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Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

Sweet Avé just turned 5, so I put up my gift guide for 5 year old girls a few weeks ago, but realized I didn’t have one for 5 year old boys from when Jack was this age.  So if you are looking for theist gifts for 5 year old boys, I have rounded them all up in one place.  

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I always to try to find some unique finds, as well as some great options that all kids love.  Check out this post below and just click on the image to shop.  Hopefully whatever the boy in your life loves you will find something he will just love!


Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

  1. Lego Backpack – I always think that mixing in a couple of useful gifts is great for kids on birthdays and holidays.  Finding ways to still wow them isn’t always easy, but most boys would freak over this backpack!
  2. Scooter – my kids all have these and they have used them and will continue to use them for years.
  3. Cub Coat Jacket – I am fairly certain all of my kids would love this.  Extra bonus if you’re traveling.
  4. Bug and Critter kit – both of my boys love this kind of thing
  5. Magnetic Dart Board
  6. Fire Hose backpack – How fun is this?
  7. Affordable Kids Ear buds – These are a fun way to make your kid feel like they have the adult version.
  8. Bike – this comes in several color options and size options.
  9. Dino Dig Kit – my 7 year old got a similar item for his birthday and loved it.
  10. Dino Head for Scooter – I think this will be a gift for one of my boys this year.  Such a fun item for their scooter
  11. Ball Catching Game
  12. Soccer Game
  13. These little drawing boards are one of our favorite items – think a way better version of a magna doodle
  14. Ipad Case – if you have kids with iPads this case is awesome.  I got both my older two these cases for their iPads for their birthdays.
  15. Building kit
  16. Puzzle
  17. Dinosaur trucks – I think basically all boys would love  these
  18. These little magnet ball builders are so fun and cool.  They would be great for restaurants and such too.
  19. Lego Kit
  20. Jumping thing – my kids have this and they are all obsessed with it!

Hopefully this gave you some great ideas.  Before you leave, make sure you check out some other gift guides below.

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best gifts for 5 year old boys

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    December 2, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    This is such a great list! My son is five and is obsessed with all things LEGO. He got a similar Dino Dig kit for Christmas last year and has been hoping it will show up under he tree again this year. It’s definitely a fun and different activity that keeps kiddos busy (I found they were great for him to do while I was prepping dinner or trying to knock out a little work on an extra busy workday). Thank you for putting these back gift guides together! They have all been so helpful!!

    • Reply
      December 2, 2019 at 8:33 pm

      Oh thank you so much!! I love hearing these are helpful and you are loving the items!!

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