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Here are a few of my favorite Amazon Kitchen Organization tools. I’ve been working on decluttering lately and these products help me keep my kitchen organized and tidy! They help me make sure everything has a place and makes cleaning up so much easier. These products truly help maximize my kitchen space.

Amazon Kitchen Favorites

1. Pot Lid Holder– This is an easy way to store all of the lids for your pots.

2. Long Drawer Organizers– These help keep your Tin Foil and Saran Wrap tidy and organized.

3. Bag Organizers– These work perfect to keep all the plastic baggies organized in your drawer.

4. Measuring Cup Magnets– These magnets work great to stick on the inside of your cabinet- keeping all your measuring tools handy!

5. Wire Hanging Bin– This hanging bin can help double your space by storing plates or cups.

6. Utensil Holder– I love this bamboo utensil holder because it can adjust to the exact size you need for your drawer.

7. Shelves– These stackable shelves help add more storage in your cabinets.

8. Knife Block– love this knife block holder and you can even take the insert out and put in a vase of your choosing.

9. Adhesive Bins– These bins work well for storing miscellaneous things and lids.

10. Tier Spice Organizer– This shelf fits right into your drawer and keeps your spices organized and handy.

11. Spice Jars– I love these bamboo-lid spice jars and they even come with a labeling system!

12. Expandable Bamboo Organizer– This bamboo organizer is perfect for storing reusable silicone bags and lids.

13. Peg Board Organizer– I use this peg board plate and cup organizer in my kids’ drawer, which is super simple to use and keeps everything looking nice !

14. Mug Holder– These work great to not only save space in your cabinets but to securely store all of your mugs.

14. Pot and Pan Holder– This holder works great for storing pots and pans.

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