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One Year Old Boy Gift Guide

Walker’s first birthday is right around the corner, as much as I hate to admit it – so a one year old gift guide needs to happen!   I need to start shopping for his presents and wanted to put together a gift guide while I’m at it.  

Once you’re done checking this guide out, be sure to check out my One-year-old GIRL guide! When I was thinking of items to add to my one-year-old boy gift guide I went with a mix of items Walker loves, stuff my older kids loved, and a few things I have had my eye on.

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mom pushing Bentley trike on sidewalk | One Year Old Boy Gift Guide

1 Year Old Boy Gift Guide

Walker is our third born – so I have done the first birthday thing 2 times prior – and we have a lot.  I feel like finding great ideas for your child, or other children for first birthdays can sometimes be tricky, so hopefully this round up is helpful.

I tend to think that as parents – if you are getting your child many gifts aim for gifts in several categories.  Think maybe a bath toy, a stuffed toy, traditional toy, and outdoor toy.  Not necessarily exactly that – but you get the point.

Finding fun ways to get them something new for different times and places is so helpful for you, but also so fun for them.

Some First Birthday Party Themes


Puppy Party – hands down my most popular party I have done

Popcorn and Pajamas

Beach Ball Party

one year old boy gift guide for first birthday |

One Year Old Boy Gift Guide

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  1. Large Rainbow Stacker – This is the cutest toy.  It is HUGE (seriously they can climb on it) and would be such a hit.
  2. Water Table – My kids have all loved these, and we plan on getting the Walker the one pictured.
  3. Fat Brain Stacker Toy – This is great for years to come.
  4. Wheely Cow – We have had this since Jack’s first birthday and I still Love it.
  5. Kitchen Helper – With the older siblings constantly wanting in on the kitchen action, I want a way for Walker to join but he is not ready for a step stool.  I love this one because it folds to fit in a closet.
  6. Rody Horse – we LOVE him.  Rody will get use for years.
  7. Board books – I am a firm believer that the only thing you can’t have too many of is books.  These are by far my favorite board books.
  8. Bath Crayons – a great way for them to start coloring.
  9. Wooden Bus – I love wood toys for my kids and this one will serve so many purposes for years.
  10. Boon Bath Toys – New bath toys are always a hit!
  11. Slumberkins – Between this and #12 they are Walkers FAVORITE items!
  12. Cuddle and Kind – All of my kids love these so much, and Walker LOVES Avery pictured above.
  13. Boat for bath – such a fun bath toy
  14. Bentley Trike – This was an early gift for Walker and seriously, WE LOVE IT.  He wants to keep up with his siblings, so he feels like he’s riding a bike too.  I love that it is one item that will grow with him, and the storage bags allow me to take a few things with us on our walks. Be sure to check out the pictures below of one of our first times out with it!
  15. Walking Duck – Jack and Avé have had a few variations on this toy and I swear all kids love them.
  16. Anywhere Chair – My inlays get one of these for each of our kids for their first birthdays and Jack still loves his 5 years later.


baby on red Bentley trike | One Year Old Boy Gift Guide

Hopefully this one year old boy gift guide was helpful in finding the perfect gift.  I love finding unique finds, and hopefully thats exactly what you found in this! If you are looking for more gift guides I am linking to all of them below!

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one year old boy gift guide for first birthday |

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    What fun gift ideas! The water table is my favorite. Kenzie got one for her 1st birthday and still loves it!

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