The Best Beaches Near Charleston SC For Family Fun

Embark on a coastal adventure with this curated list of the best beaches near Charleston, SC. These stunning seaside destinations offer the perfect escape for beach lovers of all ages.

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The Best Beaches Near Charleston SC For Family Fun With Dog On Bbeach

The Best Beaches Near Charleston SC For Family Fun

When we moved from the Midwest to South Carolina, our family was most excited to be near a beach. 

Our family loves spending time outside and if you give my kids a beach they are in their happy place. Fortunately, our new home has plenty of beaches for our family to explore.

Charleston is famous for its rich history, charming architecture, and vibrant culture. When the sun shines brightly the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean calls. Charleston’s beaches become the perfect place for family fun. 

Whether you’re looking for miles of pristine beach, exciting water activities, or simply a relaxing day by the sea, the Charleston area offers some of the best beaches on the East Coast. 

Here’s a guide to the top family-friendly beaches near downtown Charleston.

The Best Beaches Near Charleston SC For Family Fun Dad And Child

Folly Beach: The Edge Of America

Located about 24 minutes from downtown Charleston is Folly Beach. It is known as the “Edge of America” and is a great spot for families. 

Folly Beach offers a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. It offers wide beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. Plus, there are tons of fun local restaurants like Taco Boy and Rita’s Seaside Grille,

 Make sure to visit the Folly Beach County Park. The park provides amenities like picnic tables, public restrooms, and umbrella rentals. 

In addition to the beach, the fishing pier is also a popular attraction. It offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you look close enough you may spot marine life like bottlenose dolphins.

Beach and Sand Dunes

Morris Island: A Secluded Escape

Morris Island, situated near Folly Beach, is a secluded paradise. The beach offers families a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Morris Island is accessible only by boat or a scenic walk along the beach from Folly Beach. Thus, it provides a remote and peaceful setting for families to unwind and enjoy the natural surroundings.

 Stroll along the pristine shoreline, collect seashells, and marvel at the iconic Morris Island Lighthouse. 

Undoubtedly, Morris Island is a hidden gem that promises a serene and unforgettable beach experience.

Little Girl With Sunglasses At Beach

 Isle Of Palms Beach: Fun For All Ages

Isle of Palms Beach is a barrier island that boasts some of the best beaches in the Charleston area. 

Isle of Palms County Park is equipped with public restrooms, showers, and a playground. For this reason it makes it a great place for families to enjoy a stress free beach experience.

 The beach is known for its wide sandy shores and gentle waves making it ideal for young children.

 For those looking for more adventure, the Wild Dunes Resort offers activities like golf, tennis, and water sports. 

After a day in the sun, head to nearby restaurants such as Home Team BBQ. Afterwards, grab an ice cream cone to cool off.

This is one of the best beaches near Charleston SC. Evidently, it is fan favorite of ours to visit as well. It is only located a short drive from our home in Mount Pleasant. If you are visiting Charleston it is a 30 minutes drive.

Beach At sunset

Sullivan’s Island: Small-Town Charm & History

Comparatively, our family’s second favorite beach is Sullivan’s Island.

Both Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island are near Mt. Pleasant, where our current home is. However, if you are staying in Charleston, Sullivan’s Island is closer at about 19 minutes away.

Because it is a public beach, there are plenty of parking spots which makes hauling your beach finds a breeze.

Sullivan’s Island combines beautiful beaches with a rich history, making it a unique destination. 

Sullivan’s Island Beach is known for its tranquil environment. My kids love finding sand dollars while playing in the surf. You can also appreciate stunning views of the Morris Island Lighthouse. 

The island’s small-town charm is evident as you stroll down Middle Street. Enjoy delicious meals at local favorites like Poe’s Tavern and The Obstinate Daughter. 

Girl at Beach

Kiawah Island Beach: A Luxurious Escape

Kiawah Island is a luxurious gated community. It is known for its world-class resort and championship golf courses, including the famous Ocean Course, host of the PGA Championship. 

Kiawah Island Beach is part of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. With miles of pristine beach it is perfect for a family day out.

Regardless if you live in the gated community, you can still access the public beach. Kiawah Beachwalker Park, located on the island’s west end, provides public beach access, picnic tables, and beach chair and umbrella rentals. 

For nature lovers, a kayak tour through the island’s maritime forest and along the Intracoastal Waterway is a must.

If you stay at Kiawah Island and plan to take a day trip into Charleston, you can expect it to take about an hour or so.

Beach with trees and sunset

Seabrook Island: Nature & Privacy

Just a few miles south of Kiawah, Seabrook Island offers a more secluded beach experience. 

This private, gated community features stunning beaches, championship golf courses, and equestrian trails. 

North Beach on Seabrook Island is a family favorite. It is known for its spacious beach areas and opportunities to spot marine life. 

While it’s a private residence community, vacation rentals are available. So if you want to experience Seabrook island, you’ll need to be a guest or owner for a chance to enjoy the island’s amenities and natural beauty.

Moss trees and beach

Edisto Beach: A Natural Retreat

A little over an hour away from Charleston is Edisto Beach. While Edisto Beach is located on Edisto Island, Edisto Beach is the southern most tip of this island.

Edisto Beach is known for its unspoiled natural beauty and small-town charm. It is a great option for families looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful day by the sea. 

The beach is part of the Edisto Beach State Park, which offers amenities like picnic tables, public restrooms, and a fishing pier.

 The nearby Edisto River provides opportunities for kayaking and exploring the local wildlife. 

For a bite to eat, head to one of the local restaurants or enjoy a picnic with stunning ocean views.

Girl at Beach

Botany Bay Beach: A Natural Treasure

Tucked away on Edisto Island, Botany Bay Beach is a true natural treasure waiting to be discovered. While Edisto Beach is restful and restorative, Botany Bay Beach is full of adventure.

This unspoiled beach boasts a unique blend of marshes, forests, and pristine shoreline, offering families a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of the South Carolina coast. 

Take a leisurely stroll along the beach, explore the historic plantation ruins, and keep an eye out for abundant wildlife, including shorebirds and dolphins. 

Unquestionably, Botany Bay Beach is a perfect spot for families seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

Hunting Island State Park Beach: Nature’s Playground

Two hours south of Charleston is Hunting Island State Park Beach. While it is located near Beaufort, SC, it is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. 

With its scenic hiking trails, historic lighthouse, and lush maritime forest, this beach offers a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. 

Spend the day swimming in the warm waters, exploring the tidal pools, or climbing to the top of the lighthouse for panoramic views of the coastline. 

Obviously, Hunting Island State Park Beach is a must-visit destination for families looking to connect with nature and explore the great outdoors.

Beach Boardwalk Sunset

 Coligny Beach On Hilton Head Island: Family-Friendly Fun

Venture a bit further from Charleston to Hilton Head Island and you’ll discover Coligny Beach.  This family-friendly destination is known for its vibrant atmosphere and endless activities. 

Undeniably, this is a popular beach spot. There are several amenities like beach volleyball courts, playgrounds, and a bustling shopping and dining district just steps away from the sand. 

Additionally, families can enjoy swimming in the gentle surf, building sandcastles, or simply relaxing under the shade of a beach umbrella. 

Coligny Beach is another example of the perfect spot for families seeking a lively beach experience with plenty of options for fun and relaxation.

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Charleston’s beaches undeniably offer something for every family. Whether you are looking for a lively atmosphere like Folly Beach or a more serene trip like Seabrook Island there is something for every taste and preference.

So, pack your beach gear, grab an ice cream cone, and get ready to create unforgettable memories on South Carolina’s beautiful beaches.

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