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Best Gifts for Men

Shopping for men can be so hard! I feel like they are less likely to voice what they want, and it is easy to under impress. I am rounding up the best gifts for men in this gift guide so you can wow the men in your life this year.

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Best Gifts for Men

When it comes to men you do truly have to think about what they have brought up over the year – but I also tend to think that getting one or two quality gifts is better ALWAYS.

Men aren’t as in to ‘stuff’ and normally when I go that route my husband has his fake smile going strong

In this gift guide I tried to cover the bases of men who are techy, athletic, and everything else you can think of, and if it doesn’t give you an exact idea, hopefully it will help you to have a great idea for what to get the men in your life.

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Gifts for Him

Best Gifts for Men

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  1. Blackstone Grill – This is high on my husbands wish list this year – super fun for anyone who loves to grill
  2. Sunglasses
  3. SoloStove – this is an outdoor fire-pit that is smokeless which is amazing for getting to do a campfire without smelling Like it the next day.
  4. Travel Backpack -This is my husbands go to when we travel. He can easily fit everything he needs in it.
  5. Garmin Watch – this has been one of my husbands favorite gifts
  6. Mutli weight kettle bell
  7. Samsung Frame TV
  8. Multitool – this is a fun gift for someone handy
  9. Wireless Clippers – we have these and love them for cutting all the boys hair in our house.
  10. Hat – a splurge but such great hats that are waterproof and easy to wash
  11. Shorts – Sam has these and likes them better LuleLemon
  12. AirPod Headphones
  13. Phone Case
  14. Neck Massager – I have this and Love it.
  15. Leatherman – the best of the best with multi tools
  16. APL tennis shoes – these are crazy comfortable
  17. Wallet with AirTag slot (AirTag sold separate)
  18. This helps you make very specific cuts when doing woodworking – great for someone who is really into DIY
  19. Smoker – this is a splurge item but we have had ours for several years and it is SO WORTH IT.
  20. Joggers
  21. JBL Bluetooth Speaker
  22. Slippers
  23. HyperChiller – add your liquid to this and it turns coffee or wine to a frosty cold so fast. We got one and love it.
  24. Magna external charger
  25. Rangefinder for Golf or hunting – a great gadget for any avid golfers or hunters
  26. Cooler with Foosball on top – this is SO FUN.

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Hopefully this helped you find the perfect gift for him and you enjoyed this mens gift guide! Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@arinsolange) and on TikTok (@arinsolange) to see what other fun holiday content I have in store, and leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

Gifts for Him

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