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Two Year Old Boy Gift Guide

It’s breaking my heart a little bit that it’s time to round up another gift guide for my sweet little Walker.  He will be 2 in 2 weeks, and I have been working on a two year old boy gift guide to share all the items he either seems to be starting to love, or we are planning to buy him.  If you aren’t a regular blog reader, Walker is my 3rd, so this is my 2nd boy to turn two, and I am pretty particular on gifts for him, because I know how many items just sit in the corner for kids!  Hopefully you will love these unique items for your little man, and be sure to check out some other gift guides with great finds linked at the end!

Two year old Girl gift guide is linked here!

And to see the party we threw for Walker, check out this TWO BALLER second birthday party. 

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two year old boy gift guide


Two Year Old Boy Gift Guide

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  1. ABC Superhero Book – My boys both love this!
  2. Animal Figurines – If you follow me on Instagram then you know my kids have a full drawer of these at this point and all of them play with them regularly. (ages 2/4/6)
  3. Play Piano
  4. Play Broom Set – My kids love this!
  5. Play Guitar
  6. Toddler Backpack – Kind of a splurge, but I like cute backpacks haha
  7. Play TableThis play table is from IKEA  (if you can get to an Ikea buy from there because it is MUCH less expensive!) but if you can’t get to one, I linked it on Amazon.  You put small sensory bins or coloring bins below the top.  I plan to get one for my son for a sensory table!
  8. Wagon – my kids all have one.  The handle folds down for storage, and the kids all LOVE them.
  9. If Waffles Were Like Boys – my favorite book for my boys
  10. Play Grill set 
  11. Scooter for ages 2-5 – we got this exact one for my son for his birthday!
  12. Blocks – My kids all play with wood blocks regularly still
  13. HatSee them on my boys here.  I love them.
  14. Plasma Car – Everyone I know with this raves about it.
  15. Balance Bike – this is another item we are getting my son for his birthday.
  16. Helmet – I find that finding helmets I like for my kids is tricky, and I love this one.
  17. Play Kitchen  – This Kitchen is such a good price!
  18. 3 2 1  Blast Off Book 
  19. Toddler Slide 

I love that so many of these items are great looking so if they are sitting out you won’t mind, but they are still great items your two year old will love.  After you’re done shopping this two year old boy gift guide make sure to check out these posts below with more ideas!

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