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If you have been following along, you may have noticed that I skipped the 10 month baby favorites – and that was because I felt like things were changing less and less and it made more sense to just group the updates and favorites for 10 and 11 month olds here in one post. 

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11 month old baby girl

10 & 11 Month Baby Favorites

I have been tracking all my favorites for sweet Goldie Mae month by month.  My hope is you can make your way through these posts and see what was a favorite and for how long so you know what is worth spending on. 

Check out the rest of those favorites below!


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Goldie Mae Update

Sweet Goldie Mae is doing amazing.  She is full of spunk, chatty, crawling like crazy, cruising on furniture, and just being as sweet as can be.  She LOVES to go on Walks in the stroller or her little car, and can find the smallest ANYTHING and will put it in her mouth.

11 month old baby girl

This past month she got her ears pierced, and she hit 11 months still having only 2 teeth (however I think she will have several more by her first birthday!).  She LOVES Jack, loves to listen to the songs from Frozen 2 – has taken to liking Elmo when he is on tv. 

Overall she remains such a light in this family.  We are incredibly blessed to be her parents and can’t wait to celebrate her first birthday with her. 

one year old girl in slumberkins

10 & 11 Month Favorite Products

Like I said above – I have been tracking all my favorite products month by month for Goldie so you could see what we REALLY use.  This isn’t to say it is the only things we have used, but it is the big stuff that has been true favorites!  

Favorite products for 10 and 11 month old baby

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Shop Items Below

  1. Drying rack for bottles – this is the same one we have used for all 4 babies.  It is great from birth until they are toddlers and I highly recommend it. 
  2. Infant Bath seat – we use one similar to this for the first year and it is honestly the best thing ever. 
  3. Pacifiers – this is the kind we went with for Goldie and love them
  4. Pouch toppers – these are seriously top 10 fav items for baby.  I didn’t have these until Goldie and they are a game changer.  You pop them on the top of any pouch and if they throw it it doesn’t splatter, they can’t squeeze it all out at once, and it helps them learn to drink through a straw.
  5. Pool Float – we have this for Goldie and it is hands down the BEST baby pool float ever.
  6. Clek convertible carseat – when we had our older two I did SO much research on convertible carseats and in the end went with these Clek seats.  They are the best – have a longer expiration date, and are super safe.
  7. Baby Bling Bow headbands – these are hands down the best headbands for baby. 
  8. Nuk sippy cup – I tell all my mom friends that this is the best sippy cup to get them off the bottle.
  9. Veer Wagonread my review here
  10. Pacifier clips 
  11. hatch sound machine – we have this in our two youngest kids rooms and it is the best sound machine ever.  You can manage it all from your phone. 
  12. Bottles 
  13. Freshly Picked Diaper bag – I have a full review of it here, but this is HANDS DOWN the best diaper bag ever.
  14. Push car – we have had this since Ave was little and I swear all kids LOVE going on walks in it. 
  15. Joovy walker – simple but a great way to put baby down fora little bit
  16. Snack cup – this is one piece (aside from the lid) and is the best thing ever
  17. Crinkle book
  18. Highchair – I talk all about this one in this post, but honestly it is the best highchair EVER
  19. Jumper – we went with this one for Goldie and it was so great.
  20. This xylophone is SO CUTE.  My kids all love it. 
  21. Slumberkins – Goldie loves hers, and so do all of my older kids
  22. Glow worm – I have talked about this every month.  It is the best thing for getting her to sleep at night. 
  23. Mattress – this one is higher end, and honestly so nice, and worth the money. 

10 month old baby girl

Hopefully this post helped you find some of the best items for a 10 or 11 month old and if you are following along with the monthly posts you will know just what is worth investing in.

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Favorite products for 10 and 11 month old baby

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