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First Day of School Outfits – Home or Classroom Edition

What a year we are having, right?  I know that first day of school outfits might need to look different for so many of us this year, but I am a firm believer in celebrating the occasion no matter what it looks like.  I rounded up my favorite first day of school outfits for girls whether that day will be spent at home or in the classroom this year!

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First Day of School Outfits

If you are a mom with school aged kids, then you probably encountered the last day of School photo issue this past spring…and here we are again still trying to navigate the world that is just so far from normal.

I am a firm believer in celebrating back to school – no matter what that looks like for your family this year, and will be sharing some ideas and resources to tackle the school year for ALL families as the next month goes on.  I am hoping that as a community we can all come together to really support every family in the choice they make (OR are forced to make) in what this fall looks like for their family.

For first day of school outfits I tried to share some great traditional looks as well as some great stay at home looks!

First Day of School Outfits – At Home Addition

So when it comes to being at home – I don’t think you necessarily have to embrace things ‘normally’.  I think sometimes the joy comes into leaning into the abnormal, and finding the small wins that way.

This round up contains so many gorgeous outfits, but it also contains some really inexpensive play clothes versions, and lots of pajamas.  Let’s face it – 2020 has been a year of lazy clothes and pajamas, so why not make them festive.

first day of school pajamas

No matter if you go festive like one of the options in this post or you go with something at home – looking back on how much your kids have grown over the year is so fun, so snap the picture.  

Below is my favorite options for both home and in the classroom! ( we personally move to uniforms this year for Avé so I will be taking notes from this to add to her uniform!).

First day of school outfits

Shop the Looks Below

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  1. Pencil Bow – this is so cute and such a good thing to pair with any of these outfits or uniforms!
  2. Brown little shoes – Avé gets some version of this every year – these are some of my favorites.
  3. Apple dress 
  4. These slippers are SO CUTE – obsessed with these for a fall at home
  5. Apple dress  – this is really inexpensive and a fun casual look for home or school.
  6. Dot pajamas – A cute pajama option!
  7. Apple leggings – another great option for in class or at home
  8. These little banners are so cute – have your kids hold them to show their grade
  9. Pencils to show grade – another great item for back to school photos
  10. Pink banners – pick your grade and order.
  11. Apple bow – LOVE this option!
  12. Apple pajamas – these are darling for siblings – I love that boys and girls could wear these and match for a first day at home.
  13. ABC dress
  14. Apple dress – this is a classic
  15. Bracelet – this is DARLING.  We have a few of these and I am telling you they are the cutest bracelets. 
  16. Apple pajamas – we personally did these pajamas for back to school ( see the photo above in the blog post) and they were so cute for last day of school pics!
  17. Colorblock dress – this is a really cute option that is less obviously first day of school themed
  18. White converse tennis shoes – I love a good plain shoe option that can pair with anything above. 
  19. Yellow dress – this is so classic and cute
  20. Navy blue grade pennant 
  21. Apple Romper – also comes in a dress version
  22. Red mary Jane shoes – my daughter has had these in a few colors for a few years and we love them!
  23. This apple dress is only $5 and is SO CUTE!
  24. Handwriting bow – another adorable option that would be so cute for the first day.
  25. Red knee high socks

Hopefully this gave you some great ideas for that first day!  I am going to continue to share great resources for this fall on Instagram (@arinsolange) and here on my blog – so be sure you are subscribed for my emails and following along and don’t miss a thing.

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Pin the Photo Below for Later

Pin the photo below to find these first day of school outfits for later, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.  Hopefully this fall proves to show blessings in disguise for all of us and we are able enjoy what the season brings!

First day of school outfits

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