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How to Declutter your Home – A 30 Day Declutter Challenge

We are entering into year 3 of our 30 day declutter challenge. Who has been around this blog for long enough to remember the first year? I am asked all the time about how to declutter your home, so this challenge will walk you through every room in your house and help you do just that! Well it’s another year and this year we are back with a 30 day declutter your home challenge.

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How to Declutter your Home

After 2 years with more time at home than most of us are used to most of you probably are wondering how to declutter your home. We have all acquired more – but with things slowly creeping back to ‘normal’ I am sure I am not alone wanting to clean things up and get rid of so much of the extra stuff.

Last year my friend Jen and I did a declutter your home challenge called ‘6 bags for 6 weeks’. 6 weeks was a bit long and overwhelming and long for everyone involved, so we have reinvented the challenge for an even better year.

This year, Jen and I will be leading a declutter your home in 30 day challenge. This blog post will serve as my hub post for information on the challenge, as well as a way to find all my additional resources.

I will walk you through this challenge as well as some general guidelines when it comes to decluttering your home.

A Bit About Me and My Organizing and Decluttering

Like I said above – this is year two for me walking through a declutter challenge with my readers and followers. As a mom of 4 one thing I have been very passionate about is finding ways to embrace my kids toys and passions so my home doesn’t feel like a cluttered mess.

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Sometimes for me that means a DIY to allow for a pretty way to keep things out. Sometimes it means a creative way to store things, and sometimes it just means helping moms to know what to declutter and minimize to lessen the ‘stuff’.

This next month will be a combination of those skills and posts for you all to help give you unique tips that hopefully change your mindset a bit when it comes to kids ‘stuff’.

30 Day Declutter your Home Challenge

This 30 day declutter challenge will be run with my friend Jen – you can check out her main post here. On that page you will find all of her blog posts and resources to help you as well.

30 day declutter your home challenge worksheets

The Important Details on How to Declutter your Home

Alright – so here is what you need to know and do for this challenge!

First things first – Grab your documents and Sign up here! When you click that link you will be subscribing to both Jen and my blogs. You will get all of the documents immediately to declutter your home, but will also get weekly emails going forward from both of us! As always – you can unsubscribe at any point.

When does it start? – This session we will be walking through the 30 day declutter challenge right along side you here on our blogs and Instagram starting Jan 3, 2022.

However, if you are reading this at any other time in the year – start when you are ready! Feel free to chat with me on Instagram (@arinsolange) if you need help or motivation!

What do you need? – The documents that you get to your email for free when you sign up, time, and motivation. Everything else is sort of optional. We will walk you through products and techniques to help in the declutter process, while also helping you to organize what is left – but that doesn’t mean you have to do that.

Prizes – I know that is highly motivating right? We have done this differently over the years, but this year – Jen and I will be giving weekly prizes out to those who participate. Simply tag us in Instagram posts/stories so we know you are joining in!

Organized kids toys in baskets

So How do You Declutter your Home?

Getting your house down to what you need, and ridding it of the clutter truly will make you feel so much better.  I have worked with my followers on some ways I do this over the years, and am always so excited to hear how much they love joining in.  

Taking one space at a time, but really committing time to getting your house and life organized is the only way to do this process. We will be walking you through one space a day to make this feel more feasible and less daunting.

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What is the Declutter Goal?

You will have 2 goals in this challenge:

  1. To check off every section of the 30 day declutter your home document.
  2. To rid your home of at least 30 bags of ‘stuff’ and track that on your document.

Where does everything go?

30 bags of stuff to get rid of can sound kind of daunting. But I can tell you that last year I decluttered more than 60. Some spaces of your home will not have much, but other areas will have bags and bags!

For me personally I considered a trash bag a ‘bag’. But don’t get caught up in the details. The goal is to just push yourself to let go of things you don’t need. You will have some choices on where those items go:

  • keep – items that bring you joy, or you truly use in your life!
  • donate/sell – if you are going to donate and live in St. Louis check out this post for some great places to donate.
  • fix – but you have a time limit!
  • throw away – One thing that you will find is we have lots of trash. I know it can feel daunting with the trash aspect because no one wants to just throw tons of stuff away, but trash is trash.

With selling or fixing there needs to be a time line of sorts, so one week after this challenge ends you need to have committed to having everything dropped off at a donation site, or picked up.  If you haven’t fixed it or sold it at that time then it likely won’t happen and it’s probably time to part ways! 

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Why Do This Declutter Challenge?

There are probably other declutter challenges out there, but both Jen and I have loved doing this challenge with our readers and followers, and think you will too.

We will be helping along the way with new weekly blog posts that will help you find the best products, and walk you through the best tactics. Both Jen and myself have a strong passion for this – but we are also both so unique in our tactics.

Between the 2 of us we have 7 kids 8 and under. We recognize and know the difficulty of committing to something like this, but also know that if you do you will be so glad you did.

baskets with baby toy giraffes

Along with blog posts, we both follow our progress on Instagram via posts and stories, so you will have plenty to follow along on there too. So just know that this is very much something we are doing with you!

We will also have some guests jumping in with great skills and tips along the way, so our hope is to really truly help you kick this year off well and feel decluttered in your mind and home.

Declutter and Organization Posts

Below is a list of some amazing posts and resources I have already written to help you in this process. I will continue to add to this resource list as the challenge goes on.

organized baby dresser


Organizing your Kitchen with Kids stuff – free pantry basket labels in this post

Pantry and Fridge Organization


Best Closet Organization Items

DIY Wood Closet ( or linen closet) shelves

Kids Closet Organization


How to organize a bathroom with a pedestal sink

Toy Storage:

Living Room Toy Storage

Toy Organizer Favorites and Playroom Organization

Outdoor Toy Organization


Craft Room Organization

General Organization:

Maintaining your Organized and decluttered life

Where to donate Items in St. Louis

Save This Page and Post

In order to easily find this hub page full of all your resources on how to declutter your home be sure to bookmark this post, and pin the photo below. Like I said – we will continue to add to this post as the month goes on. Hopefully you love doing this 30 day declutter your home challenge and we can’t wait to get to know you all during this process on Instagram (@arinsolange).


30 day declutter your home challenge

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