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Cold and Flu Season Survival Packs

This post on cold and flu season survival packs was graciously sponsored by Rainbow Light however all opinions are my own. 

Cold and flu season is upon us, and with kids back in school I feel like it is always spreading like wildfire.  This year I was especially nervous about it with sweet Goldie being a newborn, so I got to brainstorming on some ways I could help keep it at bay.  

I thought I would share a fun little activity you can do at your next MOPS group, playdate, or mom meeting with parents from your kids classes that might help to keep you all sickness free this season.  Check out this post to see how I made Cold and flu season survival packs. 

Cold and Flu Season Survival Pack Party

Rainbow Light Vitamins

Cold and Flu Season Survival Packs

I am lucky enough to be this years room mom for AvĂ©’s class, which means I also plan the parent get togethers.  I thought this year at our little fall meeting where we planned teacher gifts and such it would be fun to have a little cold and flu season survival pack station.  Seemed extra fitting with how bad the stomach flu had just gone around our house, and how much these moms probably didn’t even want to come in my home HA!

bottle brush trees and cake stand


  • First of all, I included Rainbow Light Vitamins – sharing with the other mamas a great way to help keep their kids healthy BEFORE the sickness hits was crucial.  I wish I had started my own kids on them soon. I included Rainbow Light gummy Vitamin C slices as well as Rainbow Light Multivitamins for the whole family.  (because mom and dad don’t have time to get sick either!) USE CODE arinsolange to get 30% off your order!
  • Hand sanitizer – no brainer, and kids LOVE it. haha. 
  • Tissues – giving kids a good way to wipe their noses that isn’t all over their hands and clothes. 
  • Sanitizing wipes – They can wipe down desks/ tables
  • Chapstick 
  • Little bags – I chose fun little glittery ones for the girls because I knew the little girls would love those.

Pink tree cookies

pink Christmas tree cookies on cake stand

Set up

I set all of the items up on a tiered cake stand with some cookies at the top to help intice people.  Include baggies for the vitamins so they can try them out, as well as little printed cards with the names of the vitamins so they can remember what brand they were and are able to purchase more when they get home.

rainbow light vitamins

Over all, keeping our kids healthy over the cold and flu season is every parents biggest goal.  Rainbow Light vitamins will help keep your kids healthy and help boost their immune system to ward off the illness before it hits.  Keep your kids drinking lots of water and make sure you are washing water bottles, lunch boxes and backpacks more during this season.  

Cold and flu season survival pack set up

We try to keep a diet high in vitamin c with things like oranges, and get them to eat as many veggies as they will this time of year.  (if your kids are picky, offering them fruits and veggies such as carrots for snack when they are often times sort of “desperate” to eat, can help to get those nutrients in their system”

Be sure to use code arinsolange and grab some Rainbow Light vitamins to help keep you healthy and add to your survival pack.  You’ll save 30% using the code!!

Cold and Flu season survival Packs

Cold and Flu Season Survival Packs

I would love to see your cold and flu season survival packs, so be sure to tag me on Instagram or comment below and let me know what you include!

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Cold and flu season survival packs


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