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Pergo Flooring Review

Three years later – and finally I am coming at you with a Pergo Flooring review.  I have been asked COUNTLESS TIMES about our flooring in our home, and honestly it was one of the best choices we have made in this house – so I can’t wait to give you a full review of our floors in this post.

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Pergo Flooring

3 years ago we had been in our home for about a year and decided that we really wanted to update the floors.  The laminate wood that was in the entryway and the kitchen area were horrible quality and impossible to maintain and keep clean.

We knew that hardwoods weren’t the right choice for us because of 3 things –

1. We were close to having our third baby and didn’t want it to take a terribly long time.  No nesting mama needs that.  

Esperanza Oak Pergo Flooring

2. Budget – we really didn’t want to spend a huge amount.  We had moved in a year prior and 2 of the rooms we were doing these floors to had recently been carpeted – so we were essentially double spending. 

3. Durability.  We built our first house and had Jack and Avé there until they were 3.5/1.5 and the wood floors were beat up!! We learned that hard wood floors do take a lot of careful treatment to keep them up, so we really didn’t want to have to worry about that this time around. 

Ultimately we obviously went with Pergo flooring – hence the post, so I wanted to talk about my experience with the floors, as well as where we got them and our over all install, to 3 years later experience. 

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Overall Pergo Flooring Review

Let’s not beat around the bush on this – my overall review is A+,  but I also know that doesn’t really help to hear “I love them” without the reasons why. 

We personally decided on Pergo Flooring from Home Depot – we had been wanting to update our flooring and Home Depot was having a 89 cents install deal that made the price per square foot to be purchased and installed SO INEXPENSIVE.  

esperanza oak Pergo Flooring

This was easy, and allowed us to get it done within a month – which was key because I was very pregnant at the time.  When we were first searching I took home samples from a few brands and was pretty well set on a general idea for the floor color – BUT I was torn on brands.  I did a lot of research and decided to go with Pergo because they are a name brand that has been known for so long.

I knew that they weren’t going to disappear next week without being able to find more of this color and such if needed.  So all in all the quality of the brand weighed heavily on my choice. 

Where we purchased: HOME DEPOT



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Like I said – we went with Home Depot to both purchase and install our flooring.  I am going to weigh in on my overall thoughts on that – but I feel like it is worth noting that nothing that they did wasn’t communicated.

One thing I DIDN’T love was the the baseboards are not taken off when you get this project done – so they add quarter round to your budget.  I knew that would be the case, but in hind sight I don’t love the quater round so probably would have don’t this when also budgeting new baseboards.  

You can see the quarter round below – it isn’t horrible, but I have found that it has been harder to keep in good shape than normal baseboards with 4 kids.  So that is just something to warn you on.

We recently did a little work in our kitchen doing this shiplap wall, and changed the trim on that wall – they don’t fully butt up to the existing baseboards in all spots, so if you don’t do new baseboards at that time you will possibly always need quarter round, or a REALLY thick baseboard. 

We also had a last minute price change because our floors weren’t level so in order to have all the Pergo sit at the same height we did have to pay for some extra work below them.  This was a last minute surprise cost, but well worth the money.  As with any home Reno update there is always the chance of hidden costs. Just make sure you are prepared for that incase it pops up.

The installation was only 1 or 2 days and the nice things about laminate flooring is that it is ready to go next day.  So essentially once we were done in those 2 days we were fully moved back in and back to our normal life, which is slightly different than wood floors that do take time to go on.

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Maintaining Pergo Flooring

If you are looking for great – LOW MAINTENANCE floors Pergo Flooring is a great option.  The biggest reason we went with Laminate was due to the low maintenance they require to still look great. 

We sweep/vac/mop as you would any floors.  I have found no issues with water sitting on them – we had a dishwasher leak and of course the occasional ice cube, and neither of those things have caused any warping  or issues.  And I love that no matter what I use to clean them I don’t see streaking.  

With wood floors there is a lot more consideration that needs to go into those choices.

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 Cost for Main Floor Pergo Flooring

I can’t remember exactly what we paid for our floors but I do know it was under 10k for floors and install on our entire main floor (aside from the office and laundry room).  We have a fairly large main floor so in my opinion it was a great – affordable option that looks great. 

Home Depot does sales on their Pergo Flooring (and install) frequently so I would highly suggest watching for a sale if you are going with them as your retailer.  But there are also many other places you can get Pergo flooring – I am just speaking from my own experience. 

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Hopefully this helped explain a little better why we love our floors and why we ultimately went with Pergo Flooring.  If it weren’t for buying a home that has beautiful original hardwoods we would likey have chosen to go with a similar Pergo Laminate in the next house as well.  If you have any questions feel free to DM via Instagram (@arinsolange) or leave me a comment below.


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