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Soccer Must Haves for Cold Days

sports mom must haves

It’s finally starting to get colder which means the fall soccer season is upon us! It’s hard to believe that warm weather is over but these items help make the cold more bearable! I swapped out my spring/summer gear and now my bag is all set for the fall/winter season. All of these items are from Amazon and truly are a must for the upcoming colder weather.

Soccer Must Haves for Cold Days

1. Stanley Jug– This big Stanley jug is an absolute must have for games! Not only can the kids refill their water bottles but you can fill it with hot chocolate to drink during the game!

2. StoJoe Cup– This StoJoe cup is so perfect because it can collapse down which makes it so portable and perfect for my kids.

3. Rechargeable Hand Warmer– My kids and I love this rechargeable hand warmer!

4. Magnetic Hand Warmers– These rechargeable hand warmers work so well and double as a portable charger for your phone.

5. Refillable Bug Spray Container– These containers are so handy to keep bug spray in while on the go.

6. Milk Warmer– I love this portable milk warmer for making hot chocolate on-the-go!

7. Heated Chair– I love this heated chair for the colder weather.

8. Stanley Thermos– I love using this Stanley thermos to keep my warm beverages hot!

9. Umbrella– I love this umbrella because it is super compact and fits right in my bag. 

10. Portable Power Bank– This charger works great for charging any of our devices on-the-go or to charge my chair!

11. Heated Blanket– This heated blanket helps keep us warm on the cold days.

12. Bag– I love this bag because it not only is able to fit all my essentials but the bottom of it doubles as a cooler.

13. Neck Warmer– This neck warmer works great to help stay warm outside.

14. Pink Storage Bag– This pink bag is perfect for storing and organizing all the small items in my bag. 

15. Trash Bags– These bag work great for collecting trash or holding dirty cleats.

16. Collapsible Chair– This chair one of my favorites because it is not only super comfortable but can collapsible and fit into your bag. 

17. Magic Towel– These magic towels are perfect for cleaning messy hands fast!

18. Blanket– I love using this blanket for my kids to sit on during the game. 

19. Portable Chargers– These chargers are so handy for charging multiple different devices.

20. Bleacher Seat Warmer– I love this seat warmer to put on my chair or for whenever I have to sit on cold bleachers! 

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