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Useful Easter Baskets Kids will Love

Easter is just around the corner and I am planning all things Easter Basket. As a mom of 4 I try to find useful Easter Baskets every year that can be used year round, or for the season ahead at the very least. I am rounding up some useful Easter baskets in this post and will share how they can best be used.

This post may contain affiliate links – original post written in Feb 2019 and updated in 2023

Olli Ella Luggy as Easter Basket

Useful Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets are one of my favorite things from my childhood. I remember being SO excited to find what the Bunny had left me, and again as a mom it is so much fun.

I think Easter is extra fun because you get the surge of excitement but not as much stress as a mom, so that is a double win.

I don’t love using the same basket every year because I worry my kids will catch on to the true ‘bunny’, so instead of buying basket after basket I have started getting something fun they can use or that will be useful in the future.

Easter basket with cuddle and kind dolls
This gorgeous Easter Basket is from @heythereheatherco on Instagram

That tends to look different every year, and with 4 kids (2 of each gender) it doesn’t mean the baskets are all the same – but I do try to stay at similar sizes.

Why I Picked These ‘Baskets’

When I was setting out to round up some ideas for you – I wanted to find some for both genders, as well as a wide variety of price ranges. I know everyone has a different budget for their baskets, and you should never feel like you have to spend a fortune on Easter Baskets if you don’t want to!

The little Jelly bags in this post are $10 and a perfect choice for your kids for pool days or just for toting things around the house. They are high on my list of options for this year.

There are also some inexpensive bags for the pool that would be darling if you do a pool/beach theme to load them up for the season, as well as normal backpacks that are always exciting for kids.

cute little matching sibling Easter Baskets
These gorgeous baskets are from @jordandunway on Instagram

I have been wanting to get my kids a backpack for travel that is different than their school backpacks so that might be my plan for this year.

I will note below which items we personally own, but in this round up it is the majority. The strollers, doll cribs, both rolling carts and so on are items we personally own and love. So I can definitely attest to them being great options.

What to Fill your Useful Easter Baskets With?

Filling your Easter baskets is just as important as the basket itself right? Whether or not you go with one of the baskets below, or something more traditional, I have some tips and posts that will help you find great items to put in your Easter baskets.

One thing that I know a lot of people do that I LOVE is aiming for a theme – if you go with all beach, or pool themed, you can easily choose a bag or simple basket that has everything in one specific theme like the basket below.

Mermaid themed Easter Basket
This gorgeous Easter basket is from Shauna at Staying Home Sawyer

For other great basket fillers check out my posts below to find some great items!

Girls Easter Basket Fillers | Baby Easter Basket | Boy Easter Basket

Now onto these Unique Easter baskets and I can fill you in on how I would fill them.

useful easter baskets

Useful and Unique Easter Baskets

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

  1. Doll Stroller – My girls have this stroller and it is definitely a splurge especially for an Easter basket but will be well loved and used.
  2. Baby Swing – I love the idea of filling this with some fun items for your little one then wrapping it in that clear wrapping paper and tying it with a ribbon.
  3. Tonka Truck – my 3 year old would LOVE this as his Easter basket.
  4. This little pull cart would be great for playing around the house and also beautiful decor in a kids’ room
  5. Bike basket – this comes in a natural rattan as well but is so cute and a great idea for a useful basket.
  6. Collapsable Sand bucket – hands down my favorite kind of bucket to lug to the beach, and a great little idea for their Easter baskets (I did these last year for my kids!).
  7. Boots – I love the idea of getting each kid a pair of rain boots for the season and filling them with their goodies.
  8. Radio Flyer wagon – this is a classic item!
  9. This small cosmetics case is great for older kids, but could also house LEGOs or art supplies.
  10. Rocket Lunchbag – how cute would this be for a little boy?
  11. Caddy – this little caddy could have a million uses – art supplies, roadtrip snacks, you name it!
  12. Rainbow basket – a gorgeous basket to then use in their room
  13. This rainbow backpack is precious
  14. Neutral fanny pack – this is perfect for an older kid
  15. Rolling Wicker Cart – my older daughter has this and my kids all fight over it.
  16. Fun summer backpacks – getting your kids new backpacks every Easter might be a fun way to kill 2 birds with one stone.
  17. Jelly basket – these are all over Pinterest, and this option is super affordable!
  18. Craft basket – perfect for a budding artist!

Other Posts You’ll Love

Now that you likely know exactly what you want to do with your Easter baskets – let me show you some other posts that you might love before you go!

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useful easter baskets

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