Wall Hanging Sunshine DIY

I have been dying to do some sort of sunshine DIY in Goldie’s room now that we moved, and FINALLY came up with the perfect wall hanging sunshine DIY to put in her room. Because we just moved I haven’t fully decided my full plan on her room, so this will hold me over and keep things cute for the time being.

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white crib with large wall hanging sunshine over

Wall Hanging Sunshine

Goldie Mae is our 4th and last baby, and let me tell you – SHE IS PURE SUNSHINE. I haven’t fully decided on what her room will be at this house, probably partially because her nursery before we moved will be so hard to compare to.

While I work on the room, I wanted to get something over her crib to pull things together for the time being. (4th kid means she will likely be last to have a fully decorated room too!)

large rope and grass sunshine

Her room is small and an odd shape – which has also given me some struggle and has us thinking about moving her to Ave’s room and moving Avé up to the attic. So there are many moving pieces that are Goldie’s coming room haha.

For the time being I really wanted to do something sunshine themed, and saw a small shelf size sunshine that I LOVED a while back that I really wanted in a larger version for her room. I will walk you through making this bad boy for your own home in this post.

nursery with large pink sunshine on wall

A video how to!

I did my best to video a lot of this process so watch this video to get a better look behind the scenes of making this wall sunshine!

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pink sunshine over crib

How To Make your Wall Hanging Sunshine

Now let’s walk through making this sunshine. It is not a complicated process I promise! The whole thing for me took roughly 2 days but my husband did help a lot with the glueing which cut down a ton of time.

It is also worth noting that cutting the grass skirt portion will make a HUGE mess. Easily cleaned but it looked like a a hay bail had been ripped open in our kitchen ha.

crib with large sunshine over it
  1. First things first you need to make your base. For us that meant using a scrap piece of plywood, but any thin lumber would work great. the thinner it is the more light weight your end result will be. To create your half circle the easiest method is to tape down a piece of string in the middle of the bottom of the board. Tie your string to a pencil and carefully draw a half circle. (you can see this in the video in this post to help explain).

2. Once your half Circle is drawn use a jigsaw to carefully cut.

3. Now you can lightly sand the edge if needed, and you are ready to start assembly.

4. The next step will be covering your half circle with sisal rope. I needed just over 2 rolls of the rope to accomplish the top. Take your time and hot glue the whole thing going in a continuous circle. I started by covering the edges (3 strips on the edges before I got to the top). When you get to the end of one peice of rope just start with the next. – this process is a bit tedious I won’t lie. It goes a lot faster if you can get a second person to run the glue gun while you follow behind to lay down the rope.

covering wood with sisal rope

5. Once you have a fully covered top it is time to paint. You can do this in whatever way you want. Spray paint, hand paint, whatever suits your fancy. I used left over wall paint for ours. Let it fully dry before your next step.

half circle covered with sisal rope

6. Now for the grass skirt. Technically you only needed Rafia, but I found that grass skirts were smoother and cheaper so might as well. For my layers I cut my first row at about 3 inches long and carefully hot glued them to the back of the board going all around the curved part of the sunshine. Once that row is done take scissors and even things up.

adding grass to DIY wall hanging sunshine

After the first row add in a second row – cut them roughly 7 or 8 inches long this time so you can trim them.

And that is it. You now should have a boho wall hanging sunshine that you can put anywhere in your home.

pink and grass wall hanging rainbow

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Hopefully you are leaving this post inspired and ready to make your own DIY wall hanging sunshine. If you do make one, be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram (@arinsolange) – I love seeing everyone else’s creations. And if you have questions leave them in the comments below!

DIY pink Wall Sunshine
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