Wrapping the Perfect Merry and Bright Presents

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I know it’s no shock to you if you read my blog posts or follow me on Instagram that I have been doing all things ‘Merry and Bright’ this holiday season, so I obviously needed that to extend into the presents under my tree … even if Walker will likely pull all bows off well before Christmas ha.  This was such a fun blog post to put together because wrapping the perfect merry and bright presents actually allowed for me to be much more creative than you normally can be with gift wrap.  Check out this post for some of my tips on what I used for wrapping my presents

merry and bright wrapped presents


Wrapping the Perfect Merry and Bright Presents

When it comes to Merry and Bright gift wrap you get to use a lot more freedom than other decor styles, so my number one thing I will say in this post is to just make them look how you like, however I will give you some tips for ways I try to make things more cohesive.

Picking the Wrapping Paper

Make sure when you select wrapping paper you get some crossover in your choices.  For me that meant bits of gold and white through all the papers and only a couple of really ‘wild’ papers that were mostly chosen knowing my kids would LOVE THEM.  Zebra’s and Unicorns always win in our house, and those will be Santa gifts…so lucky for me not too much of that super wild paper will be under the tree before the big day ha!

Merry and Bright wrapped Presents

Use What You Have

For my embellishments on the presents I used lots of leftover aspects of my decor.  I used the felt balls that were on my DIY Stockings and made a couple of extra yarn pom pom’s too.  I love that this made them really tie into the decor I already had and cost me no money.

Make Things Simple

I am not about trying to wrap my presents “perfectly” where all the tape is hidden. That is so difficult, and there are so many great products out there these days that help make wrapping easier.  I used Scotch® GiftWrap Tape to wrap my gifts this year. I love this product because it became basically invisible on the boxes without having to fold over and “hide” the tape!

Another fun way I added to my gifts this year that was SO SIMPLE, yet made a huge impact was using Scotch® Expressions Tape for my ‘labels’ as well as to add embellishments to some of the gifts and bags.  It was such a fun way to add to the gifts and gave me a flat surface that I can write on!

I found that using a good pair of scissors for cutting the paper, ribbons and such made this process much easier than in previous years.  I personally used ScotchÔPrecision Scissors and they worked amazing. I also made sure to have Scotch® Double Sided Tape on hand for a few of the embellishments that looked better with fully hidden tape – Such as the black ribbon in the photo below.

Scotch Double Sided tape on presents

Repeat / Mix and Match

Merry and Bright gift wrap was fun, but also can become REALLY busy really fast.  I tried to use similar embellishments across the gifts so that they looked cohesive, as well as colors that carried across all of them.  I loved that the gold bells, the felt balls, and the little unicorn and reindeer tags were fun ways to make the bright and fun gifts look like they belonged together in a group.  Whatever that aspect is for you, find a thing or two to carry across many of the gifts!

Merry and bright gift wrap

This was such a fun blog post to put together because wrapping the perfect merry and bright presents actually allowed for me to be much more creative than you normally can be with gift wrap.  According to a recent survey from Scotch™ Brand, 41% of moms say they’ll be wrapping more gifts this year than last year so check out this post for some of my advice on wrapping tips and supplies.

Do you have any questions for me on how to go about wrapping the perfect Merry and Bright presents?  Are you jumping on that trend or sticking more traditional?  Be sure to pin the image below in case you need inspiration later, and of course leave me a comment with any questions! I love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Wrapping the Perfect Merry and Bright Presents

  1. I usually wrap everything in the same paper and ribbons, this year it’s dark blue and gold. But these are just the cutest! I loved the To Jack <3 Mama present – lucky Jack!

  2. This makes me miss wrapping presents. All of my gifts I ordered online so I didn’t get to wrap anything. I do have one present that needs wrapping so now I have some fun inspiration.

  3. I like shiny wrapping paper but I don’t use bows or ribbons. I did one year but haven’t used them since. I never thought about those felt balls though. That’s an interesting idea.