The Best Dishwasher Safe Pots And Pans

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There’s no way around it. If you want a home cooked meal, there will inevitably be pots and pans to wash after you’ve finished. In order to make your chores more tolerable, let’s discuss the best dishwasher safe pots and pans for your home.

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The Best Dishwasher Safe Pots And Pans white Carote pots and and pan

The Best Dishwasher Safe Pots And Pans

I’m not a professional chef, but I do like to have family dinners at home most nights. With four kids, we are left with a lot of dishes and cookware to clean up. Because of this, I like to lighten our load and use dishwasher safe pots and pans so we can spend more time relaxing with one another than washing dishes.

Finding the perfect cookware for your kitchen is about striking a balance between functionality, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

For many home cooks and professional chefs alike, dishwasher-safe pots and pans offer the ideal combination of convenience and quality. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of dishwasher-safe cookware, their uses, materials, pros, cons, and the factors to consider before making a purchase.

White kitchen, rattan vase

Types Of Pots And Pans

There are several different types of pots and pans that each have various uses. Most sets come with a variety of these types.

Here are the different types of pots and pans:

  1. Saucepans: These are round pots with high, straight sides and a flat bottom, perfect for sauces, soups, and boiling water. They often come with a lid to contain heat and moisture.
  2. Fry Pans/Skillets: These pans have a flat bottom and flared or sloped sides, making them ideal for frying, searing, and browning foods. They typically do not come with a lid.
  3. Sauté Pans: These have a wide, flat bottom and straight sides, which are higher than those of a skillet, ideal for sautéing, searing, and preparing dishes that require liquid ingredients.
  4. Stockpots: These are tall pots with a flat bottom, used for making stocks, boiling pasta, or preparing large quantities of food.
  5. Dutch Ovens: They are heavy-duty pots that can be used on the stove or in the oven, perfect for braising, stewing, and baking bread.
  6. Woks: With a round bottom and high, sloping sides, woks are designed for stir-frying and tossing food over high heat.
Little girl making popcorn valentines day treat

Material Types

There are several different materials that pots and pans can be made of. Each of these materials have both pros and cons. Depending on your priorities, you may opt for one material over another.

These materials include the following:

Stainless Steel

This is a versatile and durable option that resists corrosion and does not react with food. It’s great for browning, braising, searing meats, or simmering sauces.

Stainless steel cookware is an excellent choice if the recipe requires transition from stovetop to oven.

Pros: Non-reactive, durable, and maintains appearance.

Cons: Poor heat distribution unless bonded with another metal like aluminum or copper.

The Best Dishwasher Safe Pots And Pans white kitchen, white tea kettle


Known for its excellent heat conductivity, aluminum pots and pans are lightweight and affordable.

Aluminum cookware is great for cooking on lower heat settings.

Pros: Heats quickly and evenly, lightweight.

Cons: Prone to warping and reacting with acidic foods, unless anodized.

Anodized Aluminum

This is aluminum that has been treated to prevent corrosion and create a non-reactive surface. 

While full aluminum cookware reacts with acidic foods, anodized aluminum is ideal for cooking a variety of tasks. In other words, if you want to cook with acidic ingredients, this is a great option.

Pros: Non-reactive, heats evenly, more durable than regular aluminum.

Cons: Generally more expensive than other options.

young girl chopping cucumber

Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is ideal for high-heat cooking.  It retains heat well, making it perfect for frying and searing. 

Since you can go from stovetop to oven, there is a lot of versatility to this material.

You can also use cast iron to bake delicious baked goods like chocolate chip cookie cakes and cornbread.

My favorite cast iron skillet will alway be Le Creuset

Pros: Excellent heat retention, natural non-stick when seasoned, very durable.

Cons: Heavy, requires seasoning, not typically dishwasher safe unless coated.

The Best Dishwasher Safe Pots And Pans in a white kitchen


These pans are coated with materials like Teflon to prevent food from sticking. As a result, it makes it perfect for cooking delicate foods like eggs and fish.

You’ll do best for cooking on low to medium heat with this cookware.

Pros: Easy food release, less oil needed, easy to clean.

Cons: The nonstick coating can degrade over time, especially if put through the dishwasher often, not suitable for high-heat cooking.


Copper pots and pans offer superior thermal conductivity, allowing for precise temperature control. 

This cookware tends to be reserved for specialty cooking items such as candies, sauces, and jams.

Pros: Excellent heat conductivity, cools down quickly.

Cons: Reactive with acidic foods, high maintenance, expensive, often lined with other metals.

white chicken chili soup

Pros & Cons Of Putting Cookware Into The Dishwasher

While dishwasher-safe pots and pans provide the convenience of easy cleanup, they also come with some drawbacks. 

Frequent dishwashing can cause wear and tear over time, especially for certain materials. The harsh detergents and high temperatures can degrade non-stick coatings, dull the finish of stainless steel, and cause aluminum to discolor or warp.

 Copper cookware, although excellent in heat conductivity, can tarnish more quickly if frequently washed in the dishwasher. Cast iron should never be put in the dishwasher as it can strip off the seasoning that makes it naturally non-stick and lead to rust.

Overall, you need to have the correct material to place your cookware set in your dishwasher.

white kitchen, with flowers

Factors To Consider Before Buying

There are several factors you need to consider before purchasing a cookware set. 

Keep in mind the following:

Cooking Style

Consider what you cook most often. If you’re a fan of stir-fries, a non-stick or anodized aluminum wok might be best. If you sear meat often, a stainless steel skillet or cast iron pan would be ideal.

Overall, you may opt to buy one one set with one or two specialty pans in a different material to meet all of your cooking needs.

holiday white kitchen

Stove Compatibility

Make sure the pots and pans are compatible with your stove type. For instance, not all cookware works on induction cooktops.


How often will you use and wash these pots and pans? If they’ll see a lot of use, opt for more durable materials. If you plan to consistently use a dishwasher, you’ll want to avoid those materials that won’t hold up well.


Consider how much time you’re willing to invest in the care of your cookware. If you prefer low-maintenance, dishwasher-safe options may be the right choice, but remember that hand washing can extend the life of your cookware.

white kitchen with rattan chair

Heat Conductivity

You’ll want to consider how quickly and evenly you need your pan to heat. Copper and aluminum are great for heat conductivity, but stainless steel may need a core of another metal to distribute heat effectively.


Some metals, like copper,  react with acidic foods, causing a metallic taste. Stainless steel and anodized aluminum are generally non-reactive.


Heavier pots and pans, like cast iron, retain heat well but can be difficult to handle. Consider the weight you are comfortable with.

pie with spoons

How To Choose What Is Right For Me

The best dishwasher-safe pots and pans will depend on your personal cooking needs, preferences, and commitment to care and maintenance. 

While the convenience of dishwasher cleaning is tempting, hand washing your cookware can significantly extend its lifespan and maintain its quality. 

By understanding the uses, materials, pros, and cons of each type of cookware, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions that suit your culinary journey.

White kitchen

Shop My Favorite Dishwasher Safe Pots And Pans

When it comes to outfitting your kitchen with the best dishwasher-safe pots and pans sets, there are a myriad of options available to both home cooks and professional chefs. 

These sets vary widely in price, materials, and what’s included. Each set has their own pros and cons.

Make sure you check out the details on each of the dishwasher-safe cookware sets in the round up below!

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Monthly Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers List – March 2024

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Little girl lounging at the pool

Amazon Best Sellers List – March 2024

We have officially been in our new house in South Carolina for a month!

Time has certainly flown by with all of the projects and to-do lists that come with moving. We are slowly, but surely, making progress on our new house.

Our last house was a labor of love. Sam and I poured our heart and soul into the historic home. In that home, I really found my style. We went through many iterations in several rooms.

Sometimes you have to experiment to really find yourself. You may have a dream for a room to look one way and the end result isn’t exactly what you pictured. That’s okay! It doesn’t mean you failed, it means you learned. You evolve and so can your style.

Kids in swimsuits

Now that I’ve found my style, I want to be very intentional in our new home. At the same time, I also don’t want this home to take years to complete.

To not only get our kids settled, but also ourselves, Sam and I have been very hard at work setting up our new home.

Life Updates

Honestly, life looks a bit different these days. We have slowed down and are enjoying family time together while exploring our new town.

I keep having to remind myself and our kids that we aren’t on vacation. We actually do live minutes away from the beach. We can go back to the store they love. We can eat at their favorite restaurant more than once.

boys at paint store

While we are having fun in our new city, I’m also hit with moments of homesickness. I miss our last house, but I know a new family is giving it so much love. I had dreams of swimming in the pool and throwing fourth of July parties with our friends by our side.

At the same time, I love our new house. I love watching our kids enjoy the wide open space, swimming in the pool, and beach days.

Boy riding a scooter around pool

Our kids have had a few weeks to adjust to their new home and town. When we moved in the middle of the school year, we knew we would need to homeschool them for the remaining year.

This week, our kids will start with their homeschool program. It is going to take some adjusting too, but I think overall they will do great! At the end of the day, it’s only a few months. These weeks we have spent as a family have been priceless and I can’t wait for more memories to be made.

Little girl at beach

Project Updates

When we moved across the country, we opted to sell most of our belongings and to buy new. So are we still sitting on air couch? Yes, yes we are!

Our new furniture is slowly trickling in. This is driving me crazy because I just want these rooms to be complete. However, it is giving us lots of time to knock out big to-dos like painting and wallpapering rooms without bulky furniture in the way.

Sam has been working in our dining room. We had beautiful chair rail up along the walls in that room, however, my vision didn’t quite fit that molding into the picture. So, Sam removed the chair rail molding and is working on wallpapering the space.

Playroom natural and white

While the dining room is being worked on, I’m making design choices over the type of table for our breakfast nook and back sunroom.

Playroom Update

With so many rooms in limbo, it was important for me to complete a space for the kids. The first space to be complete in our new home is their playroom! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and an old DIY (but goodie) came back with a modern update!

Playroom with gold accents and white

Do you remember our DIY wall mounted easel? It’s back with adorable golden swans and acrylic baskets! I could not love it anymore!

You’ll notice that this playroom is significantly smaller than our last playroom. That’s because we really want to encourage the kids to play outside. Now that we live in a location where the weather is more forgiving, our backyard can be their playroom.

Playroom with wicker table and chairs

Mudroom Update

When we moved into this house I knew I was going to take a hit on not having a mudroom. This was huge in our last house and really helped curb the chaos with our mudroom lockers.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having piles of shoes all scattered around the front door. I can’t stand tripping over them or even seeing them. Plus add boys to the mix and the smell can be overwhelming.

Amazon best sellers list March 2024 shoe cabinet

To solve the shoe problem, I found the perfect solution for our front hall. If you are tight on space and need a place for your cluttered shoes, make sure you check out the amazing shoe organizer we installed next to our front door.

While we don’t have a mudroom to organize everything in one space, I am still finding useful ways to organize our belonging that work for our family.

If you are tight on space, don’t skip organizing. It makes a huge difference and in the end will give you more space.

Amazon Best Sellers List- March 2024 Outdoor organizer

I had to find another solution for storing all our pool towels, sunscreen, and pool accessories. Again, since we don’t have a mudroom, there really isn’t a place where I could keep these things in one place.

Fortunately, I found an amazing organizer for our outdoor space that fits the bill. Sometimes it just takes a bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box.

Shop My Amazon Best Sellers List- March 2024

While we wait for our home to be completed, I know it is going to be worth it! I can’t wait to share more finds that are both affordable, stylish, and functional.

In the meantime, check out these products that have been loved by not only myself but all of you:

Amazon Best Sellers List March 2024 Round Up

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How To Choose The Best Stool For Your Kitchen Island

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Counter Height Bar Stools

Choosing the best stool for your kitchen island can make a big impact in your kitchen. Not only do you need to make sure you have the correct height for comfort, but you’ll also want to have kitchen stools that are aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s examine how to choose the best stool for your kitchen island.

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How To Choose The Best Stool For Your Kitchen Island Natural Stools

How To Choose The Best Stool For Your Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the heart of the home. 

If you have a kitchen island, you likely have a spot for seating around it and want to be able to fit the entire family. Oftentimes, this is where some of the best conversations happen, so you want it to be comfortable and inviting.

When it comes to kitchen islands, having the right stools can make all the difference. 

Not only do stools provide seating and functionality, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

With so many options available, choosing the best stool for your kitchen island can seem like a tricky task. However, with a little guidance, you can find the perfect kitchen island stools that combine style, comfort, and practicality.

 Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

The best kitchen stool with baby in a high chair and natural chairs

Measure Your Space

Before you start shopping for the best stool for your kitchen island, measure the height of your kitchen island or counter. This measurement will help you determine the appropriate stool height for a comfortable seating experience.

 As a general rule of thumb, there should be about 9-13 inches between the seat of the stool and the bottom of the counter.

Bar stools suitable for standard kitchen islands come in different heights. Typically, they have a seat height of 24 to 26 inches. This height is compatible with kitchen counters that are around 36 inches high.

 For taller kitchen islands or bar counters measuring around 42 inches in height, taller seating with a bar stool height of 28 to 30 inches are more appropriate.

Backless stool

Consider Style and Material

Stools come in a variety of styles and materials, so choose one that complements your kitchen decor. 

Whether you prefer modern, rustic, industrial, or traditional styles, there are stools to match every taste. 

Consider different materials like solid wood, metal, or upholstered seats based on your preferences and the existing design of your kitchen.

Natural rattan kitchen stool

Styles To Consider

  1. Traditional: Classic wooden bar stools with simple designs can add a timeless touch to your kitchen island.
  2. Modern: Sleek metal or plastic bar stools with clean lines and minimalist aesthetics can complement a contemporary kitchen space.
  3. Industrial: Bar stools featuring metal frames, rustic finishes, and raw materials can bring an industrial vibe to your kitchen.
  4. Upholstered: Bar stools with padded seats and backs offer comfort and can introduce texture and various colors to the kitchen.

Materials To Consider

  1. Wood: Wooden stools provide a warm and inviting look to the kitchen. They come in various finishes and styles, ranging from traditional to modern.
  2. Metal: Metal bar stools offer a sleek and contemporary design. They are durable, easy to clean, and can add an industrial touch to the kitchen.
  3. Upholstered: Upholstered bar stools provide extra comfort and a soft texture. They come in a variety of fabrics and color options, allowing for customization to match your kitchen decor.
  4. Rattan or Wicker: Rattan or wicker bar stools bring a natural and casual vibe to the kitchen. They are lightweight and great for creating a laid-back atmosphere.
How to choose the besst stool for your kitchen island with white kitchen and natural stool

Think About Functionality

Think about how you plan to use the stools. Will they be used for quick meals, casual dining, or as extra seating when entertaining guests? 

Adjustable height stools can provide versatility for different uses, while 360-degree swivel stools make it easy to turn and chat with others in the kitchen.

The best kitchen counter stools will serve a dual purpose: they’ll be a comfortable place to sit and also an extension of your kitchen’s design.

Mudroom art room and backless stools

 If your kitchen island doubles as a food preparation area and a dining table, consider counter height stools with a low-back design that can easily tuck under the island to save space but still provide back support when seated. 

A sleek bar stool with a simple design can be a great addition to a modern style kitchen, offering a clean aesthetic without overwhelming your space.

For islands that serve as an eat-in kitchen or a home bar, bar height stools with high backs and an upholstered seat cushion might be the better option, as they offer more support for longer periods of sitting. 

If your kitchen opens up to an outdoor entertaining area, consider durable bar stools that can transition between indoor and outdoor use.

Rattan stools. and rattan vase

Comfort Is Key

Since you and your family will likely spend a fair amount of time sitting on the stools, comfort is essential. 

Look for stools with supportive backs, footrests, and cushioned seats for added comfort. Swivel stools and stools with armrests can also enhance comfort and convenience.

Comfort is a key factor to consider when choosing the best bar stools for your kitchen island because you want your seating to be not only stylish but also enjoyable and functional.

 Here are some important aspects of comfort to keep in mind:

Natural stools with white kitchen

Seat Height

Ensure that the height of the bar stools allows for comfortable seating at the kitchen island. The distance between the seat of the bar stool and the countertop should provide enough legroom and support for the person seated.

Seat Size & Shape

Choose bar stools with an appropriate seat size and shape that accommodate the user comfortably. A wide and contoured seat can provide better support and comfort, especially for longer periods of sitting.

Backrest & Armrests

Consider whether you prefer bar stools with low backs, high backs, or armrests for added comfort and support. Backrests provide lumbar support, while armrests can help reduce strain on the arms and shoulders.

Bernedoodle in kitchen with white and natural accents


Opt for bar stools with cushioned seats for enhanced comfort. Upholstered bar stools or those with seat pads can provide a softer seating surface and make extended sitting more pleasant.


A footrest is essential for supporting the legs and providing a comfortable sitting posture. It helps reduce pressure on the lower back and promotes better circulation while seated.

Swivel Function

Swivel bar stools offer added comfort and convenience, allowing for easy movement and adjustment while seated. They can also facilitate conversations and interactions in a kitchen or dining area.

Stability & Durability

Choose bar stools that are sturdy and well-constructed to ensure stability and safety while seated. A wobbly or flimsy bar stool can be uncomfortable and unsafe to use.

Natural kitchen stool in white kitchen
If you love the look of natural wood, these kitchen stools are perfect for this white and natural aesthetic.

Number Of Stools

Consider how many stools you will need for your kitchen island. 

The size of your island and the size of your space will dictate how many stools can comfortably fit. Leave enough floor space between each stool for people to sit comfortably without feeling cramped.

The number of bar stools you choose for your kitchen island is an important consideration when selecting the best seating options for your seating space. Here’s why the number of stools matters:

How To Choose The Best Stool For Your Kitchen Island Woven leather kitchen stool
I love the look of a woven leather kitchen stool in a natural color to offset the darker island.

Seating Capacity

The number of bar stools you select should correspond to the size of your kitchen island and the number of people you want to accommodate. 

Ensure there is enough space between each stool for comfortable seating and easy movement around the island.

Balance & Symmetry

Choosing the right number of bar stools helps maintain balance and symmetry in your kitchen design. 

An odd number of seats can create a more casual and dynamic look, while even numbers often provide a more formal and balanced appearance.


Having the appropriate number of bar stools ensures that your kitchen island seating is functional and practical for everyday use. It allows family members and guests to gather comfortably for meals, conversations, or other activities in the kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Stool For Your Kitchen Island with Wishbone kitchen stools
These wishbone kitchen stools look familiar!

Space Constraints

Consider the size of your kitchen and the available space around the island when determining the number of bar stools. Avoid overcrowding the area with too many stools, which can make it feel cramped and hinder movement.


The number of bar stools you choose can impact the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Selecting the right quantity can enhance the visual appeal and balance of the space, contributing to a cohesive and well-designed look.

Rattan kitchen stool with white and wood accent kitchen
I love these rattan kitchen stools in this white and wood accent kitchen. So pretty!

Quality & Durability

Invest in high-quality stools that are built to last. 

Look for sturdy construction, durable materials, and a reputable brand known for producing long-lasting furniture, like Pottery Barn or West Elm. 

Quality stools may have a higher price point upfront but will save you money in the long run by not having to replace them frequently.

Quality and durability are crucial factors to consider when choosing the best bar stools for your kitchen island. 

Here are some of the reasons why they are important:

Woven leather kitchen stool
This is another beautiful kitchen with woven leather stools.


Investing in high-quality bar stools ensures that they will last for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Durable materials and solid construction contribute to the longevity of the bar stools.

Stability & Safety

Quality bar stools are built to be stable and sturdy, providing a safe seating option for you and your guests. Ensuring that the bar stools are durable helps prevent accidents or injuries that may occur due to unstable seating.

Usage & Maintenance

Bar stools in the kitchen are often subject to frequent use, spills, and messes. 

Opting for durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain will help preserve the appearance and functionality of the bar stools over time. This is something I always think about with four kids!

Traditional kitchen with white and light wood accent
These traditional kitchen stools are beautiful in this all white kitchen.


High-quality bar stools are typically designed with comfort in mind, incorporating features such as ergonomic seats, supportive backrests, and appropriate cushioning. 

Comfortable seating enhances the overall dining and socializing experience at the kitchen island.


Quality bar stools are often crafted with attention to detail and craftsmanship, leading to a more polished and attractive appearance. 

Well-made bar stools can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and contribute to a cohesive design scheme.

White kitchen with wood accent and rattan kitchen stools
These kitchen stools are so versatile and look amazing.

Shop My Favorite Stools For Your Kitchen Island

I’ve replaced my kitchen island stools several times. I love how an easy swap can change the overall feel of your kitchen. 

Take a look at some of the best stools for your kitchen island at an affordable price.

How To Choose The Best Stools For Your Kitchen Island Round Up Of 13 Stools

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DIY Nerf Gun Storage: Ideas On How To Store & Build

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How many Nerf guns do your kids have? If your home is overrun by blasters and darts check out some of my favorite DIY Nerf gun storage ideas on how to store and build solutions that work for your family!

This post may contain affiliate links.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Ideas with storage trunk in foyer

DIY Nerf Gun Storage: Ideas On How To Store & Build

Are you a Nerf gun lover with an ever-growing collection of Nerf toys? Are you also struggling to find the perfect solution to store them all? 

As your arsenal of Nerf blasters expands, you might find they’re starting to take up too much space in your storage closet or play area. 

Today, we have some of the best ways to keep your Nerf stuff organized and ready for action with DIY Nerf gun storage solutions.

Peg Board

First, consider organizing your Nerf gun collection by using a peg board. 

A peg board is incredibly versatile. I love that you can customize it to fit the size of your collection of Nerf guns. 

You can find these boards at your local hardware store or big chains like Home Depot. Amazon of course has great options (see my round up below). 

Simply mount the board to the wall. You can use S hooks to hang your Nerf guns. Bins can be used to store smaller items like Nerf darts and accessories. 

The beauty of this system is that it’s totally customizable and can grow with your Nerf collection. 

We also opted to hand other larger items on our peg board system as well. So, if you need extra storage, a peg board system is a great choice.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Ideas Peg Board

PVC Pipes

PVC pipe is a versatile and cost-effective solution for storing Nerf guns and darts. 

Using PVC pipe to create holders for your blasters and darts can help keep your collection organized, easily accessible, and visually appealing.

PVC pipes can be cut to the desired length to create custom-sized holders for Nerf blasters. 

Attaching these pipes vertically or horizontally to a wall or freestanding to create a convenient storage solution. The DIY PVC pipe stand will keep your blasters organized and easily accessible.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage PVC Pipe Plans
This DIY PVC pipe holder is perfect for all your Nerf gun needs.

Storage Containers & Benches

Another practical idea is to utilize storage containers to keep your Nerf collection organized.

In our historic house, we had to be strategic with our storage solutions. So, we opted to use a storage bench to store some of our collection. 

The storage bench was great because we were able to place a net on the inside lid to hold all of the darts, while the bench itself housed all of the nerf guns.

If you have the space to stack storage containers, opting for clear containers can be a great choice too.

The containers can be labeled and stacked. This in turn makes it easier to find the exact Nerf gun or accessory you’re looking for.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Ideas Zipper pouch

Benefits Of Clear Storage Containers

Here are some benefits and tips for using these storage containers for storing Nerf guns and darts:

  1. Visibility: The clear fronts of the drawers allow you to see the contents inside without having to open them, making it easy to quickly locate the blaster or darts you need.
  2. Organization: The multiple drawers provide separate compartments for storing different types of blasters, accessories, and darts, helping you keep your Nerf collection organized and neatly arranged.
  3. Protection: The drawers provide a protective storage space for your blasters and darts, keeping them safe from dust, dirt, and damage when not in use.
  4. Space-saving: Clear storage containers are typically compact and stackable, making them ideal for storing a large number of blasters and accessories in a small space.
DIY Nerf Gun Storage: Ideas Clear Containers

Tips For Using Clear Storage Containers:

Check out these helpful tips for using clear storage containers:

  1. Sort items by type: Use each drawer to store a specific type of blaster, accessories, or darts to help you easily find what you need.
  2. Label drawers: Consider labeling each drawer with the contents inside to quickly identify what is stored in each compartment.
  3. Customize compartments: Use dividers or organizers within the drawers to create separate sections for the different types of darts, accessories, or smaller blasters.
  4. Keep drawers clean: Regularly clean the drawers to remove dust and debris to keep your blasters and darts in good condition.
DIY Nerf Gun Storage Amazon Cart

Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

One of my favorite ways to utilize storage space when it’s tight is to use your vertical space. 

Using over-the-door shoe racks as a storage solution for Nerf guns and darts is a creative and space-efficient way to keep your collection organized. 

Over-the-door shoe racks are designed to hang over the back of a door, utilizing vertical space and keeping your blasters and darts easily accessible.

As an added bonus, over the door shoe racks are inexpensive. This is a great budget friendly option.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage Ideas Over the door hanging system

DIY Nerf Gun Rack

For the crafty Nerf gun lover, building a custom Nerf gun rack can be a rewarding project. 

You can use wood, PVC pipe, or even repurposed materials to create a unique storage system. 

There are plenty of tutorials online, especially on platforms like TikTok – make sure to check them out for inspiration and step-by-step guides.

Customizing Your Project

If you go the DIY route, you can customize your creation to match your home decor.

Painting Your Project

Consider using spray paint or chalk paint. With a wide range of colors available, you can paint your peg board or PVC pipes to match your room’s decor or to mimic the color scheme of your favorite Nerf blasters. 


Another way to customize your project is with color-coding. 

You can use different colors to organize your Nerf guns based on type, size, or usage. You can paint or label storage compartments with specific colors to quickly identify where each blaster belongs.

Pink playroom with built in storage stock cabinets


One more idea is to create themed storage. 

You can create a themed storage area for your Nerf guns based on your favorite movie, game, or fictional universe. 

Decorate the storage space with themed decals, posters, or accessories to give it a personalized touch.

Individualize It

Add your name, initials, or a custom design to your storage space using vinyl decals, stencils, or paint to make it uniquely yours. 

Use labels, tags, or chalkboard paint to mark each storage compartment with the name of the blaster or the type of accessories stored inside. This helps you stay organized and easily find what you need.

Add LED lighting or background decorations to create an eye-catching display area for your collection.

Playroom in grand millennial blue with stock cabinets and storage containers

Shop My Favorite DIY Nerf Gun Storage Products

Make sure to check out my favorite products to help you organize your nerf gun collection.

DIY Nerf Gun Storage: Ideas On How To Store & Build Round Up

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The Best Family Beach Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

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Men’s Cotton Linen Casual Stylish Button Down Shirt
Premium 4-Way Stretch Jeans
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Boys’ Expandable Collar Button Down Dress Shirt with Long Sleeves
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Girls’ Sleeveless Woven Midi Dress
Levi’s Women’s Wedgie Straight Jeans
French Blue Cosette Button Down
Bianca Button Up Midi Dress White
Bianca Button Up Midi Dress Blue

Have you ever taken family photos at the beach? I am obsessed with the backdrop only a beach can provide. Let’s get to it and discuss all things family beach photoshoot outfit ideas so you’re ready to take yours!

This post may contain affiliate links.

The Best Family Beach Photoshoot Outfit Ideas pictures at sunset of family

The Best Family Beach Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

With spring break coming up, I know many people will be heading to the beach. We used to visit Florida’s gulf coast for spring break when we lived in St. Louis, but now we can head to our local beaches in South Carolina any day. 

I cannot wait to spend time there with my family. We love to make memories at the beach. Something I am looking forward to doing soon is taking professional photos so we can decorate our new house with them.

The hardest part of planning a family photoshoot is deciding what your family members should wear.

With a few simple tips and outfit ideas, you can ensure that your family portraits capture the essence of your bond and the beauty of the beach setting. Here are some great outfit ideas for that perfect family beach photoshoot.

Kids at the beach snorkleing

Color Palette: The Foundation Of Your Family Portraits

The beach environment naturally has a relaxed vibe, and your family’s outfits should complement this setting. 

Neutral colors, soft pinks, light blues, and whites are a popular choice. They reflect the colors of the sand and the sea, creating a cohesive look for your family beach pictures. These colors also work well with the natural light for a timeless look.

The Best Family Beach Photoshoot Outfit Ideas
classic jeans and pink sweater on girl

Solid Colors & Simple Patterns: The Easy Way To A Cohesive Look

Solid colors are a great choice for family beach photo outfits because they focus attention on your family’s faces and natural smiles. 

White dresses, white t-shirts, or white polo shirts are classic looks that never go out of style. For a little variation, men and boys can wear khaki shorts with white shirts, while women and little girls can opt for white maxi dresses or flowy dresses in pastel shades.

However, if you’re looking for a pop of color, shades of blue look stunning against the sandy shores and can range from navy to turquoise, offering a variety of outfit choices without overwhelming the overall look. 

You can also consider adding different textures, like linen or cotton, for a bit of depth in your photos.

Dad and baby at beach

Avoiding The Matchy-Matchy Trap: How To Coordinate Outfits

While coordinating outfits for the whole family is a great idea, you don’t want to look too uniform. The key is to coordinate without being identical. 

You can do this by choosing different shades of the same color or by selecting different textures and patterns. For example, if one family member wears a blue shirt, another can wear blue jeans, while someone else might choose a dress with blue floral prints.

For young children and young kids, it’s a good idea to choose comfortable and practical clothes. Rolled-up pants and bare feet can work well for boys, while little girls can look adorable in sundresses.

Kids at the beach in swim suits

The Perfect Outfits For Every Family Member

For the perfect family photo outfits, consider these suggestions:

Dads & Boys

 White polo shirts with rolled-up pants or khaki shorts are great options. A blue shirt or a shirt with subtle stripes can add a bit of variety to the mix.

I also love incorporating linen shirts or shorts to provide a bit extra texture and moment. It’s a great option to add dimension without being too busy.

Moms & Girls

White dresses or blouses paired with white pants or soft-colored skirts offer a classic look. Flowy dresses in soft pinks or light blues add a touch of elegance, while maintaining a beachy feel.

Babies & Toddlers

 For the youngest family members, opt for simple and comfortable clothing. Soft, solid colors like pastel pink or baby blue are great options that won’t distract from those adorable baby expressions.

sisters at beach in leopard print

Accessorizing Your Beach Family Photoshoot

Accessories should be kept to a minimum to maintain a natural and timeless feel. However, beach hats can be functional and stylish additions to your family wear, especially if you’re aiming for that tropical vibe.

When To Schedule Your Family Beach Session

The best time for a family beach photoshoot is usually during the golden hour, which is the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset. 

This is when the light is softest and most flattering. It casts a beautiful warm glow that is perfect for family portraits. Plus, beaches tend to be less crowded during these times, allowing for a more intimate setting for your family photo session.

handstand at beach

The Importance Of A Professional Photographer

While it’s possible to have a friend or family member take your photos, hiring a professional photographer is a great way to ensure you get high-quality images. 

A professional photographer will have the experience to guide your family through poses and expressions.  They can also help  find the best photo spots and capture the natural beauty of the beach setting with your family’s interactions.

 They can also advise on the perfect outfits and the best colors to wear that will complement the beach environment.

little girl at beach with sunglasses on

What To Wear For Photos

Here are some simple rules to help your family look their best for your beach photoshoot:

  1. Coordinate but don’t match: Coordinate your outfits with a cohesive color palette and style, but avoid wearing identical outfits. Mix and match different shades and textures to create visual interest.
  2. Choose comfortable clothing: Opt for breathable and comfortable fabrics, especially for young children, to ensure everyone feels at ease during the photoshoot.
  3. Accessorize tastefully: Add simple accessories like beach hats to enhance your outfits without overpowering them.
  4. Consider the beach environment: Select outfits that complement the beach setting, such as light and airy fabrics that flow in the breeze, to create a harmonious look.
  5. Incorporate pops of color: Add a pop of color with bold or bright accents to liven up the overall look and add visual interest to your family beach photos.
  6. Plan ahead: Plan your outfits in advance and do a test run to see how they look together. Make sure everyone feels confident and comfortable in their chosen attire.
kids at beach in swimsuits

What Not To Wear For Photos

Here are some key rules of what not to do for your beach photoshoot outfit ideas:

  1. Avoid wearing busy patterns: Steer clear of loud patterns or logos that can be distracting in photos. Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns instead. Hawaiian shirts can be very beachy, but they are also very distracting. Just say no.
  2. Avoid wearing neon colors: Neon colors can reflect harshly in photos, so it’s best to stick to softer, more natural hues that complement the beach environment.
  3. Avoid all-white outfits: While white can look great on the beach, too much white can cause your family to blend into the background. Add some contrasting colors or textures to break up the monotony.
  4. Don’t over-accessorize: Keep accessories minimal to maintain a clean and timeless look. Avoid wearing too many accessories that can distract from your family’s faces and expressions.
  5. Don’t forget about shoe choice: Consider going barefoot or wearing sandals for a beach photoshoot to keep the look casual and natural. Avoid bulky or formal footwear that may seem out of place on the beach.
  6. Don’t wait until the last minute: Plan your outfits ahead of time to avoid any last-minute stress or wardrobe malfunctions. Ensure that everyone’s outfits are clean, pressed, and ready to go for the photoshoot.
little boy at beach

Special Considerations

When planning for a family beach photoshoot, there are some special considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your outfits not only look great but also work well in the beach environment. 

Here are some key considerations to help you create the perfect family beach photo shoot outfits:

Weather & Climate

 Be mindful of the weather conditions at the beach on the day of your photoshoot. Consider the temperature, wind, and potential sun exposure when selecting outfits. Light and breathable fabrics are ideal for hot and sunny days, while layers may be necessary for cooler or windy conditions.

Movement & Comfort

Since you’ll be at the beach, choose outfits that allow for movement and comfort. Flowy dresses, loose-fitting tops, and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are great options that will keep everyone feeling comfortable and at ease during the photoshoot.

young boy at beach

Reflections & Glare

Keep in mind that the sun’s reflection off the sand and water can be quite strong at the beach, causing glare in photos. To minimize glare, avoid outfits with overly shiny or reflective fabrics. Matte fabrics in soft colors tend to work best in beach photography.

Sand & Sea

Be prepared for sandy conditions at the beach. Consider footwear that is easy to remove, such as sandals or going barefoot, to avoid tracking sand into your photos. Additionally, think about how your outfits will interact with the sand and sea – flowing fabrics and light colors can create beautiful visual effects against the beach backdrop.

Time Of Day

The time of day when you schedule your photoshoot can have a significant impact on the lighting and overall look of your photos. As mentioned earlier, the golden hour (sunrise or sunset) provides soft, flattering light that can enhance your family portraits. Plan your outfits to complement this natural light for the best results.

young girl at beach

Props &  Accessories

Consider incorporating beach-appropriate props and accessories into your outfits for added visual interest. Beach hats or even beach blankets can enhance the overall look of your family beach photoshoot. Just be sure not to overdo it – less is often more when it comes to accessories.

Family Dynamics

Take into account the personalities and preferences of your family members when selecting outfits. Ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their chosen attire, as this will translate into natural and relaxed expressions in the photos.

Embracing The Beach Family Photoshoot Experience

Remember, the most important thing during your family beach session is to have fun and be yourselves. Natural smiles and genuine interactions are what will make your family portraits truly special. 

Don’t stress too much about getting every detail perfect; sometimes, the candid moments are the ones you’ll treasure the most.

little girl at beach

The Best Family Beach Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Take a look at some of the best family beach photoshoot outfit ideas that I’ve curated below:

The Best Family Beach Photoshoot Outfit Ideas Round Up

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Monthly Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers List – February 2024

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I am so happy to bring you my monthly best sellers list so that you can easily see all the items in one place. All the items in this round up are from Amazon and can be found in my Amazon storefront. And if you find yourself wondering how to use any of these items in unique ways, make sure you head over to my Tik Tok where I am able to share more detailed reviews of items in video format.

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White House with Wrap Around Porch

Amazon Best Sellers List – February 2024

In case you’ve missed it, Arin Solange At Home is moving to South Carolina! Our January was a whirlwind and February was no different!

We have been busily preparing ourselves for the big move. January was spent buying and selling our homes. February was total preparation mode.

After we packed away our historic home we said “Goodbye” to the house we poured so much love into.

We are so excited to start a new adventure in South Carolina. It is also so incredibly hard to leave behind a home and support group that we have loved so much. Still, I know that this is the right move for our family. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us!

Kids on a porch

Life Updates

I love writing these Amazon monthly best sellers posts because it also gives me a chance to update all of you on what we have been doing the past month- both in our professional and personal lives.

However, these past two months have been solely focused on our big move. As a result, there aren’t too many updates.

Family Updates

We are making the most of our time left in St. Louis. Sam and the girls attended the Father-Daughter dance at their school. It was Goldie’s first time and she was so excited!

I’ve been spending more time at the kids’ school in between moving duties and work. It has been quite a juggle but I’m happy to be able to spend these last few weeks with them in a place that is so dear to our hearts.

Moving Updates

We are so close to the finish line! In less than 2 weeks our family will be living in our new home.

We finished packing our historic home up in what felt like record speed. For our move, we decided on using Pods instead of a moving company. The flexibility on packing and storing our items is what sold us. I will say that there is some lag time to receive your items, but the same can be said of moving companies.

Dad and 2 daughters

We closed on our new house at the end of February. We decided that it would work best for our family to have Sam stay in South Carolina for two weeks to unpack and get the house settled before the kids and I joined him.

We did join Sam for the closing, but then the kids and I flew back to St. Louis so they could finish school until their spring break. We want them to have the opportunity to say goodbye to friends. This also allows Sam to get the bulk of the work done without four kids running around.

Since our kids are moving in the middle of the school year, we plan to homeschool them the rest of the year. Of course, this has pros and cons to it!


The first time the kids saw the house in person solidified our decision. They are so excited to have space to run and play. The backyard is an absolute dream and the amount of time they spent out there tells me they just love it.

I have always dreamed of giving my kids a childhood where they can be outside all day exploring. Now, they can have that and more.

Little girl with flowers

Shop My Amazon Best Sellers List – February 2024

Of course I will be giving you a full tour once our house is set up. Right now, it is more disaster zone than anything.

Our Amazon best sellers list this month has some great hacks for staying organized. There are also some fun Easter finds for the kids that work great on travel days.

Check out our February 2024 Amazon best sellers list below:

Amazon Best Sellers List February 2024 Round Up

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A Guide On Upper Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

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If you’re remodeling your kitchen, a guide on kitchen cabinet dimensions is a must-read. We will break down everything you need to know about upper kitchen cabinet dimensions to help you plan your dream kitchen with a killer layout.

This post may contain affiliate links.

White kitchen and wicker accents

A Guide On Upper Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

When planning a kitchen renovation or installing new kitchen cabinets, understanding the standard dimensions for upper kitchen cabinets is essential to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen layout. 

I’ve had my fair share of kitchens over the years. While my kitchens have ranged in sizes, layouts, and design, the overall function has always been paramount.

Whether you are collaborating with a kitchen designer, choosing stock cabinets, or considering semi-custom options, knowing the standard sizes will help you make informed decisions.

A Guide On Upper Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions in a white kitchen

Upper Cabinets: The Basics

Upper kitchen cabinets, also known as wall cabinets, are essential for storing kitchen essentials and food items while keeping them within easy access. These cabinets are mounted above the counters, typically over the base cabinets.  They can significantly affect the overall look and functionality of your kitchen.

Upper kitchen cabinets, while primarily functional, also play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. There are various types and styles to consider when choosing the right cabinets for your space. 

Here’s a breakdown of the most common types and styles:

Standard Wall Cabinets

These are the most common upper cabinets, typically ranging in height from 30 to 42 inches and in depth from 12 to 18 inches.

Kitchen cabinets in pantry

Corner Wall Cabinets

Designed to fit into a corner of the kitchen, these can either be diagonal or have a blind corner. They maximize space in otherwise hard-to-utilize corner areas.

 Bridge (Or Over-The-Fridge) Cabinets

These are shorter cabinets used to bridge two taller sections of cabinetry, often placed above the refrigerator, microwave, or other tall appliances.

Specialty Units

These include cabinets like those with glass doors for display, open shelving for a lighter look, or wine racks for bottle storage.

white kitchen

 Tall Upper Cabinets

In kitchens with high ceilings, upper cabinets might extend closer to the ceiling for additional storage.

Cabinet With Microwave Shelf

Specially designed to accommodate a microwave oven, these cabinets often have a designated spot that allows for ventilation.

holiday spread in white kitchen

Styles Of Upper Kitchen Cabinets

The style of an upper kitchen cabinet refers to the design of the cabinet door and can significantly influence the kitchen’s overall look. 

Depending on your decor, you may prefer one style over another. Keep in mind that the more embellishments and detail a cabinet has can increase the price significantly. 

While stock cabinets tend to be basic and flat, custom cabinetry can get very pricey. 

Here are some of the options for cabinet styles:


Known for their simple, clean lines with a recessed panel, Shaker cabinets are versatile and can fit into both traditional and contemporary designs.

white kitchen cabinets with plant

 Flat Panel (Slab)

These cabinets have a flat, single-piece door front and offer a sleek, minimalist look that works well in modern kitchens.

Raised Panel

 These have a central panel that is raised with a profile or contour. Raised panel cabinets are often found in more traditional or classical kitchen designs.


With a door style that features vertical grooves, bead-board cabinets lend a cottage or country feel to the kitchen.

white kitchen with brass accents


Either partially or fully made with glass panes, these cabinets are great for displaying items while keeping them dust-free.

This is a great way to add dimension and play off the lighting in a kitchen. However, you’ll need to have tidy cabinets to get the full effect.


Comprising horizontal wood slats, louvered cabinet doors add a unique architectural style to the kitchen.

upper kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Door Mounting Options

Mounting your cabinet doors is important as you’ll want everything to be square and level. Otherwise, the cabinet doors won’t shut fully or function well.

Before you hang your cabinet doors, consider how the cabinet will be mounted, which also affects your overall aesthetic.

Here are the two main options for mounting your cabinet doors:


There are two main types of overlays—full overlay doors cover the entire face frame of the cabinet, while partial or standard overlay doors let the frame show around the doors, offering a more traditional appearance.


 Inset doors are set inside the cabinet frame and flush with the front edges of the cabinet, giving a clean, precise look.

kitchen island

Cabinet Finish And Material

Cabinets can be made from various materials and finished in several ways.  Each of these differences have pros and cons and a unique aesthetic.

These are the main types of cabinet materials and finishes:


 A traditional choice, available in many types, stains, and finishes, from maple and oak to cherry and hickory.

Wood is durable and more likely to hold up for years to come. However, wood comes with a costly price tag.


A more budget-friendly option that can mimic the look of wood or other finishes.

The durability of laminate tends to be more on the flimsy side. However, it is still an option for budget picks.

Upper kitchen cabinet dimensions in white kitchen


A plastic coating applied to MDF, offering a durable and easy-to-clean surface.


 Stainless steel or aluminum cabinets can give a professional, commercial kitchen look.

This is not often seen in most homes. You’ll likely see this material used in professional kitchens.


 Wood or MDF cabinets can be painted in any color, providing a wide range of customization options to match your kitchen’s color scheme.

We’ve done our fair share of cabinet painting. I love how a simple coat of fresh paint can transform an entire room. If you are looking for tips to paint your cabinets, make sure you check out DIY on painting our cabinets white.
There’s also some great information on choosing the best paint for cabinets and the best clear coat for painted cabinets.

dog in front of white kitchen

Decorative Elements

To further customize the style of your upper kitchen cabinets, consider adding decorative elements such as:

Crown Molding

This trim is installed at the top of the cabinets to add a decorative element and to gracefully connect the cabinets to the ceiling.


Decorative supports that can be added beneath wall cabinets for a traditional or ornate look.

Glass Inserts

You can choose from various types of glass such as frosted, seeded, or stained to personalize glass-front cabinets.

upper kitchen cabinet dimensions allow for this under cabinet calendar


 Installing under-cabinet lighting can enhance the functionality of the workspace and add ambiance.


The knobs and pulls on cabinet doors and drawers are the jewelry of the kitchen and can significantly affect the overall design aesthetic. 

Options range from modern, minimalist styles to ornate, traditional designs.
I love how changing out the cabinet’s hardware can make a big impact on the overall look of a kitchen. Make sure you check out the best kitchen cabinet handles.

fall holiday spread on kitchen island

Customization Options

While many upper cabinets come in standard sizes, there’s also the option to have cabinets custom-made or semi-customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. 

When selecting the right type and style of upper kitchen cabinets for your home, it’s important to consider both the functional aspects—such as size, storage capacity, and ease of access—and the aesthetic qualities that will complement and enhance your kitchen’s design. 

Whether you’re aiming for a traditional, transitional, or modern kitchen, the vast array of cabinet options available can be tailored to meet your vision and requirements.

Keep in mind that stock cabinets can be a great option to DIY your own customization. If DIY is not your thing, then custom or semi-custom cabinets can be ordered for a premium.

Customization can include:

white kitchen island with flowers in vase

Unique Dimensions

For kitchens with unusual layouts or specific storage needs, cabinets can be built to fit exact dimensions.

Organization Accessories

Built-in spice racks, plate holders, or appliance garages can help keep the kitchen organized and functional.

Adjustable Shelving

Some cabinets come with adjustable shelving, allowing you to modify the interior space to suit your storage needs.

Soft-Close Hinges

These hinges prevent doors from slamming shut, reducing noise and wear on the cabinets.

Modern kitchen with accent holes in cabinets
I love how. this classic tradition gets a fun twist in the upper cabinets with the use of locker holes.

Upper Kitchen Cabinet Sizes & Dimensions

Remodeling a kitchen is a big project. Once you determine your wish list, decor style,  and budget, you can start to look specifically into cabinets and sizes. 

Your kitchen’s layout is going to dictate heavily on the size and type of cabinets you can have in your home. 

Ceiling height, square footage, and budget play a big role in setting up your cabinet’s layouts. 

Keep in mind that not every kitchen is the same. Sizes will vary pending your needs and overall budget.

White glam kitchen reveal with gold cabinetry hardware
This gorgeous kitchen is classic and glam with gold accents.

Kitchen Cabinet Measurements: Accuracy Is Key

Accurate measurements are the cornerstone of any successful kitchen renovation. 

When planning your layout, take into consideration all kitchen appliances, kitchen islands, and ensure there is enough space for the natural flow of traffic. 

Also, consider the placement of kitchen essentials for easy access—keep everyday items within arm’s reach, while lesser-used items can be stored higher up or in less accessible areas.

Classic kitchen with earth tones and white
The upper kitchen cabinets blend seamlessly in to the kitchen background.

Standard Upper Cabinet Sizes

The standard height for upper cabinets is typically 30, 36, or 42 inches, while the standard depth is 12 inches for wall cabinets, which suits most needs. 

However, for kitchens with a larger floor plan or for homeowners who require more storage space, deeper cabinets of 15 to 18 inches may be the best option. 

Standard widths for upper cabinets range from 9 to 48 inches, often increasing in 3-inch increments.

Arched kitchen cabinet
This arched upper kitchen cabinet is a beautiful focal point.

Upper Cabinet Height & Ceiling Height

A critical factor in setting the height of upper cabinets is the ceiling height of your kitchen.

 The standard kitchen ceiling height is 96 inches (8 feet), and the upper cabinets are usually positioned so that their tops align with the top of the tall cabinets or pantry cabinets. This often allows for crown molding to be added for a finished look. 

If the ceiling is higher than 9 feet, you may opt for taller cabinets, while ensuring there is still enough space (usually 18 to 20 inches) between the countertop and the bottom of the upper cabinets.

Coastal kitchen in white
This coastal kitchen is packed with gorgeous details.

Tall Cabinets & Utility Cabinets

Tall kitchen cabinets, such as pantry cabinets, are designed to extend from the floor to the ceiling. Their standard height can be 84, 90, or 96 inches to align with the ceiling or upper cabinets. 

Utility cabinets are similar but may have a toe kick at the bottom, aligning them with standard base cabinets, which have a standard base cabinet height of 34.5 inches plus a 1.5-inch countertop, totaling 36 inches.

Coastal kitchen with open shelves and glass upper cabinets
Open shelves and glass upper kitchen cabinets are combined in this coastal kitchen.

Special Considerations For Upper Kitchen Cabinets

When designing your dream kitchen, you may encounter spaces that require special consideration. 

For example, blind corner base cabinets or blind corner cabinets can maximize storage space in corners. Lazy Susan cabinets or other corner solutions can make these tricky spaces more functional. Filler cabinets may be used to fill gaps and ensure a seamless look.

For appliances like microwave ovens, consider the microwave oven cabinet, which is designed to fit the appliance perfectly and offer easier access. 

For high cabinets, ensure that the items you use less frequently are stored at the top, while everyday items are placed at a more accessible height.

Customizing For Special Needs

While standard kitchen cabinet dimensions work for most, customizing for special needs or preferences is vital for the perfect kitchen. 

If you have a kitchen island, additional storage can be incorporated with base kitchen cabinets. For those who are taller or shorter than average, or for those with special needs, the heights and depths of cabinets can be adjusted for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Colonial kitchen in green
A colonial kitchen with an incredible before and after.

Other Kitchen Cabinet Considerations

While this posts primarily focuses on upper kitchen cabinets, I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on other kitchen cabinets.

Whether you are replacing current cabinetry or completing a full kitchen renovation, knowing the types of cabinets is important.

Upper kitchen cabinets tend to be not only functional but also pretty. Your eyes are naturally drawn upward and the upper kitchen cabinets are often the first thing people notice when they walk in the room. 

However, base cabinets and drawer fronts are just as important for the kitchen’s function and decor.

Earth tone kitchen
Emily Henderson utilizes every inch of space in her custom cabinets.

Standard Base Cabinets and Toe Kicks

Standard base cabinets are the workhorse of the kitchen. 

They are typically 24 inches deep, not including the countertop overhang. This depth provides sufficient storage while allowing for a comfortable reach to the back of the cabinet. 

The toe kick, which is the recessed space at the bottom of the cabinet, allows you to stand closer to the counter, improving comfort during tasks such as chopping or mixing. Toe kicks are generally 4 inches high and 3 inches deep.
Check out more information on standard base cabinet dimensions.

Kitchen in green and white
The before and after of this kitchen is insane!

Kitchen Cabinet Depth & Full-Height Base Cabinets

Full-height base cabinets are a popular choice for maximizing storage space. 

These cabinets, which do not have a drawer at the top, can offer uninterrupted storage space that’s ideal for items like baking sheets and trays.

 If you opt for deeper cabinets, be mindful that while they offer increased storage capacity, they may also make it more difficult to reach items at the back.

Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

The style of cabinet doors and drawer fronts can influence the look of your kitchen.

 Options range from flat-panel doors for a modern look to raised-panel doors for a more traditional aesthetic. When choosing cabinets, consider the ease of cleaning, as some designs may collect dust and grime more easily.

Kitchen with white and dark accents
Another gorgeous kitchen reveal by Angela Rose Home.

Optimizing Storage With Cabinet Types

It is no secret that I love organizing my spaces, especially my pantry and kitchen. 

There are various types of kitchen cabinets to optimize storage. Lazy Susans, mentioned earlier, offer a solution for corner cabinets, while pull-out drawers can make it easier to reach items at the back of the cabinet. 

Appliance garages can be used to store small kitchen appliances, keeping them accessible yet out of sight when not in use.

If you are looking for organizational tools that can be easily installed and purchased, make sure you check out my round up below.

White kitchen
Shea McGee creates a gorgeous white kitchen that feels warm and inviting.

Designing With A Kitchen Designer Or Interior Designers

Working with a kitchen designer or interior designers can help you navigate the myriad options and configurations for your new kitchen cabinets. This can be especially important as a first time renovator or home buyer.

These professionals can advise on the best kitchen cabinets for your space, considering both style and function. They can also suggest modifications to standard cabinet sizes to better suit the specific dimensions and layout of your kitchen.

Coastal kitchen white white and blue
Such a beautiful coastal kitchen with white and blue accents.

Shop My Favorite Kitchen Organizational Tools

Check out my favorite organizational finds for my kitchen.

A Guide On Upper Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions
Round Up Pantry Organizers

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The Only Guide You’ll Need For Earring Clasp Types

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Earring Backs
2-Pairs Locking Earring Backs Replacements
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PAVOI 14K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Post Square Hoop Earrings
4K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Alphabet Letter Earring
Cubic Zirconia Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings
18k Gold Plated Butterfly Hypoallergenic Earrings for Girls
GIRL NATION Cutie Enamel Stud Earrings
Classic Huggie Hoops in Titanium
Pip Pop Alice + Ames Set
Post Lightweight Drop/Dangle Huggie Earrings

When it comes to accessorizing, earrings are the quintessential piece that can elevate your overall look. The right earring clasp type can make all the difference in your comfort and style. 

This post may contain affiliate links.

Mom and daughter

The Only Guide You’ll Need For Earring Clasp Types

My girls and I all have our ears pierced. We love to accessorize with earrings as they help to express our personal styles.

Earring clasp types are very important to us because we have sensitive skin. If we pick the wrong type of metal, we may react to it. 

Age is another factor when we pick out earrings. Some clasps that are easy for me and my older daughter to put on are more difficult for my younger daughter. Before buying, I always check that the clasp is the right choice for us. 

I’ll share the considerations I take into account with you here to help you find the right earring clasp types for you.

Little girl with earrings

Background Of Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is a practice that has been around for centuries and is popular in many cultures around the world. 

When considering ear piercing, there are several important factors to take into account.  These factors include: the method of piercing, maintenance, caring for earrings, earring clasp types, and considerations for piercings and allergies.

Methods Of Piercing Ears

Before you decide to get your ears pierced, you should research the different methods of piercing. Ear piercing can be performed using a variety of methods, including piercing guns and sterile needles. 

It’s important to have ear piercings done by a professional to minimize the risk of infection and ensure proper placement. 

After the initial piercing, it’s crucial to keep the pierced area clean and follow any care instructions provided by the piercer to prevent infection and promote healing.

Sisters with different earring clasp types

Maintenance And Caring For Earrings

Proper maintenance and care of earrings are essential for both hygiene and the longevity of the jewelry. This includes regular cleaning of the earrings with a mild soap and water, especially after they have been worn for extended periods. 

It’s also important to remove earrings before activities like swimming or using hair products to prevent damage or tarnishing.

diamond earrings

Types of Earring Clasps

Earring clasps come in various types, each with its own set of pros and cons. Common types of earring clasps include:

Push Backs (Butterfly Clasp/Friction Backs)

 Push backs, also known as butterfly clasps or friction backs, are a popular choice for stud earrings, including those stunning diamond studs you might wear for formal occasions. 

These clasps feature a straight post that slides through the ear hole and is secured with a small metal back shaped like a butterfly. They’re a great option for everyday wear and come in various materials, including white gold for that added touch of luxury.

Pros: Easy to use, comfortable, and secure

Cons: Can be easily lost and might not be suitable for heavy earrings

Sisters in dancewear

Screw Backs

Screw backs are similar to push backs but offer an added level of security, which is perfect for more valuable earrings. These backs are threaded and screw onto the earring post, ensuring that your precious studs stay in place no matter the activity level.

Pros: Very secure and suitable for heavy earrings

Cons: Takes time to put on and remove, not ideal for quick changes

Lever Back

 For those who love drop earrings or dangle earrings, lever backs are a fantastic choice. The earring post is attached to a hinged lever, which closes behind the ear for a comfortable fit. This type of fastening is secure and works well for heavier earrings, making it suitable for people with an active lifestyle.

Pros: Stylish and secure, don’t easily fall off

Cons: May feel heavy for some individuals, limited styles available

Girl in dress with bow and earring clasp types

 Latch Backs (Hinged Post/Omega Backs)

 Latch backs, also known as hinged posts or omega backs, are often found on hoop earrings and Huggie hoops. This clasp style has a hinged post that snaps into a latch at the opposite tube, creating a seamless look. They’re great for heavier earrings. They provide a secure fit for those who love more decorative elements in their earring designs.

Pros: Secure and comfortable

Cons: Limited availability in comparison to other styles

Fish Hooks (French Wire/Ear Wire)

Fish hooks, or French wires, are a simple design, often used for various designs of drop and threader earrings. The curved wire slips through the ear hole and hangs gracefully, offering ease of use. This type of earring backing is perfect for casual and formal occasions alike.

Pros: Easy to put on and remove

Cons: Can slip out of the ear easily, not suitable for active wear

Little girl in pink and black

Clip-On Earrings

For those with non-pierced ears, clip-on earrings are the best choice. These earrings feature a clasp that clips securely onto the earlobe, allowing everyone to enjoy different earring styles, from chandelier earrings to simple studs.

Pros: Suitable for non-pierced ears, adjustable

Cons: May pinch the earlobe, limited designs available

Threaded Post (Threader Earrings)

Threader earrings feature a thin chain or wire that threads through the ear hole, with decorative elements hanging from one end. They offer a unique look and can come in various sizes, adding a touch of elegance to your personal style. 

The threaded post ensures that the earring stays in place comfortably, and because of its delicate nature, it’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a minimalist approach or for adding a bit of flair to your outfit.

Pros: Very secure and suitable for heavy earrings

Cons: Takes time to put on and remove, not ideal for quick changes

gold hoops

French Hooks (French Clips)

French hooks, also known as French clips, are a type of ear wire used primarily for dangle earrings and are similar to fish hooks in design. The back of the earring is a curved hook, but it includes a spring-loaded clasp that snaps shut, offering a more secure hold. This can be particularly beneficial for those who have an active day that might risk losing an earring.

Pros: Elegant and easy to put on

Cons: Can fall out easily, not suitable for active wear

La Pousette Backs

La pousette backs are among the best earring backs for ease and security. They consist of a straight post with a locking mechanism that requires you to squeeze two small tabs to release the back from the post. This innovative clasp style is a great option for valuable earrings, ensuring they stay put.

Pros: Very secure and comfortable

Cons: Less common and may be more expensive

Sisters at the beach

Ear Cuffs

For those who love to experiment with different types of earring clasps and want to showcase their personal preference without the commitment of a piercing, ear cuffs are a fabulous choice. They wrap around the outer cartilage and can be adjusted for a snug fit.

Pros: No need for piercings, trendy and versatile

Cons: May not fit all ear shapes comfortably

Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are a type of hoop that “hugs” the earlobe closely. They often have a hinged post and are a popular choice for both casual and special occasions due to their ease of wear and secure latch backs. They are a great option for those who prefer a more understated look or for adding a bit of sparkle to their daily outfits.

Pros: Comfortable and secure

Cons: Can be difficult to put on and take off for some people

Smiling little girl

Importance of Earring Clasp Types

The type of earring clasp is important for several reasons.

 It affects the security and comfort of wearing the earrings, as well as the ease of putting them on and taking them off. The right clasp can also help prevent loss or damage to the earrings.

Age and Earring Clasp Types

Age can also play a role in the selection of earring clasp types. For example, young children who are still developing fine motor skills may benefit from earring clasps that are easy to put on and take off, such as butterfly backs. 

Older individuals with arthritis or dexterity issues may also prefer earring clasps that are easy to manipulate.

Girl in sunglasses at beach

Earring Allergies and Materials

For individuals with metal allergies or sensitivities, it’s important to choose earrings made from hypoallergenic materials and to select earring clasps that are made from non-irritating metals. 

Hypoallergenic materials such as surgical stainless steel, titanium, and 14k or 18k gold are less likely to cause allergic reactions and can be a safer choice for those with sensitive skin.

Earring allergies, also known as contact dermatitis, can be caused by the presence of allergens in the metal of the earring. 

Nickel is one of the most common allergens found in jewelry and can cause redness, itching, and irritation in sensitive individuals. Other metals such as cobalt and certain alloys can also trigger allergic reactions.

diamond stud earrings

To avoid earring allergies, it’s important to choose earrings made from hypoallergenic materials. In addition, individuals with allergies may benefit from earring clasps that have minimal direct contact with the skin, such as latch backs or screw backs, to reduce the likelihood of irritation.

Some common hypoallergenic materials include:

Surgical Stainless Steel

This material is often used in medical implants and is highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. It is a good choice for those with sensitive skin.


Known for its biocompatibility, titanium is a hypoallergenic metal that is often used in medical implants and body jewelry. It is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion.

14k Or 18k Gold

Pure gold is too soft for making jewelry, so it is often alloyed with other metals to increase its strength and durability. 14k and 18k gold are less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to lower-karat gold or gold-plated jewelry.

Sisters in dresses

Shop My Favorite Earring Clasp Types & Earrings

Check out some of my favorite earring clasp types and earrings for any look.

How To Wear Huggies Earrings Round Up

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Huggies Earrings: What Are They & How To Wear Them

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Cailin Cubic Zirconia Huggie Hoop Earrings
White Agate Drop Huggie Hoop Earrings
Rio Stone Huggie Drop Earrings
Pavé Diamond Huggie Hoops
Gorjana Women’s Madison Huggie Earrings
14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Post Pave Cubic Zirconia Huggie Hoop Earrings
Post Lightweight Drop/Dangle Huggie Earrings
Huggie Earrings 14k Gold Plated
Daisy Hoop Earrings Huggies
Gold Silver Bow Earrings
Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings
14k Gold Huggie Earrings
14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Post Huggies
Kendra Scott Ari Heart Huggie Earrings

Have you heard of Huggies earrings before? They are one of my favorite styles of earrings.  I’m excited to tell you what they are and show you how to wear Huggies earrings.

This post may contain affiliate links.

Little girl funny face

Huggies Earrings: What Are They & How To Wear Them

In the ever changing fashion world, there’s one accessory that has managed to hold a special place in the hearts (and on the ear lobes) of jewelry lovers: Huggie earrings. 

These delightful little hoops have become a staple in jewelry boxes across the globe, offering the perfect blend of elegance and edge to any outfit. 

Whether you’re dressing up for special occasions or aiming for everyday wear, Huggie hoop earrings are a great way to enhance your personal style.

Girl at the beach with Huggies earrings and how to wear them

What Are Huggie Earrings?

Huggie earrings are a type of hoop earring known for their small size and snug fit around the ear lobe. Unlike traditional hoop earrings that hang below the lobe, Huggies are designed to sit close to your earlobes, hugging them – hence the name. 

They come in a variety of styles. From simple sterling silver and yellow gold Huggies to more eye-catching styles adorned with diamonds or unique designs, there is something for every occasion.

Dad with daughter

Different Styles Of Huggie Earrings

When it comes to Huggie hoop earrings, the variety of styles means there’s a perfect pair for everyone. 

Gold Huggie earrings add a touch of classic glamor, while white gold option offers a more minimal look. Solid gold Huggies can serve as statement pieces, while those that are sterling silver provide a more affordable, yet stylish choice.

For those who love to mix and match, ear cuffs and Huggie styles can be combined to create an asymmetrical look that takes your earring collection to the next level. 

And let’s not forget about ear piercings – from a single piercing on the lower lobe to an adventurous forward helix or the top of the ear, there’s a Huggie hoop to complement every configuration.

Dad with little girl

How to Wear Huggie Hoops

Wearing Huggie earrings can be as simple or as bold as you like. 

For a casual look, pair small hoop earrings with your favorite jeans and a tee. They are the perfect accessory to give your outfit a touch of understated chic without much effort. 

If you’re after something that stands out a bit more, opt for Huggie hoops that come with charms or a larger hoop earring design for a statement hoop look.

Combining Huggie earrings with other earring styles such as stud earrings or drop earrings can create unique looks that showcase your unique style. 

Don’t be afraid to mix different metals for an eclectic vibe. Sterling silver Huggies can look stunning when paired with gold hoops, offering a mixed metal finish that’s right on trend.

Little girl in peacoat

Finding The Right Size & Fit Of Your Huggie Earrings

The key to the perfect Huggie earring is finding the right size and ensuring a comfortable fit. 

Because of their small diameter, Huggies should fit snugly without causing discomfort. If you have small ears or multiple lobe piercings, make sure to choose a pair with a small enough size to allow for a seamless fit in each pierced hole.

It may make sense to try several different styles and sizes to find your perfect fit.

Dad with 2 girls

Taking Care Of Your Huggie Earrings

While Huggies are a great option for everyday wear, ensuring they last involves a little bit of practice in care. 

Look for a collection of waterproof jewelry, like Huggie hoops with a waterproof metal finish, so you can keep them on during your daily activities without worry. 

For those who love to swim or live in places with a humid climate, waterproof metal finishes can be a game changer, ensuring your Huggies remain dazzling despite exposure to moisture.

Once your day is over, you can remove the Huggie earrings and place them in a gentle jewelry cleaner.

Girl in pink romper

Incorporating Huggies Into Your Earring Wardrobe

Adding Huggies to your earring collection can give you a fresh perspective on accessorizing. 

The perfect pair of Huggies can be used for a minimalist look or be layered with other jewelry pieces for a more intricate style. 

For those with long hair, Huggies offer a subtle sparkle that won’t get tangled in your hair. They’re also a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable fit with a high impact.

When shopping for Huggies, consider handcrafted jewelry options. Many artisan jewelers use raw materials like karat gold-filled or solid gold to craft Huggie rings.  This in turn,  offers you unique and eye-catching styles that stand out from the standard pair of hoop earrings.

Little girl with bow tie dress

Brands that Specialize in Huggies Earrings

Each of these brands brings their own unique style and approach to Huggies earrings. So, you can explore their collections to find the perfect pair that suits your individual taste and preferences.


 Mejuri is a popular direct-to-consumer jewelry brand known for its modern and minimalist designs. 

They offer a variety of Huggies earrings in different sizes and materials, such as gold vermeil, sterling silver, and solid gold. 

Mejuri’s Huggies earrings are often designed to be versatile and can be worn alone or layered with other earrings.

 Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is a British luxury jewelry brand that is recognized for its contemporary yet timeless designs. 

The brand offers Huggies earrings in various finishes, including sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold vermeil. 

Their Huggies earrings often feature delicate details and can be adorned with gemstones for added elegance.

Girl in pink and black

Anna Beck

Anna Beck is a jewelry brand known for its handcrafted designs that are inspired by traditional Balinese techniques. 

Their Huggies earrings often showcase intricate metalwork and are available in sterling silver and gold vermeil. 

Anna Beck’s Huggies earrings are characterized by their artisanal quality and unique embellishments.


Gorjana is a California-based jewelry brand that focuses on creating versatile, everyday pieces with a laid-back, bohemian aesthetic. 

The brand offers a selection of Huggies earrings in gold and silver finishes, often featuring simple, understated designs that are perfect for everyday wear.

Girl dancing

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is a well-known jewelry brand that offers a wide range of fashion-forward designs. 

Their Huggies earrings are available in various metals, including gold, rose gold, and rhodium. They often incorporate colorful gemstones and intricate patterns.

 Kendra Scott’s Huggies earrings are designed to make a statement while maintaining a sense of effortless elegance.

Shop My Favorite Huggies Earrings

Take a look at some of my favorites and how to wear Huggies earrings:

Huggies Earrings: What Are They & How To Wear Them Round Up

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Gift Guide

The Best 12 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas She’ll Love

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KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera
Satin Pillowcase
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Satin Pajamas Set
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Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal
Winky Lux Glimmer Balm
Silky Satin Big Bow Hair Barrette
Dabble & Dollop Bath Bombs
TikTok Remote Control
Custom Name Necklace
Laneige Lip Mask

Tween girls can be difficult to shop for. If you are looking for the best 12 year old girl gift ideas she’ll love, you’ll find plenty of options here. You may even find something for yourself!

This post may contain affiliate links.

Girl dancing

The Best 12 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas She’ll Love

It’s not lost on me that my little kids are getting older. With easy passing year, we are getting closer to having full fledged teenagers. For now, my two tweens are still talking to me, still saying “I love you”, and still think I’m actually “cool.”

Whether you’re the mom of tween girls or have other family members or friends who have tweens, you’ll know that finding the perfect gift for them can be difficult.

gift box with bow

The Tween Years

The tween years are surprisingly a great season of life. Tweens aren’t considered a young adult, but at the same time they want more space and independence.

They crave to have cell phones, social media, screen time, and all that comes with a digital world. Yet, they still find themselves playing with their toys from being little girls.

I honestly have love this stage of life. However, it certainly comes with some challenges.

Girl at the beach

I have a wide age range of kids. From 4 years old to almost 12 years old. The developmental stage that my older kids are at is completely different from my younger two.

I am always looking at ways to keep my middle-school age kids engaged with the whole family, but still allow them to have some great options at establishing a bit more independence.

Whether your 12 year-old-girl is into the latests trends or would like a more practical gift, you’ll find everything in this list of gifts to help you choose the best gifts for her.

Christmas tree flocked

The Best 12 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas – My Picks!

Last year was the first year I noticed that my oldest daughter started to really clue in on caring less about toys and more about the latest fashion trends.

I can’t believe that instead of asking for a new plush toy, she’d rather have Taylor Swift bracelets and Ugg slippers.

Girl in pink and black

When this switch happens, it is sudden. Instead of having a hard time with the change, I’m embracing it. It’s been fun watching her grow into a teen girl and develop her own style.

So if you are mourning that young age group, I promise you it’s not all hormones and sass.

You may not need a toy insider anymore. Instead, this gift guide will help you find the right gift for that 12 year old girl in your life.

The Best 12 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas She'll Love Round Up

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Other Gift Guides

If you are looking for other gift ideas, make sure you check out my other gift guides. There are great gift ideas for the whole family. You may even find something off of your own wish list!



Free Printable Moving Excel Checklist

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QR Code Smart Labels
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Brown Paper
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Moving Bags
Bubble Wrap
Padded Moving Blankets
Moving Labels
Packing Tape
Protective Art Storage Bag

Are you gearing up for a successful move to your new home? Let us help you with a free printable moving Excel checklist to ensure that every small task is accounted for every step of the way.

This post may contain affiliate links.

grand millennial girl room rattan swing

Free Printable Moving Excel Checklist

In case you missed it, Arin Solange is moving to South Carolina!  While our move won’t actually take place until the summer, we do need to physically move all of our belongings by the end of this month! 

Because this move is a cross-country move, we plan on taking only what we really need. This is the best way to avoid moving large items that may not travel well or fit in our new home.  As a result, a lot of our larger items will be sold. 

hearth room

We are being very intentional with what we choose to keep. Still, with four kids and a dog, we have a lot to keep track of. 

As you all know, I love staying organized.  I’m even more grateful now for my organizational skills since this will be the key to a smooth transition. 

This isn’t my first rodeo as I have moved three times before. But, when moving hundreds of miles away, I don’t want to overlook anything. That’s why I’ll be using this thorough moving checklist so I hopefully don’t miss anything.

antique gold mirror in master bedroom

Why Use a Moving Checklist?

A moving checklist keeps track of all the important things, giving you peace of mind. It ensures you don’t forget critical functions like updating your new address, arranging for a moving permit, or securing a security deposit.

Free Printable Moving Checklist: What’s Included?

The free printable moving checklist includes pre-move preparation activities, such as hiring a moving company or scheduling a garage sale for unwanted items. It reminds you to keep track of necessary changes to documents. 

It also includes what to keep in mind on the day of the move. These include a list of items like a change of clothes and essential toiletries to keep with you.

 Lastly, it includes post-move actions, including tasks like notifying the post office of your change of address.

mudroom cabinets

The Checklist

Here’s an overview of the sections of the checklist and what each contains.

Before The Move

  • Research moving companies and secure a moving company.
  • Download your free printable moving checklist using the provided download link.
  • Begin sorting items for a garage sale or donation.

Important Preparations

  • Fill out any required application forms for your new place.
  • Secure a moving permit if needed.
  • Notify your real estate agent or landlord of the move date.
  • Schedule renewable electricity commitment for the new location.
boys blue bedroom

Packing Essentials

  • Start with a change of clothes and essential items for the first night.
  • Use the checklist to track packing of each room.
  • Label boxes with contents and room destination for the new house.

On Moving Day

  • Confirm with the moving company the time of arrival.
  • Keep a copy of the moving checklist on hand to check off completed tasks.
  • Ensure you have your new keys and important documents easily accessible.

After The Move

  • Update your address with the post office, banks, and other important contacts.
  • Go through the checklist to ensure all tasks are completed.
  •  Make appropriate changes to your home to suit your needs.
boys room with modern touches

Settling In

  • Unpack essential items first, such as bedding, toiletries, and a change of clothes.
  • Arrange your new living space to have the essentials easily accessible for regular sessions of unpacking.
  • Use the moving checklist to organize the setup of critical areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Updating Information

  • Update your contact information with your employer, banks, and subscription services.
  • Notify friends and family of your new address to maintain your social connections and ensure you receive mail.

Making It Feel Like Home

  • Host a small gathering to celebrate your new place with friends and family.
  • Personalize your new home by hanging pictures or adding decorative touches that reflect your style.
  • Use the peace of mind that comes with a completed checklist to relax and enjoy your new surroundings.
blue grandmillennial playroom

Final Steps

  • Provide feedback to your moving company and professional movers to help them improve their service.
  • Next, review your free printable moving checklist one last time to confirm all necessary changes have been made.
  • Finally, once settled, consider leaving a review for the moving checklist templates to assist others in their moving process.

Download Your Moving Checklist

First, you should download this essential tool when you find yourself moving! The whole process takes time, but with this checklist, you’ll find it manageable in steps.

Free Printable Moving Excel Checklist Baby in box

Download Your Free Moving Excel Checklist

Shop My Favorite Packing Products

Lastly, make sure you check out some of my favorite products to help you pack for your upcoming move.

Free Printable Moving Excel Checklist and packing supplies round up

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The Best Florida Gulf Coast Family Vacation Spots

Shop the Post
Solar Buddies Refillable Roll On Sponge Applicator
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SANDSCREEN Sand Removal Bag
Wet Bags 2 Pack Waterproof
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Portable Picnic Table with Wine Glass Holder
Collapsible Rectangular Handy Basket
Silicone Dish Brush
Beach Cabana
Tiny and Portable Air Pump
Picnic Blanket Waterproof Foldable
4-Gear Adjustable Folding Rattan Floor Chair
Portable Ceiling Fan Mini USB Tent Fans
Small Portable Travel Cooler Bag
Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you’re in search of sun-soaked beaches, exciting attractions, and unforgettable family adventures, look no further. The best Florida Gulf Coast family vacation spots are teeming with hidden gems and well-known destinations that cater to families of all sizes and ages.

This post may contain affiliate links.

family at the beach

The Best Florida Gulf Coast Family Vacation Spots

With spring break and summer vacation coming up, now is a great time to start planning your trips.

 My husband and I used to live in Destin, Florida. We loved it so much we got married there. Our newlywed days were spent on the pristine white beaches of Destin. 

It’s always a favorite spot of ours to go back to and visit on our family vacations. We visit 30A frequently and have stayed in multiple towns along the Gulf Coast of 30A. 

Let’s explore the top picks for a memorable and enjoyable family getaway along the stunning Florida Gulf Coast.

The Best Florida Gulf Coast Family Vacation Spots with white sand and crystal clear water

Factors To Consider For The Best Florida Gulf Coast Family Vacation Spots

When planning a family vacation to the Florida Gulf Coast, there are several factors to consider to ensure that your trip is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

The region is known for its stunning beaches, warm waters, and family-friendly attractions, but choosing the right spot can make all the difference. 

Here are some key considerations to help you pick the perfect Florida Gulf Coast destination for your family.

Mom and daughter

Beach Safety & Accessibility

First, you’ll want to look at the safety and accessibility of the beaches. It should be a top priority, especially when traveling with children. 

Look for destinations with lifeguard-protected beaches and gentle waves that are suitable for young swimmers. 

Additionally, consider beaches with easy access, ample parking, restrooms, and showers for convenience.

girl at the beach

Accommodation Options

Next, you should look at accommodations. Your choice of accommodation can greatly affect your vacation experience. 

The Gulf Coast offers a range of options, from resorts with kid-friendly pools and activities to vacation rentals that provide a home-like setting. 

When traveling with family, look for accommodations that offer kitchen facilities, which can be economical and convenient for preparing meals. You will also want enough space to comfortably fit everyone.

kids playing in sand at the beach

Local Attractions & Activities

Additionally, consider what each location has to offer in terms of attractions and activities. 

Some Gulf Coast destinations are near theme parks, nature reserves, or historical sites.  Other locations are more secluded and focused on the beach experience. 

Find a spot that has a balance of activities that will appeal to all ages in your family, such as boat tours, museums, fishing, or paddle-boarding.

Ideally, you go to the Gulf Coast to spend time outdoors, but mother nature can throw a wrench in those plans. So, it is important to consider options in the case of rain.

Little girl at the beach

Dining Options

Undeniably, families need a variety of dining options to accommodate different tastes and dietary needs. Look for vacation spots with a range of restaurants, from casual eateries to fine dining. 

Additionally, availability of grocery stores or markets can be important if you prefer to cook some meals at your accommodation. This is a great way to save on costs. You don’t need to cook a four course meal. A fun DIY pizza night is always a big hit with kids!

Boy playing golf in Gulf Coast


Chiefly, your budget will be an important factor for you. The Florida Gulf Coast can cater to a wide range of budgets. It’s important to find a spot that aligns with yours. 

Consider the cost of travel, accommodations, dining, and activities in the area.

 Some destinations may offer more value with package deals, discounts for attractions, or free community events that can be enjoyable for the whole family.

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Proximity To Major Cities Or Airports

Depending on how you plan to travel, the proximity to major cities or airports can be important.

If you’re flying, a destination with a nearby airport can make travel less stressful. 

If you’re driving, you may want a location that is not too far from a major city, providing easy access to medical facilities, shopping, and other urban conveniences.

Personally, our family generally drives from our home in St. Louis to 30A. However, the trip can take anywhere from 11 to 13 hours depending on traffic and stops. If you are doing a long distance trip, make sure to check out my hacks for traveling with toddlers.

You’ll want to do what is right for your family’s needs and your budget. 

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 Season & Weather

With all of the above in mind, don’t forget to take into account the season. The time of year you plan to visit can affect both the weather and the crowd levels. 

Some Gulf Coast spots are busier during peak season, which typically runs from late spring to early fall. 

Consider visiting during shoulder season for fewer crowds and potentially lower prices. 

You’ll want to check the weather forecasts prior to your trip as the Gulf Coast can be prone to hurricanes or tropical storms during certain times of the year.

While Fall is my absolute favorite time to visit, there is more of a risk due to hurricane season. Summer, on the other hand, tends to be way busier and extremely hot.

The Best Florida Gulf Coast Family Vacation Spots on a stormy day

Unique Features

Overall, each Gulf Coast destination has its own unique charm and features. Whether it’s the historic streets of St. Augustine, the arts scene in Sarasota, or the wildlife in Sanibel Island, look for a location that offers something special that your family will appreciate and remember for years to come.

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Discovering The Charm Of Florida’s Gulf Coast: The Ultimate Family Vacation Guide

Florida’s Gulf Coast is a treasure trove of destinations offering the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and family fun. 

With its beautiful clear waters and some of the best beaches in the United States, the Gulf Coast is a great place for a family vacation. 

From the white sand beaches of the Emerald Coast to the cultural vibrancy of Tampa Bay, let’s explore some of the best places to stay, eat, and play along this sun-soaked shoreline.

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Clearwater is a popular destination famed for its gorgeous beaches and family-friendly atmosphere. This 3 mile stretch of beach is located in the Tampa Bay area and is known as holding the record for consecutive sunny days (768). 

If you are looking for a beach town with a large city nearby, this is a great location for you! 


The Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort is a luxury option with spacious guest rooms, water slides, a lazy river, and tennis courts. 

Families will enjoy Sandpearl Resort. As the name suggests, it is located on the beach surrounded by all the action that Clearwater has to offer. Kids can enjoy the kid’s club, while parent’s dine out or lounge in the lagoon-style pool.

Alternatively, you can find fun Airbnbs within walking distance to the beach.

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Airport & Travel

Many people love visiting Clearwater for the ease of travel. There are two major airports nearby: St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport and Tampa International Airport.

Depending on your location, driving is always a possibility, but you’ll need to drive midway through Florida to reach this fun destination.


Dine at local restaurants serving fresh seafood, or enjoy an ice cream while strolling along the beach. 

If you are looking for a fun open-air restaurant on the beach, you’ll want to check out Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill. Locals love Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill & Bar for the amazing sunsets and great atmosphere.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

Things to do include visiting the nearby Clearwater Marine Aquarium or enjoying live music at Pier 60. 

Being that the Philadelphia Phillies do spring training in Clearwater, this is a great spot for baseball fans.

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Siesta Key

Next, Siesta Key, known for its fine, white sand beaches, is a perfect place for the entire family. Siesta Key, named the second best beach in the US, has many great features that makes this beach a great getaway.


Siesta Key is known for having great beach parking. So if you don’t get a place directly on the beach, you’ll still have plenty of access to get to the beach. There is also a free trolley that takes visitors up and down the island! 

The area boasts a range of family-friendly resorts with easy access to the beach. Known as a 4 star hotel, The Resort At Longboat Key Club has all the amenities you could want for a beach stay. 

The Capri At Siesta is a beach boutique hotel with only 10 rooms. If you want privacy, you’ll love the private beach access to Crescent Beach only steps away.

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Airport & Travel

Whether you want to drive or fly, you can easily get to Siesta Key. There are 4 major airports all within 90 miles.

Sarasota Braden International Airport is only 10 miles away. Tampa International Airport, St. Pete Clearwater International Airport, and Southwest Florida International Airport are also options.


The Cottage is located in the heart of Siesta Key Village. It has a fun tropical atmosphere that serves upscale seafood with an Asian influence. 
Siesta Key Oyster Bar is a must-visit when you are in the area. Known by the locals as “SKOB”, you’ll enjoy live music in a laid back environment.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

With lots of beaches surrounding Siesta Key, there are tons of fun water activities. Parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and dolphin tours are all great ways to see the beautiful scenery. 

Enjoy the Siesta Key Village with shops and restaurants. Or, check out the drum circle at sunset on Siesta Beach every Sunday!

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Sanibel & Captiva Island

Sanibel Island and its neighbor Captiva Island are barrier islands that offer a tranquil escape on the Gulf of Mexico. With over 40 miles of beaches you’ll have lots of opportunities to make oceanside memories with the family.


The South Seas Island Resort  on Captiva Island is an excellent place for a family vacation with its nature trails, water park, and picnic tables.

‘Tween Waters Island Resort And Spa is a great choice for families to stay. The property boasts cottages and 6 different buildings of guest suites and rooms. You’ll also find a spa, gym, tennis courts, a marina, shops, restaurants, and more! With so much to offer, you won’t need to leave the property.

Airport & Travel

The closest airport to Sanibel and Captiva Island is The Southwest Florida International Airport. Located in Fort Myers the airport is 28 miles away and a 40 minute car ride.

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Both islands host a variety of local restaurants with options for every palate.

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grill has outstanding seafood. If you’re looking for a French restaurant, Bleu Rendezvous French Bistro is a reservations-only spot perfect for a date night. You’ll want to leave the kids at home for this spot as they don’t offer any kid’s menus.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

Sanibel is known for its miles of beaches and is a great place for shell collecting. 

It is also home to the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge has the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem filled with tons of migratory birds.

Overall, Sanibel and Captiva Island are known for a low key beach vacation. You’ll want to make sure you check the weather before you go to really enjoy all the islands have to offer.

Marco Island

Marco Island is the largest of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands. It offers a mix of relaxation and outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy as it has beautiful beaches, a tropical climate, and abundant wildlife.


The JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort is a luxurious resort that offers everything you could ever want in a beach vacation.  The Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa is another great option that provides suite options for families with a beach front view.

Airport & Travel

The closest major airport is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers, about 50 minutes from Marco Island. Another option is to fly into Naples Municipal Airport, a 30-minute drive from the island.

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If you’re looking for upscale Italian dining, check out Sale e Pepe. For casual waterfront dining and live music, Snook Inn is the place to go. 
The Oyster Society is another popular spot that is known for their exquisite seafood dishes.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

To learn about the island’s history, consider visiting the Marco Island Historical Museum. Another exciting place to visit would be the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

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St. Pete Beach &  Tampa Bay

St. Pete Beach and the Tampa Bay Area offer a combination of beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and vibrant culinary scenes.


In St. Pete Beach, the Don CeSar offers luxury seaside retreats.  Other great beach side options include, The TradeWinds Island Grand Resort and The Sirata Beach Resort.

If you are looking to stay in the Tampa Bay Area make sure to check out The Tampa Marriott Water Street.  This hotel offers the best of the beach and the city. You’ll be close by the Tampa Riverwalk, Florida Aquarium, Amalie Arena, and Sparkman Wharf.   

For a strictly city vibe, The Epicurean Hotel in the SoHo district is the place to be. You’ll be surrounded by city lights and a vibrant nightlife.

The bay in Sandestin

Airport & Travel

The closest major airport to St. Pete Beach and the Tampa Bay area is Tampa International Airport (TPA), approximately 30 minutes away from St. Pete Beach. Another option is flying into St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) and driving 40 minutes to the beach.


If you want a rooftop dining experience in St. Pete Beach, the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant is the place to go. Other great places include Snapper’s Sea Grill for upscale dining and The Toasted Monkey Beach Bar for a casual beachfront atmosphere. 

Bern’s Steak House makes for a wonderful fine dining experience in the Tampa Bay area. If you’re looking for a great date night and innovative cuisine, check out Ulele. If you want amazing food and culture,The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City is known for its Spanish and Cuban-inspired food.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

Activities in St. Pete Beach include the historic Corey Avenue district, known for its shops, galleries, and street festivals. 

In Tampa Bay, you’ll find the Tampa Museum of Art, the Florida Aquarium, and the historic Tampa Theatre. The Tampa Riverwalk is a great spot to enjoy outdoor activities.

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Panama City Beach & The  Florida Panhandle

Panama City Beach and the Florida Panhandle offer a stretch of the Emerald Coast known for its clear, emerald-green waters and miles of beaches.


The Florida Panhandle is a great place to explore small beach towns.  Well known cities include Panama City Beach and Destin, but you’ll find great places to stay all along 30A.

Whether you decide to rent a vacation house or stay in a resort is up to you.

A great place to stay in Panama City is Bluegreen’s Bayside Resort & Spa

One of my personal favorite places to stay is WaterColor Inn & Resort in nearby Santa Rosa Beach.It has everything on the property with beach access and a private beach pool. I also love that it is close to Seaside, a cute town along 30A. 
Other notable options along the Panhandle include The Henderson Beach Resort in Destin and the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Miramar Beach.

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Airport & Travel

Visitors to the Florida panhandle can fly into Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) for access to Panama City Beach and surrounding areas. Additionally, Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS) and Pensacola International Airport (PNS) serve the region. ECP is located approximately 20 minutes from the beach.


Panama City Beach boasts Firefly, known for its upscale Southern cuisine, Captain Anderson’s Restaurant known for its fresh seafood, and Pineapple Willy’s known for its beachfront dining and live music. 

Along the Florida panhandle, The Red Bar in Grayton Beach, Bud and Alley’s in Seaside, and the Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House in Destin, are delicious spots to dine.
Locals rave over Down Island Gulf Seafood Restaurant and Stinky’s Fish Camp, both in Santa Rosa Beach.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

In Panama City Beach, you can visit attractions such as Gulf World Marine Park, Shipwreck Island Waterpark, and the Russell-Fields Pier for fishing and scenic views. Also consider enjoying eco-tours, dolphin-watching cruises, and exploring nearby state parks such as St. Andrews State Park.  

In the broader Florida panhandle, enjoy exploring the charming communities along scenic Highway 30A, my family’s favorite spot. The village of Seaside is an adorable spot known for its unique architecture and tons of open markets.

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Fort Myers Beach & Bonita Springs

Located on the southwest coast of Florida, Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Springs offer beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and a relaxed coastal atmosphere.


If you are looking for family-friendly resorts,  the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina boasts a water park and easy access to the beach.

In Bonita Springs, a short drive away, the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort offers a sprawling complex with multiple pools, water slides, and a lazy river.

Airport & Travel

The closest major airport to Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Springs is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), located approximately 30 minutes from the beach.

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Bonita Springs offers Angelina’s Ristorante for fine Italian cuisine, Coconut Jack’s Waterfront Grille for fresh seafood, and DeRomo’s Gourmet Market & Restaurant for a variety of cuisines. 
In Fort Myers, Nervous Nellie’s offer a fun atmosphere with a casual fare. Matanzas on the Bay is known for their tropical cocktails and breathtaking views.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

Some sights to see in Fort Myers Beach include Lovers Key State Park. 

In Bonita Springs, you can visit the Everglades Wonder Gardens, Bonita Beach Park and Barefoot Beach Preserve.

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Amelia Island and Anna Maria Island

Amelia Island offers a blend of history and natural beauty, making it a great place for a family vacation.


Accommodations on Amelia Island range from luxurious resorts to family friendly rental homes.

If you are looking for a getaway with no expense spared, The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island and The Omni Amelia Island Resort are options that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

On Anna Maria Island, Waterline Villas & Marina and Anna Maria Island Beach Resort both offer breathtaking views to the Gulf of Mexico.

Airport & Travel

The closest major airport to Amelia Island is Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). The drive is approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic.

The closest major airport to Anna Maria Island is Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ), also about a 30-40 minute drive.


Amelia Island provides popular restaurant options such as Salt Life Food Shack, Espana Restaurant & Tapas, and Joe’s 2nd Street Bistro.
On Anna Maria Island, you will find amazing spots like The Sandbar Restaurant, The Waterfront Restaurant, and Rod & Reel Pier.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

Visitors to Amelia Island can explore historic sites like Fort Clinch State Park and the Amelia Island Museum of History, relax on the beaches, go horseback riding on the shore with Kelly Seahorse Ranch, or take a scenic river cruise with Amelia River Cruises.

Some fun things to do on Anna Maria Island include exploring the local shops and art galleries in the charming town of Anna Maria and taking a scenic boat tour with Paradise Boat Tours.


Naples is renowned for its beautiful beaches, upscale shopping and dining, world-class golf courses, and stunning sunsets. It’s also known for its arts and culture scene, with galleries and theaters contributing to the city’s vibrant cultural landscape.


Naples offers a wide range of accommodations, including luxury beachfront resorts, boutique hotels, and vacation rentals. Notable options include The Ritz-Carlton, Naples Grande Beach Resort, and Inn on Fifth.

Airport & Travel

The closest major airport to Naples is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers. The drive from RSW to Naples takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic.


Naples boasts a diverse culinary scene, with a focus on fresh seafood and international cuisine. Popular restaurants include The Turtle Club, The Bay House, and The Continental.

Activities & Fun Things To Do

Visitors to Naples can enjoy activities such as relaxing on the pristine beaches, exploring the Naples Botanical Garden, taking a sunset cruise from Tin City, visiting the Naples Pier, or exploring the upscale shopping and dining district of Fifth Avenue South.

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