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Unique Easter Basket Ideas Kids Love

Easter is just around the corner, and before I start posting all my Easter basket filler posts for this year, I thought it would be fun to do a post with some unique Easter basket ideas for kids.  I personally don’t use the same basket every year, and love finding something useful for the basket, so wanted to share some fun ideas!  All of these ideas can easily be filled with all your fun.

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Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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  1. Bike Basket – there are so many fun options and this would be super useful!
  2. Rainboots – such a fun thing to fill up! And my kids all love their rain boots.
  3. Kids backpack 
  4. Collapsible Beach Bucket – Okay I am obsessed with the collapsible beach buckets that I posted here originally!
  5. Rolling basket – I might need this to be Avé’s basket this year!
  6. A baby swing – This one is really unique and fun, but any outdoor swing would be darling.
  7. Kids umbrella – turn it upside down and fill it up.
  8. Dump Truck – a large dump truck and fill the back with fun
  9. Helmet – with spring being the time for outdoor fun, a new helmet filled with fun would be perfect.
  10. Doll Pack-n-Play 
  11. Doll Stroller
  12. Little Wagon – my kids all have these wagons and they are SO FUN. They all use them constantly and they are the perfect size to fill as an Easter Basket.
  13. Lego Storage bin, or really any other fun storage bin
  14. Art Caddy

All of these are fun ideas that will make your kids so excited when they find them, and will be less wasteful than your traditional baskets! I would love to hear if you have ever done another unique Easter Basket idea for kids in the past, and what it was in the comments!

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