Printable Chore Chart for Kids

Chores for Kids

I will fully admit to the fact that I have not been great about making my kids do chores before recently.  I didn’t really think much of it, until I was recently inspired by some AMAZING other moms!  So while in the spirit of New Years resolutions and goals, I decided that the kids doing more around the house would be a goal for 2018. I try really hard to look at what can I change, or we change as a family to make us function better and be overall more happy.  I know having the kids pull their own weight will not only help them become MUCH better people someday, but will also take away a little of our stress. At the end of this there will be links to free printable versions of this chore chart in pink or grey.

Printable Chore Chart for Kids

 I decided to leave our chore chart without typed in chores as they might change over time as they master chores and get older.  For now morning routines will be broken down, into items (i.e. – brush teeth, get dressed, so on) but My hope would be after a few months that can just be one item.

I have not fully decided how I want to handle “prizes”.  My thoughts on these charts are more that I want my kids to understand they are a part of our family, so helping with our family and taking responsibility for their own bodies is just something you do.  That said I think from time to time when they are doing well at completing their tasks I’ll just randomly get them a small dollar section prize and praise their good work.  I also hope that not sticking to a “fill your chart, get a prize” type of mentality will make it less stressful for all!

I plan to laminate these for my kids so that I don’t have to print them weekly – if you don’t own a laminator, order one! You will use it SO much for your family that its more than worth the money you save in paper!!

Example Chore Chart for Kids

free printable kids chore chart

You can print this chore chart with NO chores you can pick between PINK or GREY.



What chores do your kids do?  I would love some ideas that you have as I put this to work for our family!!


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6 thoughts on “Printable Chore Chart for Kids

  1. Arin, I am going to copy your chart. I should have done that earlier, but the idea was not. I am grateful to read your post and find that chart.

  2. I do have my kids do chores each day and normally I write it on the calendar but I am thinking a simple checklist would be much more helpful! Thanks 🙂

  3. You did great! I hope many parents will do the same, letting their kids doing some household chores. Prices or any rewards can really motivate them, this will look fun to them at the same they’re learning about responsibility.