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What to Buy a Baby Girl for Christmas

I have already done a baby girl gift guide, but because I know babies are so fun to shop for, and I keep getting asked what to buy a baby girl for Christmas, I thought I would round up some more finds that are geared more towards little babies!  

This post contains affiliate links – post updated in October 2022

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Baby Girl Gift Guide

When it comes to shopping for a baby the things I tend to go for are either: fun and whimsical (i.e. not as practical so mom and dad might not buy them, or you might not buy them if it weren’t. holiday) or higher end useful.  

Useful is always the most important thing, but sometimes you can justify the 20 dollar fun, pretty shape sorter for Christmas, where if you were just grabbing it on your Target run you would likely grab the cheapest available!

baby girl with slumberkins sloth

I am a mom to 4 and two of those babies are girls, so I have had my fair share of baby girl gifts to buy – this post is updated frequently to find new fun items!

Gifts for the Rest of your Family

Gift guides have been something I have enjoyed doing for years, and to make things easier I have them all in one place for you to find.

If you are shopping for more of your family be sure to check out the link below for all gift guides!


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To Shop this gift guide

Simple click the number for the item you are interested in and it will take you directly to that page.  

I try my hardest to find the best items for you, that I would truly buy my kids, so some of them simply aren’t affiliates…for those (or any others) you can just find the number below to shop!

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What to Buy a Baby Girl For Christmas

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  1. Bows – this is my go to time to grab new bows for my girls and put them in their stockings
  2. Cuddle and Kind dolls – one of my favorite brands and these are so well made.  Plus they go for a good cause!
  3. Obsessed with this blanket!
  4. This play table is gorgeous.  Highly considering it, knowing my kids would have played with this for so many years, and its pretty enough to leave out!
  5. Rainbow Mobile
  6. These are my favorite bath toys!
  7. Pink Moccasins
  8. Name puzzle – this always a best seller
  9. Obsessed with this moon stroller – I think it could probably sort of work as a walker toy too!
  10. Activity Seat – this is both cute and functional. When you can’t hold your baby and make dinner, you can put this seat in a safe spot and they can enjoy their own cooking show staring mom!
  11. Teether
  12. Pacifier Clip 
  13. This 3 in 1 rider – perfect for the little one who hates their stroller!
  14. Bath caddy – this has been a huge hit this year. It adjusts to the width of your tub and drains the toys for easy clean up!
  15. Baby Playmat
  16. A nicer brand take along blanket
  17. Jumper – this will be under the tree for Goldie for sure
  18. Cute Swaddle blanket
  19. We have this toy all four of my kids love it!
  20. Rainbow rattle – LOVE this
  21. These teethers are the cutest ones I have ever seen. I will for sure be doing them as stocking stuffers for Goldie
  22. Wooden Shape sorter
  23. Happy mat – use this for meal time or sensory play, or craft time!
  24. Slumberkins – hands down the best lovey/stuffed animals ever!! And if you’re short on shipping try, be sure to check Slumberkins on Amazon.
  25. Mold free silicone bath toys – mold is always a concern with bath toys, but the easy open design and material of these help alleviate that!
  26. Personalized basket
  27. Butterfly swaddle

Hopefully this gave you some great ideas of what to get your little this holiday season, and be sure you check out those other gift guides if you need more ideas!

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