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Decorative Storage from Amazon

Amazon prime has become the number one way to shop, right?  If I can find something on Amazon I would rather shop there than anywhere else, and based on other favorite blog posts by my readers, I assume you all feel the same.  I have been looking for some decorative storage this spring and decided to round up my favorites for you all.  In this post you will find some great decorative storage from Amazon that you will love.  Be sure to check out the other great Amazon round ups at the end of this post too ( the kids room round ups are always a favorite!).

decorative storage from amazon

Decorative Storage from Amazon

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  1. Entryway organizer
  2. TP holder w/ storage – this is such a great find! I store tampons in the lidded section for easy access.
  3. First Aid container
  4. Pink Stool – this would be perfect for a small bathroom
  5. Ziploc storage – in addition to being beautiful in a drawer, these are so helpful in keeping me on track when I need to restock baggies!
  6. Acrylic shelves – these are the perfect blank slate if you want to store something colorful (like books, LEGO creations, etc.)
  7. Hanging basket – I have 4 of these on the walls of our back stairs. The kids know to take everything in them up to their rooms.
  8. Pink lidded box
  9. Woven lidded baskets – these would be great in a living space for toys
  10. Cable box – I use these in the office to store unsightly cables/cords
  11. Cabinet – I actually use this in the hallway as a hamper for the kids, but it could be used for linens, toys, etc. in a narrow space.
  12. Leather Pouf – this is so useful. It comes empty so you can store items inside to shape the pouf. We have used it mostly for toys and blankets so it is nice and soft.
  13. White Marble countertop organizer
  14. Striped linen storage basket
  15. Leather bean bag style chair – similar to the pouf, this comes empty and you fill it up!
  16. Colorful pom pom basket
  17. Pink ottoman
  18. Wire fruit baskets

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decorative storage from amazon


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