‘TWO BALLER’ Beach Ball Birthday Party

I can not even believe my sweet baby boy is TWO!!! We celebrated him big this weekend with family by throwing him a ‘TWO BALLER’ themed Beach Ball Birthday Party.  Walker LOVES all sports balls, and has since he could move, so when we were coming up with a party theme for him it seemed only logical to tie that in.  I also really wanted to do a pool party at Sam’s parents house so we could get the full June birthday experience.  Things were a bit touch and go with weather in the morning, but it ended up going amazingly, and we had the best little party for our sweet boy. 

Overall this party was under $100 for everything – we don’t do a “big party” every year for our kids, but thanks to my blog, and my love for being over the top, I still make sure to give them a theme and do something really fun.  For food we just ordered pizza, so that was super inexpensive and helped keep costs down.  I will break down the cost below on all the details, and feel free to ask any questions.

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toddler boy in beach ball outfit eating sucker

Beach Ball Birthday Party Backdrop

Last year for Avé’s birthday party we did a puppy party that couldn’t have been loved more if I tried (check it out here).  All it took to make that party picture perfect was a whole lot of effort and some scrapbook paper,  so I decided to do that again for Walker’s beach ball birthday party.  

I made these beach ball cut outs using my silhouette cameo this time (as opposed to the puppy’s that were hand cut).  You could also make them somewhat easily without a silhouette.  What you would do is cut a FULL BEACH BALL in each color, then a plain circle.  Then take pieces from each one you cut to mix and match and make it look like a multi colored beach ball.  I used double stick tape for them, and attached them to the wall with scotch wall safe tape!

Overall the cost of this was roughly $10 on one pack of white paper and one pack of colored paper. 

Beach ball paper backdrop

Beach Ball Party backdrop

Toddler in beach ball outfit in front of beach ball wall

Two Baller Drink Station

I always like to do fun drinks for the adults…I mean especially with this being a second birthday party. (Who doesn’t need liquid courage to head into the terrible 2’s?).  Check out the drink recipe HERE for this particular drink.  

I bought some fun paper straws, and made some simple beachballs to go on the straws to keep things festive but inexpensive.  Those balls were made with the same paper as the beach ball backdrop to keep costs down.  

I also used some banners I already had on hand from this shop for the drink station from Party Hop Shop, as well as cutting out the ‘TWO BALLER” banner.  

Beach Ball table Decor for Party

Two Baller Drink Station

Blue and Yellow Beach themed drinks

Beach Ball themed bar

Beach Ball Themed Outfits

Avé:  Plum NYC tutu | Shoes | Bow

Walker: Shirt |  Shorts  |  Shoes

Jack: Shirt  |  Shoes

Siblings in yellow tutu and beach ball outfits

Beach ball themed sibling outfits

Siblings in monica and Andy beach ball outfits

Toddler boy in beach ball themed outfit in front of beach ball wall

Beach Ball Birthday Party Pool 

One thing I knew I wanted to do for Walker’s birthday was some kind of ball pit.  He LOVES playing with all kinds of sports balls, so the initial thing that sparked the theme of the party was filling the pool with beach balls.  We obviously didn’t FILL it, but we did get quite a few and they were a huge hit! I am linking the exact beach balls we used, because they were super cost effective, but I will say the pack we got didn’t stay closed super easily unless we pinched the valve with a pair of needle nose pliers. 

Beach ball filled pool with toddler

Beach ball filled pool with toddler

pool filled with beach balls

Toddler boy in beach balls

Beach ball's and a toddler in pool



I almost never do an actual cake for my kids birthdays, for a few reasons.  One, Jack is allergic to egg so has never loved cake even after being able to start eating some.  I also find that most of the time they would prefer other treats throughout the day instead and a small amount of cake, or an ice-cream cone.  THAT SAID, I need to put candles in something and sing, so this time around we did some simple bite size cake bites and they were a huge hit.  We served the cake on these plates!

Beach Ball Wall with cake

Beach ball party table


If you have any questions on our beach ball ball birthday party, leave me a comment, or DM me via Instagram.  

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Beach Ball themed sibling outfits

Beach Ball themed sibling outfits

Toddler Boy in Monica and Andy Beach Ball outfit

siblings in beach ball outfits


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Beach Ball Birthday Party

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