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Unique Subscription Gifts for Kids

One thing I love to do when I am giving gifts to kids is find something unique that mom and dad maybe wouldn’t think of.  Plus whats a better way to woo your niece or nephew, or other little one in your life than by getting them something they will get throughout the year.  This post is a great list of unique subscription gifts for kids, so make sure you give them a try while shopping this year!


1. Eat2Explore

We recently tried this with my kids and it was so much fun.  I have picky eaters, so making it fun and a learning opportunity helped them to try things they wouldn’t have! They have several options on your subscriptions, and if you order before December 15th you can use the code “HOLIDAY18” for up to 30% off!

Subscription based gifts for kids

2. Kiwi Crate

My kids have had these and they are amazing!! These are the best for a rainy day activity, and seriously you will be SO GLAD you got them!!

Kiwi Co crate

3. Kid Box

A great idea if you’re looking for a clothing based subscription box for your kids!

Kid Box

4. Hello Bible

A great biblical based subscription box!

Bible Box

5. Please and Carrots

A great subsciption box for babies.  Babies are so hard to buy for, so this is great option!!

Please and Carrots


If you havre any questions on these be sure to leave me a comment and pin the image below to find this later!

subscription based gifts for kids




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