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Two Year Old Girl Gift Guide

In the spirit of Walker turning 2 next week I have gone ahead and put together a two year old girl gift guide to follow up the boy guide from earlier this week.  If last years guides told me anything it was that you guys wanted to see what to get everyone!  When I do these gift guides I try my best to find more unique items that you won’t just happen upon on the Target shelves, but that I know my kids would love.  If you are new around here, I am a mom of 3 little ones (almost 4), so I try to add items I know my 3 would have enjoyed at this age!

If you are looking for ideas for a boy, check out the boy gift guide, and be sure to check out some past gift guides that you might like for your 2 year old girl at the end!

Alos, for a fun 2nd birthday theme, check out this “TWO BALLER’ birthday party post!

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Two Year Old Girl Gift Guide


Two Year Old Girl Gift Guide

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  1. Play Piano
  2. Jelly Purse – I swear toddlers love bags and to collect things!
  3. The unicorn version of Rody Horse!
  4. The Sound of Magic Cinderella Book
  5. Play Broom Set
  6. Toddler Backpack – SO CUTE
  7. Play TableThis play table is from IKEA  (if you can get to an Ikea buy from there because it is MUCH less expensive!) but if you can’t get to one, I linked it on Amazon.  You put small sensory bins or coloring bins below the top.  I plan to get one for my son for a sensory table!
  8. Pink Toddler Guitar
  9. Princesses Wear Pants Book
  10. Wooden Blocks – my kids all LOVE wooden blocks
  11. Bubble Machine – best mom hack EVER
  12. Wooden Doll stroller
  13. Scooter for ages 2-5 – my kids all have these and they are so great!
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Magnets – my kids have all loved magnets around this age
  16. Purse – this remains my 4 year olds favorite purse
  17. Play Ice-cream set – perfect for the play kitchen
  18. Balance bike – this one is basically the cutest bike on the planet
  19. Helmet
  20. Play Kitchen – this is a super affordable option that is soooo cute.
  21. Coco Chanel Book
  22. Cutest Toddler Slide

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