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DIY Pink Santa Mugs

This year, some adorable plain white Santa mugs were floating around Instagram, and I won’t lie – I loved them.   But in true Arin fashion, I wanted some in white, but also instantly pictured them in pink. I decided to try my hand and do some DIY Pink Santa mugs from these amazing little Walmart finds to report back to all of you.

DIY Pink Christmas mugs

Pink Santa Mugs on Counter

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The best part about my little DIY I’m about to share – you could totally paint over non plain white Santa mugs, it just might take a bit longer.   Also a little FYI – if you are anything like me, you will see this post, and think “I can do that” and not read it through.  This DIY had lots of hiccups, so I totally recommend reading how I did it!

Pink Santa mugs all lined up

DIY Pink Santa Mugs

First of all – the mugs I started with were these cuties from Walmart.  I knew I wanted to do a somewhat ‘ombre’ pink color look, but wasn’t sure exactly what shades, so I got some pink craft paint and started the process.

Pink and white Santa mugs

Let me tell you – I can not vogue for all paints NOT working, but I can tell you that several brands of matte craft paint DID NOT work.  I would paint them, and the paint would just slide off.  

Pink Santa Mug in the snow

The good news is – they were hard to not have drips on, so that made for easier starting over, but it was way too easy.  You guys I’m talking even after baking the paint on if I laid them in a bowl of water the paint just slid right off. like all of it with no effort. 

DIY Pink Santa Mugs

So what did I use?

I had on hand some of THIS PAINT from Target in Satin. and I happened to have used it on ONE mug.  When I started my process of starting over and dropped this one in the bowl to soak it was not easy to come off.  Which I knew must have meant it was the way to go.  

Pink Santa mugs and paint

So grab your craft paint, some brushes (use normal brushes not foam!), and mugs and lets get to the tips.

Tips for success/ my process

Wipe down the mug with rubbing alcohol.  

Okay first off – you want thick coats, which goes against everything most of us know on paint.  DO NOT give a mug a second coat unless its been baked.  So give your mug a good thick -ish first coat then leave it to dry. 

Pink Santa Mugs

Once it has FULLY FULLY FULLY dried put the mug (or mugs) on a baking sheet then put that sheet in the cold oven.  Once they are in there set the oven to 350 degrees.  You will bake the mugs for 30 min ONCE THEY HIT 350.  Then leave them be.  Do not take them out of the oven until they cool.  

Next – if your mug needs a second coat or touch ups this is your moment.  I know this means a lot of time, because you have to fully start over on time, but its worth it. 

DIY Pink Santa Mugs

If you messed up on any spots, or there are drips inside you can use rubbing alcohol to remove any of the paint at this point. 

THAT IS IT.  Your mug is ready.  I will say I have gently hand washed the mugs, and do not think you should dishwasher these.  

Pink Santa Mugs on a white cake stand

DIY Pink Santa Mugs


I have a game plan to do a few more this week (if time allows) in other colors, but if you do any mugs show me what you end up with!

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DIY Pink Santa Mugs


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    January 28, 2020 at 8:44 pm

    I did this on regular looking mugs and it worked so well. Thanks for posting this!

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