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Boy’s Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, WHICH I CAN BARELY BELIEVE, but I finally rounded up my easy boy’s Easter Basket ideas for you to buy online and throw together a basket that any boy will love!  I tend to think these kinds of holidays are harder when it comes to boys than girls.  It’s harder to come up with easy, little ideas for boys that aren’t super expensive, where for girls you can grab those things anywhere.   Make sure after this post you check out the other Easter Basket posts linked, and if you have any questions leave them in the comments!

This Easy Boy’s Easter Basket Idea’s post contains affiliate links. 

round up of easy boy's Easter basket ideas

Easy Boy’s Easter Basket Ideas

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  1. A watch – I always get my daughter accessories, and I think a wrist watch is a fun take on that for a boy.
  2. Chunky Pad – these are seriously the best art pads ever (full disclosure you can SOMETIMES get them in the Target Dollar Spot!)
  3. Small Nerf gun
  4. Uno
  5. Set of Books 
  6. LEGO Keychain – My son LOVES these
  7. Walkie Talkies
  8. Sunglasses
  9. My kids all love stuffed animals (and this one is so cute).
  10. Glow Ball – I am obsessed with these.  I am getting one for Jack.
  11. Kids binoculars – these were my biggest seller from last year.
  12. Natives are the best shoes ever for boys all summer!
  13. Kids Doodle board
  14. Kids Initial hat
  15. These are safety baseballs, and I plan on getting some for Jack this year.
  16. Bike helmet
  17. Lightsaber
  18. Bug collector vacuum – This is my number one item on here.  Jack LOVES to find bugs and I think this little thing will keep him busy for hours!
  19. Super Hero Figurine – The equivalent to boys Barbies, and under 10 bucks.

Let me know if you have any questions, OR if you have amazing ideas to add to this list.  I hope you enjoyed these easy boy’s Easter basket ideas, and be sure to check out those other Easter posts before you leave!

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AND as an added bonus, my friend Navy has this adorable round up all beach and pool inspired! Check it out and grab some great useful items!!

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