Valentines Day Party

This past weekend I had my girlfriends over for a Valentine’s Day Party, or rather a Galentine’s Day Party.  It was so much fun to celebrate our friendship and spend a morning together. I wanted to share with you guys the little details to the party and decor in this post.

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This post may contains affiliate links – original post/party done in Feb 2018 – updated in Feb 2021

floral tablescape with balloons over

Valentine’s Day Party

This Valentine’s Day decor and table runner has now served as the perfect tablescape for both a Galentine day party and a family Valentines day table decor to enjoy with my husband and kids.

white room with gold chandelier and floral tablesetting - Valentine's Day Party

I tacked affordable ways to create a space I loved both times, but I will both walk you though those things in this post, as well as in the video in this post.

The decor was simple, but I will link what I can below, and please feel free to comment or email me with questions regarding what isn’t linked (likely due to it being a home goods or Dollar Section find!).  

Valentines Day Party with Balloons on Ceiling

Valentines Day Table Runner

The table runner was a quick easy DIY – I used a roll of white paper we had on hand and simply painted on an XO design.  It was my favorite aspect of the party!!

xoxo table runner with floral arrangements

I moved at a diagonal and purposefully let the brush get on the drier side for some of this. Don’t worry if you mess up – it is messy and won’t be seen!

Black and white table runner with floral and gold accents . | Valentine's Day Party

Vases – Cheap Hack

For the second phase of this cute set up – I had a vision for vintage antique silver vases filled with flowers. That was not in the budget, so I got to thinking.

Valentines Day Table with Crumbl cookies

I grabbed some plastic vases/bowls/candy dishes from party city and the dollar store, as well as some small plastic bowls. I used hot glue to add a base to the dishes that didn’t have them, then used metallic silver spray paint to paint them silver.

Above head shot on Valentines day table

They honestly turned out PERFECT, and would be a great addition to any party or table scape and no one would know the difference.

Plates and Glasses for you Valentines Day Party

I used different plates both times I did this table scape because I was hosting in a different way. The first year I used disposable plates for the party, where the second year it was a table setting I wanted our family to enjoy for a while.

Black and white table runner with floral and gold accents | Valentine's Day Party

Both times everything involved was VERY inexpensive. I did use craft paint and sealer on the salad plates for the newer table setting which was a fun little change.

Silverware  |  Paper Straws  |  Champagne Glasses – no longer available but these are fun and similar  |  Carafes  | Stemmed Glasses | Bubble glasses (similar)

Decor and Details

For the details to the party each time they differed slightly, however my goal was lots of flowers. The First year I found all of my flowers at At Home, and the second time I opted for real and went with Trader Joes flowers.

fresh flowers in antique silver vases

I had a vision of a ceiling full of balloons at first then decided maybe hanging a ballon garland over my table would work. I decided to hang one from Party Hop Shop length wise with the table and it was GORGEOUS.

Table setting with wood table black and white table runner and floral and gold accents | Valentine's Day Party


Valentines Day Party Menu

Instead of going all out,  I went simple on the menu.  I went with donuts, Quiche from Whole Foods, Mini parfait’s using this homemade granola recipe that I had already made, and chocolate covered Strawberries.  It was the perfect little meal to suit everyone, and took me no time to get together.

Table setting with wood table black and white table runner and floral and gold accents - Valentine's Day Party

I also served sparkling water an a mimosa bar, because what kind of brunch would it be without that?? – for the mimosa bar there was orange, grapefruit, or cranberry juice, so we all switched it up!

pink banner, juice, champagne on white chest of drawers | Valentine's Day Party

Valentines Day Party Decor

I kept things simple and mostly confined to the dining room, however I did use this tutorial and make a balloon strand to put up on the mantle.  I switched out a few of the prints in my frames using these prints, and I called it a day.  Sometimes I think simple is better!

white brick mantle with pink balloons | Valentines Day Party

DIY Outdoor Table | Free Printable Valentines | Puppy Party

gorgeous Valentines Day tablescape

Pin The Photo Below for Later

Hopefully this photo helped you figure out just what you want to do for your Valentines Day party, and you feel inspired to get decorating. Pin the photo below to find this post later, and be sure to leave a comment with any questions, and follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) for more fun!

Valentine's Day Party Tablescape




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  1. This is such a great idea! I’ve been meaning to get more of my friends together to just catch up. I really need to do this!

  2. You are so stink’in talented! You should be in interior design or something, you’d make the big bucks! Oh, and please invite me to your next party too! ????

  3. Totally saw this party on the gram and fell in love with it! I love that balloon arch so much, going to use it for a baby shower I’m hosting next month!

  4. So adorable!! Know this was last year , but few questions:
    1. Where did you get the heart napkins and
    2. The gold frames (and the little black and gold foil heart pics in the frames)?!

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi! Thank you so you much. The napkins were from Home Goods (and they have lots of super cute options similar this year here!). I got the frames from the target dollar spot a few year ago, but have seem similar ones there from time to time. I just removed the prints that were in it, and switched them to these old prints I had. I all about improvising with decor I have around the house.

  5. what sort of paint did you use as well as what size of paint brush….would love to do this as well…thanking you in advance

    1. Hi! I Want to say its linked – but it is Mellissa and Doug so can likely be found at any craft store or target/amazon! xo

    1. Hi! They were from the Target Dollar spot – watch for them soon – I feel like they do similar ones most years 🙂

  6. I love the tablescape. I keep seeing it come up on Pinterest. It’s beautiful! I was wondering where you got the dotted water glasses? So chic!

  7. Where did you get the gold octagon candle holders. Looks like there’s 2 different sizes. One is taller and the smaller one is good and white.