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Best Gifts for a 5 Year Old Girl

Best gifts for a 5 year old girl… how is that even on my radar? My sweet Avé turned 5 this month, and I always put so much thought into what I get her for her birthday and Christmas.  I rounded up the best gifts for a 5 year old girl for you guys to shop for your own kids, or other 5 year olds in your life.  

This post contains affiliate links – post originally written in 2019 and updated in 2020

5 year old girl with balloon

Best Gifts for a 5 Year Old Girl

5 year old girls are so much fun!  I feel like shopping for Avé was so much fun for this birthday because she was able to handle about anything – but wasn’t ‘too old’ for much.

A bit of a ‘the sky is the limit’ type shopping year, and we had so much fun finding the perfect gifts for her to love!  

Little girl with Luggy basket and Dinkhum Doll

When I am rounding up gifts for these gift guides I put so much thought and effort into finding you unique items from a wide price range.  My hope is that you can send this to family and shop it yourself all year round to get the little lady in your life great items that will fill different needs.

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best gifts for 5 year old girl

Shop 5 Year Old Girl Gifts Below

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  1. Cuddle and Kind Doll – These have been a favorite for us for a long time.  They are also an amazing company that gives back.
  2. Bath Bombs 
  3. Book – This is one of my favorites for my daughter, but if you are looking for other great books for a gift, check out this blog post with 40 of my favorites!
  4. Light Brite
  5. Small Rainbow purse  – my daughter loves hers
  6. Rainbow Pillow – we got this for our daughters nursery, but Avé wants one so badly!
  7. Letter hat – All of my older kids have these and they LOVE them.
  8. Gymnastics mat – This is from IKEA – so if you are close to an IKEA grab it in store for less expensive!  Both of my oldest kids got them for their birthdays and have loved using them in so many ways.  It is the best deal if you are able to get it from IKEA, but I know that isn’t possible for everyone. 
  9. Puzzle
  10. Scooter 
  11. Caboodle – Avé has one of the smaller caboodles from last Christmas, and I think we will get her a larger one this year.  She loves using it to store all her treasures.
  12. Mad Matter – If you haven’t tried this, its amazing.  It is not messy like the kinetic sand.  It is so fun, and I love that you can even buy small little containers of it to take in a bag for restaurants and such. 
  13. Large coloring poster
  14. Fun little Doll kit – this is SO CUTE!
  15. Bead kit – Avé is getting this for Christmas
  16. Bow – I love getting Avé some new bows every year for Christmas.  They are good, useful stocking stuffers – this is my favorite bow shop on Etsy!
  17. Helmet 
  18. Wicker purse – I am dying to get this for Avé – it’s so cute!
  19. Doll Crib – we got this for Avé for Christmas, and I know she will flip when she sees it.
  20. Unicorn in a suitcase
  21. Luggy Basket – this was another gift Avé got for her birthday, and it is so cute.
  22. Dress up cape and wand
  23. Bike
  24. Bow
  25. Doll – I got this as well as an additional outfit and little suitcase for her birthday and she LOVES IT.  you kind of have to do its hair when you get it, but its darling, and Avé loves that it can stand up.
  26. Stroller – Im obsessed with this
  27. Streamers for scooter handlebars.  I love love love these!
  28. Pink Suitcase – we got this for Avé for Christmas and I know she will love it.  It is so cute, and I love that she could use it for doll clothes storage and such in her room when we aren’t traveling!
  29. Fun little playhouse.  – if you’re going to have one sitting out, it might as well be this cute!

5th birthday balloon

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best gifts for 5 year old girl

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