DON’T KEEP IT! Make some room in your closet!

Whole House

Make sure that you really really clean the areas you normally don’t have time for.  Last weekend we rolled up our rug, took it outside and shook it out, and swept and mopped under it.  After the long winter it was so gross to see how much dust was living under our living room rug alone!

It is also stuff like wiping down banisters and baseboards and touching up paint that will make your house look cleaner, and more put tighter for the season ahead!  


Things you may not think of in bathrooms – if you have decorative towels that aren’t used, make sure you wash them during this time.  It is also a great time to combine all those half bottles of conditioner, and really clean out old products. 

A reminder that bathroom products shouldn’t be kept for forever, so make sure you clean them up!

Blue cabinets in bathroom

Laundry Room

Get your machines, and behind them in TOP RUNNING ORDER.  Washers and driers work better when they are clean and taken care of, as well as don’t pose the risks they pose when you haven’t done this.  So DO IT. 

Dining and Living Areas

Here is where the rug thing comes into play.  But also a really big part of those areas is to clean your decorative items.  I know it seems silly, but if you  live in a house for years and years, those items will get gross.

I also make a point to clean anything I take on and off my shelves for holidays, so remember to do that as the year goes along to make this step less daunting. 

white brick fireplace with basket

Storage Areas

If things have been put ‘away’ without getting put fully away, take this time to get everything in bins that are labeled.  Clean things well and sweep the storage area.  It isn’t an area that needs to be kept squeaky clean, but we bought our house from people who didn’t seem to have EVER cleaned it, and it was horrible.


The playroom will be a lot of the other cleaning tips, and a lot of decluttering.  Winter is hard on toys with kids being trapped inside more with cooped up energy.  Get rid of items missing pieces and such.

If you keep blankets and throw pillows in the area it is also time to wash those for the coming season.


GET THIS AREA CLEAN – you will spend so much more time in the garage and outside in the coming season.  I have a round up here with some great garage organization items, but sweep it up, spray bug and spider spray and get things cleaned up well!


spring cleaning checklist


Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable


For me spring cleaning means a bit of deep cleaning and a bit of purging those extras.  I think that half the battle on cleaning is making sure everything has a place to keep things clean for the next time.  

What things are on your spring cleaning checklist that I maybe should start adding to mine?  If you have questions or need any extra help when it comes to your spring cleaning be sure to leave me a comment below!  Enjoy the list and HAPPY CLEANING!


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  1. I so needed this! Our house in need of some major TLC. I’ll be printing and starting to chip away at this!