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Unicorn Gifts for Kids You’ll Both Love

I keep asking myself when unicorns won’t be all the rage anymore, but in this house that seems far off. If you have kids at home then you are probably being graced with all things unicorn on wishlists, so I wanted to round up some unicorn gifts for kids that both parents and kids will love! (because after all – we can only handle so many stuffed animals, right?)

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little girl on her bed with unicorn balloon

Unicorn Gifts for Kids

I have 2 little girls – one who is almost 7 and UNICORN OBSESSED – and one who is 2 and probably about to join that party. So basically unicorn gifts for kids is my life.

My older daughter would take everything unicorn under the land if I allowed it, but I am trying to keep myself sane by finding some cute and unique items for her. I figured if I was finding great items for her for her birthday and Christmas I should find them for you too.

baby with cuddle and kind dolls

I feel like when I think of unicorns I think only bright colors and glitter, but there are so many cute unicorn items that won’t make you cringe as a parent when they come home. I am trying to round up magical gifts that hit on children ages baby – pre-teen (however I even like some for myself as an adult).

What I look for in Gifts

Gift Guides and finding great gift options that are unique is something I pride myself on. I love finding things that my kids will love, but that every other peer of my kids arent getting for their birthday or holiday. I pride myself in finding quality items, and always try to round up great options for every price point.

This page linked below on my blog has dozens of gift guides that are split off for each age and gender so you are able to find exactly what you are looking for beyond those unicorn options.

All Gift Guides

As a parent, I don’t love holidays and birthdays just being an excuse for a new toy. I try really hard to add items to my gift guides that have a little bit of everything. I feel like there are all things rainbow and unicorn on the market today, so I took my time truly sifting through things for some great options that you won’t see every day.

Unicorn Gifts for Toddlers

I decided to break this blog post up into toddler gift ideas and little girl gift ideas. Something the perfect gift idea for a 3 year old won’t work for an 8 year old – and I am learning that the mystical creatures have a trance on both ages. The round up for toddlers have safe options for a younger child, but keep both round ups in mind when shopping.

5 year old with 5 and unicorn balloon

Below I rounded up all of my favorite Toddler unicorn gifts for your unicorn obsessed kid. Shop the items and find unique unicorn gifts for your little unicorn lover. Hopefully you can find something that will fit the description on any gift list that you have so you will have a happy kiddo on your hands.

Be sure to read the description below the round up if you are confused at all about what the item is. Some of the items that I love the most are a bit confusing in the photo but are totally worth the buy!

gifts for unicorn lovers

Best Unicorn Gifts for Toddlers

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  1. Unicorn bubble popping toy – My kids are obsessed with these. They are great for road trips too. Something to throw in your purse and keep them busy, and the tie dye color is darling on this one.
  2. Cuddle and Kind – Cuddle and Kind has 2 unicorn stuffed animal options and they are so cute. My 6 year old has both and LOVES them. Cuddle and Kind provides meals to kids in need for every doll purchased, so it is a great way to give back.
  3. Unicorn book – I swear we have every unicorn book ever written and this one is so cute. It is also really pretty when on display.
  4. Unicorn Light – this little night light is battery operated and adorable. I love that it isn’t breakable…because we have broken a couple of lights ha.
  5. Unicorn head for scooter – My 4 year old son has the dinosaur version of this and it is so cute! You don’t need any tools to put this on the scooter! The scooters these go on are one of the best toys you can get your kid, so this is a great way to Jazz it up.
  6. Unicorn headphones – Regular headphones with a unicorn’s horn – basically every little girls dream. There are some others on the market but this one is so cute and simple.
  7. Backpack – this little stuffed animal backpack is such a great gift idea. My daughter has a less cute version, and she takes it everywhere.
  8. Sleeping Bag – this comes in different colors and is so darn cute.
  9. Unicorn hat – I have a couple hats from this brand and they are gorgeous. I know my daughter would LOVE this. several sizes are available for every age kids.
  10. Pajamas – the 2 piece version of these unicorn pajamas as on the kids round up. This is one of my favorite brands of pajamas for my kids – they are SO soft and great quality!
  11. Xylophone – this is one of the best options on here for younger kids. I believe there is also a Tamborine if your sanity isn’t something you value.
  12. Chalk – Unicorn horn chalk is the cutest ever. I always think this is a great stocking stuffer idea during the holidays.
  13. Slumberkins – Hands down one of my favorite brands these little soft toys are sooo snuggly and the books have amazing learning lessons. Each creature has a story and lesson, and for the unicorn that lesson is that being unique is great!
  14. Soft Unicorns with rainbow bag – any gift that comes with storage is a winner as a mom!
  15. Water Bottle – Water Bottles are a big deal these days. This one is super highly rated and amazing. I typically only do insulated waters like this one for my kids.
  16. Unicorn Chair – My kids have all had one of these chairs. This one is so cute. I love that it is neutral and classy while still being unicorn themed for those sweet unicorn loving kids.
  17. LCD tablet – these have been a top seller this year!
  18. My Little Pony Dolls – this comes as a large set that you could split between kids
  19. Unicorn dress up
  20. Personalized Unicorn Sunnies

Unicorn Gifts for Kids

Like I said above – you may have already found the perfect unicorn gift, but I found some other great unicorn-themed gifts that are better for slightly older children.

Some of these items may not be as great for younger kids, so base you choice on your own child! Hopefully you will find the perfect gift that will add a little magic to your childs day!

unicorn gift ideas for kids

Shop Unicorn Gifts for Kids

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

  1. Unicorn stuffed animal – this is one of those super fluffy marshmallow like stuffed animals. My daughter has been begging for it after we saw it in store!
  2. Paint by sticker – this is a great birthday gift if you are looking for something inexpensive and unique. My older kids have these and they are great for keeping them busy and working on fine motor skills and number recognition.
  3. Swim goggles – these are DARLING and the brand is known for well made swim floats and items.
  4. Unicorn Ping Pong game – this is a great gift option for older kids who love unicorns! One thing to note with this toy is that if you have babies or toddlers the balls might a choking hazard.
  5. Unicorn bath bomb set – This is honestly so cute for kids or adults. This would be great given all at once, or saving it to surprise your unicorn lover every once in a while with the bath bombs.
  6. Play Dough Kits – these are great self contained gifts
  7. Unicorn headphones – These are the same ones I had listed for toddlers as well. They are too cute not to have here too.
  8. Unicorn mug – this is SO CUTE. This would work great as decor or for daily use. There is a cute little lid on it that I find darling.
  9. Earrings – these are just the right size for little ears! This set will definitely come home with us this holiday season.
  10. Pink water bottle – this is so dang cute. I know my daughter would flip for it. Again this is insulated to keep water cold and not sweat.
  11. Unicorn Terranium – a fun activity and perfect for the parent who doesn’t want a pet yet!
  12. Lamp – again on this round up. But who doesn’t want to add a touch of magic to any room with this cutie?
  13. Unicorn squishy toy – Does anyone else have kids that are obsessed with these? I keep one in each kids backpack for school.
  14. Unicorn chapstick – such a good little addition to a gift or stocking stuffer.
  15. Personalized Unicorn bracelet
  16. Squishmallow – my kids go nuts when they see these in the store
  17. Pajamas – again this is the 2 piece set that goes with the toddler 1 piece. Great for matching photo ops, and this is seriously my favorite brand of pajamas for my girls. They are so soft.
  18. Slippers
  19. Umbrella – the kids are obsessed with having their own umbrellas lately

And that is it! Hopefully somewhere in these two round ups you found a fantastic gift that a unicorn lover in your life will love for a long time.

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