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Boys Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, WHICH I CAN BARELY BELIEVE, but I finally rounded up my easy boys Easter Basket ideas for you to buy online and throw together a basket that any boy will love! Hopefully this post helps you find fun, unique finds for this years baskets.

This post contains affiliate links. This post was originally from 2019 and 2023

Easy Boys Easter Basket Ideas

I am a mom to 4 – 2 boys and 2 girls. And if I am being honest – even though I think having boys is every bit as amazing as having girls, shopping for the ‘small’ stuff like stocking stuffers and Easter Baskets can be harder with boys.

For my girls I tend to add accessories and things like that, but with boys that is a bit harder, so I tried to round up ideas to be played with inside and outside both.

I also added in some useful items – think things they will need for the summer but can still be fun to get. Sandals (or for us Natives), headphones, shades, hats, and so on! Those are fun new items to get but are very useful!

What Baskets to Use

I have a full round up of baskets that are unique and will be useful past the holiday here in this post, but keep in mind an Easter basket doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy.

If I don’t go with something super unique like the post I linked above, I tend to go with a dollar store style basket, or a cheap sand bucket that can be used for a few then trashed when it is ruined.

I also always like to state that when it comes to Easter baskets – I link so many great items here, but they are simply inspiration. You can get it all or get one thing and your kids will be nothing but impressed and in love. Never feel pressured to get more than you are comfortable.

boys easter basket items

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Shop Boys Easter Baskets Below

  1. Goggles – these are beyond adorable
  2. Bug Vacuum – this is one of my sons favorite things
  3. Bow and Arrow
  4. Fake smart watch
  5. Lego Keychain
  6. Book – this is a cute one that will grow with them.
  7. Binoculars – all of my kids have these and we LOVE them
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Walkie Talkies
  10. Glow ball – This is one of my favorite for the boys
  11. Headphones – we have these and I love them. Bonus – they come in great spring colors!
  12. Natives
  13. Cuddle and kind dolls – these are the cutest and a great brand that gives back.
  14. Uno – card games and board games are a great addition.
  15. These wooden boats are adorable and so great for decor as well.
  16. Butterfly/bug nets – all of my kids love these
  17. Construction utensils – I had these with my oldest son and they are darling.
  18. Letter hats – my older three kids all have these and I love them.
  19. Nerf gun – what kid doesn’t love a good nerf gun!
  20. Thinking Putty – a great sensory item that doesn’t dry out!
  21. Shark sandals – so much fun and we use them all summer long!
  22. Slumberkins – one of my favorite brands. Every animal has a great story and meaning
  23. Pizza Chalk – a fun take on sidewalk chalk

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