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Toddler Bike and Kid Bike Options

Who else is investing in all the things to use while were at home this year?  I rounded up my favorite toddler bike and kid bike options that are stylish and well rated in one post.  In my 8 years of mom life I have learned that not all bikes are created equal – you want something that is light weight and works well.  

In this post I touch on price, style, and features of each bike so you can find what is best for you!

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toddler on strider bike

Toddler Bike & Kid Bike Options

I am the mom that does ALL THE RESEARCH on ALL THE THINGS I buy my kids – which is probably why doing gift guides is one of my favorite things in this job. This summer all three of my older kids needed new bikes, so I have been doing so much research it isn’t even funny.

I am in a unique position because although I was only looking for a toddler bike for my youngest, my older two still use training wheels, so I needed some toddler bike features on the kid bike options I found too. 

toddler bike

For the sake of this post I looked at a few balance bikes, and up to size 20.  Many of the bikes come larger than that, but that was my main focus. 

I very much so care about how my kids bikes look – especially for my girls, but I also know that when it comes to a bike it really needs to work well.  My oldest sons first bike was SO HEAVY that he honestly couldn’t ever really ride it.  I didn’t realize it was such a big deal until getting my 3 year old a new bike recently and seeing how much easier that is to ride.

toddler on toddler bike

Things to Consider

A couple of things to consider – Do you care about  a hand break?  In the United States bike manufacturers HAVE to use a back pedal break option.  Some bikes also offer hand breaks as a learning option along with the back pedal break (and from what I have read some also sell after stock options to get rid of the back pedal break option too). 

Back pedal breaks are on the bikes because they take very little coordination for kids to master so they are deemed safer – that said just decide if that matters to you before you buy. 

Another consideration – do you want to do the balance bike route?  We have only done one balance bike but have for the most part just gone traditional with things and done the training wheels bikes, but many parents find that the balance bike option is the best for their kids, then they go straight to a pedal bike with no training wheels. 

Below are my picks for stylish, great toddler bikes and kids bikes.

stylish toddler bikes and Kids bikes

Shop Toddler Bikes & Kids Bikes Below

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16  |  17  |  18  |  19  |  20  | 21  |  22  |  23  |  24  |  25  |  26  |  27  |  28  |  29  |  30  |  31

  1. Blue Helmet – this one comes in several colors and they are all matte which I love!
  2. Cupcake Helmet – I love this so much! My daughter would love it. 
  3. Orange Helmet 
  4. Green Helmet – I included this in 2 colors – this helmet is awesome because you can use it as a ski/snow helmet or a bike helmet either one by removing the insert.  If you live somewhere where you do winter sports this would be a great one helmet fits all sports situation. 
  5. Rainbow Helmet
  6. Pink Helmet – this is the same situation as the green one from #4 – a all season all sport option
  7. Pink Helmet – I am a sucker for the matte look
  8. Streamers for Handle bars 
  9. Strawberry Bell
  10. Black Bell
  11. Pink Bell
  12. Old School horn – this is so cute – I remember having one on my bike growing up
  13. Green Bike basket
  14. Pink Bike Basket
  15. Brown wicker bike basket
  16. Basket that can be used as a backpack, a bike basket, or a purse! Such a good option for a little girl
  17. Black Bike – comes in several plain colors and has a hand break option which I love. This is such a good option!
  18. This bike is deemed the safest on the market – This one comes in girls and boys options and when you read about it I am sure you will love it too. 
  19. A great budget option that looks so much like the Banwood bikes
  20. Colorful bike
  21. This ivory and orange bike is SO CUTE 
  22. White and black bike with basket
  23. Banwood balance bike – this is DARLING
  24. Dark green bike – I LOVE dark green for boys and this one is so cute
  25. Coral bike – this is such a fun colorful bike option
  26. Pink Bike with leather accents
  27. Coral pink little balance bike 
  28. White bike with leather accents – this is a great option if you have multiple kids and both genders – you could pass it down to all of your kids. 
  29. Strider Bike – These are a great option for kids learning because you can add pedals down the road 
  30. White balance bike with basket 
  31. Light pink bike with basket – This is a super great budget friendly version of some of the high end bikes at $130.

This was such a wide variety of options when it comes to toddler bikes and kids bikes, but also should give you a great option no matter your budget and taste.  I got sucked into the rabbit hole of looking at bikes during all of this and honestly now can’t decide which beauty I will land on for AvĂ©, and what to get Jack.

Based on their ages we have very different needs and wants from their bikes – as well as my taste is slightly different for my boys and my girls.  Both will be bikes that are passed down, which leaves me inclined to pay a bit more if needed – where I maybe wouldn’t if we didn’t have SO MANY KIDS haha. 

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Hopefully this helped you find some great toddler bikes and kids bikes both that you will love for years to come.  Keep a look out on Instagram (@arinsolange) to see what I end up with, and comment with any questions. 

stylish toddler bikes and Kids bikes




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