The Perfection Perception

The Perception of Perfection on the internet and Instagram -

There has been so much talk the last couple of weeks about Instagram.  About the perception of perfection that is portrayed, and the feelings that is leaving people with.  It is a lot to wrap my head around, especially when that area of the Internet serves as a place for me to do work, and put in a lot of time.  It also is a place where I have made some of the most genuine connections of my life…because hello 21st century haha.

So I got to thinking about why we post “perfect squares,” and if it is right…or are we really doing harm?  I feel like thats a loaded question WITH NO RIGHT ANSWER.  But for me, when I post pictures on Instagram, or take photos for my blog I feel good about it.  I don’t feel I am doing a disservice, or like I am faking out all of my followers.  I feel like I am showing a highlight real with 20 others on the cutting room floor, but also showing what is a pretty accurate depiction of our lives.  Wellllll okay the one thing I would say is less than accurate is that my kids normally aren’t wearing pants…but I feel like you can all forgive me for making them suit, er pants up for a photo.

But really, the Pinterest breakfasts, and the homemade crafty mom school snacks, and the perfectly clean rooms really are me.  And Im not saying that to brag.  I am saying that to be truthful.  To tell you that those things I post are the exact aspects of my life that led me to think that sharing our creative life and home would be perfect for a blog. I don’t do those things for the blog, but rather I started blogging because those were things I LOVED to do as a mom. On the flip side there are so many things that I see other people do, and post that AREN’T ME, and I wish they were.  I wish I cooked amazing meals for my family every night, and I wish that I dressed super put together everyday, BUT I DONT. That isn’t me, and you know what…I am SO glad that although those aren’t my strengths as a wife and a mom, or a person, that they are the strengths of others.

I am glad that I have friends that I can text and ask medical advice because they are nurses and have the heart (and stomach) to have amazing knowledge and skills I don’t have.  So many times they have calmed my nerves and saved my butt!  I am so glad that my best friend is a total boss babe who kicks butt all day in the work place, and I can ask her advice about business sides of my blog when they come up.  I am SO glad that God gave us all individual strengths and weaknesses and interweaved us to come together  to lift one another up and help each other be the best wife, mom, friend, woman we can be!

So I won’t stop posting the things that I am great at, and I hope that they make you smile, knowing that those are aspects of my life that bring myself and our family great joy, and a sense of normal.  And I hope you don’t stop posting all of your strengths and you keep kicking butt in what brings you joy, or helps your family!! Our time on Earth is hard enough without being happy for each other, and without lifting each other up.  So lets be each others biggest cheerleaders and spend a little more time smiling together!!

The Perception of Perfection on the internet and Instagram -

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17 thoughts on “The Perfection Perception

  1. I’m the same way. I love a clean kitchen, and my kids put all their toys away before bed or before going to play outside. 80% of the time, our house is photo-ready! I’m with you 100% on not stopping posting things like that. Things that might be glimpses of “something perfect” just because of that movement. Keep doing you!

  2. Love the message here! Imagine how high we could all soar if all that energy we spend judging or “Keeping up with the Joneses” was spent lifting each other up.

  3. I enjoyed this post. I really feel like social media can be a hit or miss in terms of authenticity. Some people may see other’s “perfect squares” and compare them to their own and that’s when there is a problem.

  4. I love this! I think people see that one aspect of several people’s lives and think that’s all one person instead of realizing that’s a bunch of people all with different talents. I have some things that I do well and some things I don’t. I am definitely not perfect at everything. I try to share the good with the bad but it’s so much more fun sharing clean rooms and immaculate children than the mess.

  5. Love this! I posted A similar post today, and have definitely been thinking a lot about this. I love this perspective! We all have different strengths and shouldn’t have to apologize for showing those. No one’s life is perfect, but it’s ok to want to remember and post the good things.

  6. Sometimes it is tiring for moms to always see the perfection that everyone pretends to be on social media. Life is not perfect, no one is perfect, and being a mom is hard. But it is nice to be reminded to focus on the positive, and to look at the blessings we have in our lives. I started This is Real Mom to document the every day, the real life moments, and even that is a highlight reel… We all choose what to share with others and that’s what makes us unique!

  7. I love you. I love this. I love your feed. And I love the GENUINE connection we have made! I’m grateful for this life because of the many friends I have made that I never would have in any other circumstance! Thanks for being honest and sharing!

  8. Arin, this is the sweetest post. I am an older adult and absolutely love “happy” posts. I love beauty, organization, neatness, and all things in brilliant color. We do not need to be unhappy that we don’t have the same life others have, but, as you said, thankful for each other’s talents and gifts. You are amazing and I’m so thankful I took the time to read your words of wisdom. Keep on giving, loving and doing you awesome projects.

  9. I love every little thing you said about how we all have different strengths and weaknesses and how we show our best truest selves on our blogs and the gram. That is what this is for me it my happy place as a stay at home mom to connect with other moms around the world.

  10. Loved this! It’s frustrating when it seems the only “authentic” option is being messy or being disheveled. We are all different and authentic means so many different things.