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Gift Guide for Expectant & New Moms

I know the holidays are fast approaching, and I think one of the hardest demographics to shop for are those expectant or new moms in your life. ¬†Especially for those of you who haven’t had babies, or maybe its been a long time, figuring out what they might want and actually use is tricky. ¬†After having 3 babies in the last few years I thought I would put together a quick gift guide to help you pick some fun gifts those sweet moms will LOVE.Gift guide for new or expectant moms -

  1. Balance ball – This is great for workouts while you’re pregnant, but also amazing towards the end of pregnancy for back pain, and to help induce labor!
  2. A Maternity Robe – Pink Blush robes are amazing and work during pregnancy, are super cute for labor and delivery, and still function great after the baby arrives!
  3. A cute Duffel Bag – I know every time I had a baby I realized at the end of my pregnancy how much I wished I had a cute duffel to pack for the hospital, but at that point I never wanted that expense!
  4. A massage gift certificate – normally I don’t find gift cards to be super personal, but trust me – SHE WILL LOVE YOU!
  5. Bath bombs – nothing better than a bath bomb and a warm bath on that aching body to relax.
  6. A cute tumbler – She will be drinking tons of water, so having cute cups are always useful.
  7. A great blanket – I personally don’t think you can find a better blanket that a Saranoni blanket, and I think that anything that encourages relaxation is perfect.
  8. Blanqi Maternity or Postpartum leggings – They will love you for these, TRUST ME.


I hope this helps, if you’re looking for gifts for those mamas in your life! Happy Shopping

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