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Amazon Best Sellers List- December 2022

I am so happy to bring you my monthly best sellers list so that you can easily see all the items in one place. All the items in this round up are from Amazon and can be found in my Amazon storefront. And if you find yourself wondering how to use any of these items in unique ways, make sure you head over to my Tik Tok where I am able to share more detailed reviews of items in video format.

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Amazon Best Sellers List 2022- December

With the holiday season closed, I’m so grateful to have spent the past month enjoying my friends and family. As always, I have some great home organization finds in my Amazon storefront.

If you have been looking for some great ways to organize your holiday decor, check out these holiday organization finds with this wreath storage bag and ornament storage bag.

Looking ahead for some Valentines Day gift ideas? Check out this Crayola watercolor paint set that has been a sold-out hit! Goldie has loved creating masterpieces and I’ve loved the no-fuss and mess free set up.

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  1. Samsill 12×12 Paper and Scrapbook Storage Organizer – this is the more affordable and more readily available alternative to my beloved Linenmate sheet organizer.
  2. HP Sprocket– This is such a fun gift idea for a tween!
  3. Christmas Ornament Storage Box– Time to box up the holiday decor and keep it organized for next year
  4. University Games Dog Man The Hot Dog Game
  5. Good Cook Fruit & Veggie Divider
  6. iDesign Kitchen Turntable – This is so versatile and can be used in kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, closets, etc.
  7. Wreath Storage Box– I love that these storage boxes keeps those delicate wreaths protected
  8. Headrest Hooks For Car
  9. Command Spray Bottle Hanger – Make room on your countertops and put those spray bottles under your sink
  10. Pop Socket External Charger
  11. Crayola Watercolor Paint Set – This is a favorite for Goldie
  12. Drawer Dividers
  13. Under Eye Patches – Party too much this holiday season? Get these eye patches to at least pretend like you’ve had enough sleep
  14. Laundry Detergent Cup Holder & Catcher– Never have a laundry spill again with this catcher
  15. Toilet Seat

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