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Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

It is gift guide season – so today I am rounding up the best gifts for 7 year old girls! If you are new to these guides – they are updated frequently and full of unique and fun items that have been tested and asked of other kids and moms!

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little girl in Serena and lily hanging chair

Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

Gift guides are so fun for me! I love holidays and birthdays and spend so much time finding the perfect gifts for my kids and friends kids, so sharing that info with all of you has been such a fun part of this job.

My goal with these gift guides is always to share items on the guide from many different areas. Pick and choose or send them to family to get your sweet 7 year old everything she wants and needs.

best gifts for 7 year old girls

My Rule of Thumb on the Best Gifts

When I am creating these gift guides I always try to incorporate a bit of the same items.  Always a book or two, some inside toys, some outside toys, sometimes a bath toy, and some shoes or clothes.

Other Gift Guides

If you enjoy this gift guide, know that I have a whole page that is easy to shop full of the rest of my gift guides for your family. Check it out below.


Now to shop what you came here to shop! Simply find the item number below the photo to shop!

best gifts for  year old girls

Shop Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls Below

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  1. Glittery bow – these bows are GORGEOUS and I know my daughter would love them. I love that this one has nods to Frozen.
  2. Tamagotchi – these are back and I am here for it.
  3. Ugg boots – To me Ugg boots or slippers are a great splurge gift for a little girl
  4. Colored Pencil set
  5. Doodle board – my kids all have these and they are so fun for travel or in the car without using technology
  6. Scratch off masks – my kids all LOVE these
  7. Gem Sidewalk chalk
  8. Stickers – this pack of stickers to decorate water bottles, iPad cases and so on is so fun for little girls
  9. Paint by stickers – an amazing stocking stuffer idea. My kids all have these and they are great for filling time.
  10. Bean Bag chair
  11. Jewelry Box
  12. Electric scooter – this one has really great safety features and doesn’t go very fast.
  13. Donut Helmet
  14. Human body puzzle
  15. Bracelet – these are the cutest bracelets – my daughters both love them.
  16. Poloroid camera – My kids have these and honestly they are the best gifts
  17. Sparkly goggles – this is definitely going to be a gift for my Avé this year.
  18. Microphone – if you don’t have this yet – GET IT. It is so fun for everyone in the family.
  19. Rainbow Purse
little girl on Madsen cycle

Pin the Image Below for Later

Hopefully this helped you find the best gifts for 7 year old girls and you were able to find exactly what you were looking for. Don’t forget to pin the image below to find this gift guide later and follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) to see more great gifting ideas!

best gifts for year old girls

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