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Girls Easter Basket Fillers They’ll Love

Filling Easter baskets has to be one of the most fun aspects of motherhood. This post is full of girls Easter basket fillers that the little lady in your life will love!

This post may contain affiliate links. Original post 2019 – updated in 2023

Little Girls Easter Basket

Easter Baskets for Girls

I can tell from last years post that you guys love ideas for filling up your kids Easter baskets.  This week I will be putting up all my easter basket posts for the year, as well as linking back to last years that I still love.  

Be sure to check out this post on unique baskets to fill up while you’re here, and grab some of  these girls Easter basket fillers for your sweet girl!

How I Fill Easter Baskets

I have talked about how much I love doing a great mixture of useful and fun when it comes to gifts for my kids.  I tend to try to get my girls items that she will be excited about, but yet also won’t just get thrown to the playroom and never seen again. 

Little Girls Easter Basket Fillers

For the basket above I used this LUGGY for the basket 

When it comes to blogs and social media you will see super elaborate baskets – which is WONDERFUL, but I do think it is my job to share that by no means do I buy even a big portion of what is below.

I go simple with my kids Easter baskets, and they get one or two things seen below each year then some candy and juice boxes. I do love to get them something memorable, and love adding things like the fun chalk or bubbles because I know they will play with them that day.

I only share that as a reminder because you shouldn’t feel like the bunny has to bring it all. And you should know that if he does that is great too!! So now lets get to this years filler picks.

easter basket items for girls

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Shop Girls Easter Basket Fillers

  1. Doodle board – these are inexpensive and really fun. My kids love to use them for road trips and such too, so they are great to have on hand.
  2. Slumberkins – this is one of my favorite brands – all the stuffed animals have such a great message and meaning.
  3. Bow – I LOVE these bows
  4. Piggy Paint – This is great for kids especially as they learn to paint their own nails.
  5. Cuddle and Kind – again a great brand with stuffed dolls that give back.
  6. Rainboots – for all those April showers on the horizon
  7. Toniebox – This is an absolute fav in our house! Goldie will take it everywhere
  8. Magentic Dress Up – this would be great if you’re traveling since it comes in it’s own case
  9. Hat – all of my kids have these hats and I LOVE THEM
  10. Sunglasses – hands down the cutest sunglasses
  11. Unicorn chalk – my daughter loves unicorns and this was a HUGE hit for her.
  12. Ring Set – This is always a best seller for kids!
  13. Squishmallow – these are so trendy right now and honestly SO soft!
  14. Pajamas – I am not HUGE on themed pajamas because I love my kids to wear them as long as possible. This pair is my favorite brand and I love the ruffled shorts version.
  15. Karaoke Mic– this is fun for kids of all ages (adult kids included!) – we all love to play with ours!
  16. Striped Umbrella
  17. Bubble Guns – I can’t believe how long kids will play with bubbles. They’re always a hit!
  18. Snack stackers – these are great to have on hand. You could fill them with their favorite snacks in their basket.
  19. Colored pencil roll up
  20. Bunny Water Bottle – just the cutest spring accessory ever!
  21. Poloroid camera – My older two both have one and we LOVE them. Don’t forget to add in some film.
  22. Natives – this is a go to for me in my kids baskets. They love having new ‘holey’ shoes and it is something I would be buying anyway.
  23. Personalized Bracelet
  24. Paint by sticker – these provide so many hours of fun.
  25. Paint Sticks

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Hopefully this post gave you great tips for your girls Easter Baskets and you are even more excited to play bunny this year. Be sure to pin the post below for later – I update this post yearly. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok (@arinsolange) be sure to follow me there for more holiday fun.

easter basket items for girls

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