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Hostess Gifts Perfect For Everyone

Finding the perfect Hostess gifts can be really daunting. I wanted to round up some great options in every price point today for you to have on hand and be ready to take to your next social gathering.

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The Perfect Hostess Gifts

Whether you are talking holiday season, or any other time of the year, hostess gifts can be really daunting. Depending on the situation, sometimes it is something you want to have on hand in bulk and ready to go, and other times you want to grab something special and specific.

This round up shares a bit of both of those – I also talk about some fun ways you can add to the gifts themselves to make them more personal so be sure to check them out.

Given the current nature of the world and the lack of ‘hosting’ that is happening, these are wonderful drop on the porch gifts to lift peoples spirits, so there is always a great time to gift and share love and joy.

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Other Gift Guides

Because I am sure you are shopping for more than the perfect hostess gift this year, be sure to check out the rest of my gift guides below. It is an easy to navigate page with tons of great gift guides for everyone you know.


Now onto the gift guide – just find the number you loved and shop away.

Best hostess gifts round up

Shop the Best Hostess Gifts

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  1. Monogram mug – adorable and a great gift for just about everyone
  2. Wine bottle & glass holder – how fun is this?! Wine bottle and glasses not included so pick our your favorite bottle, grab some glasses (see #12) and throw a bow on it, done!
  3. Cheese knives set – another great addition to a gift – grab your host a great cheese or assortment of cheese and get them these knives as something that lasts.
  4. Animal planter – This planter is so unique and fun – add a great plant and you have the perfect gift
  5. Cocktail shaker set – perfect if your host isn’t a big wine fan. I would add a bottle of their favorite liquor.
  6. Silicone hat stopper – ADORABLE, everyone I know is getting these this year. I am going to add them to a bottle of wine and call it good. This is one of those great options to buy in bulk and have on hand to add to the wine that is easy to get last minute.
  7. Cheese board – a great option that includes cheese knives. Again – maybe grab some great cheese and meat.
  8. Soap – everyone needs more soap this year. EVERYONE. – This is a wonderful bulk item you can have on hand.
  9. Cactus diffuser
  10. Ceramic pitcher – love this gift, be sure to fill it with your favorite flowers!
  11. Tea towels
  12. Wine glasses – if your host likes wine, they need these. Pair with their favorite bottle of wine.
  13. Slate cheese board – includes dustless chalk, knife set and removable handles. Again pair with cheese and it will be perfect.
  14. Gold pitcher
  15. Candles – this is a wonderful pack of candles for a great price. Add one to each hostess gift.

Did you find items you hadn’t thought of before? I know I would LOVE all of these.

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Hopefully this blog post found you a great hostess gift and you feel ready for all of your social events to come. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) for more ideas and leave a comment below with any questions .

Best hostess gifts round up

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