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Family Christmas Pajamas I Love

Family Christmas pajamas are a must, right? As a mom of 4 with 2 boys and 2 girls, when I do family Christmas Pajamas it is a little different than than some, but I still love to get festive as a group, and have rounded up my favorites this year for you!

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kids in coordinating family Christmas pajamas

Family Christmas Pajamas

Last year I rounded up pajamas to show you how you could mix and match – however this year I decided to just find some great options and you can sort of mix and match to your hearts content.

I will explain sizes and options for as many of them as I can, so if you are looking for certain ages or sizes that might help.

Siblings in coordinating sibling Christmas Pajamas

Coordinating vs Matching

As I stated above – I have 4 kids. I have a mix of boys and girls which as time has gone on has made it harder to do matchy matchy.

I think sometimes when your age ranges are wide and your options on being perfectly matched can also get trickier.

In the round up below you will find some great options that you can match perfectly, but you are also going to find some great solids and prints that coordinate really well with each other so that you can coordinate your family.

To shop the image below just simply click the number and you will be taken to that site. Like I said above – in the description you will find more about sizes and options on each pair so be sure to check that out!

Coordinating and Matching family Christmas pajamas

Shop Christmas Pajamas

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  1. Slippers – These are a splurge but I stand behind Ugg slippers being the best ever!
  2. Tree Pajamas – sizes 2 – 14. These also come in a similar ‘boy’ color way incase you want something similar!
  3. Pink Santa – I am obsessed with these, and they coordinate perfectly with number 12 incase you want to match genders.
  4. Red Ribbed Pajamas – These are the pajamas from the first photo on this post. They come in several color options and honestly are my favorite pajamas. I highly recommend them. They are my go to for my boys especially!
  5. Classic nightgown – this one comes in several different styles and sizes so you can truly match your whole family.
  6. This classic set is another of the options like #5 so you can get a feel for different options your family can wear.
  7. Pink Santa – this is the pair I got my girls this year. They are beyond darling and come in a few different styles (infant fleece, 2 piece toddler and kids, and nightgown). This set also comes in green for a truly matching look.
  8. Infant set – This is one of my favorite pajamas for babies. So sweet and unique.
  9. Red Stars – this set is SO cute and unique. I love that it isn’t totally Christmasy so will easily be able to be worn year round.
  10. White infant Pajamas
  11. Pink Tree pajamas – these are glow in the dark and go much larger than most of the pairs on this set. However they start at 2t.
  12. Black Buffalo Check – again a pair that isn’t totally ‘Christmas’ so will easily go year round.
  13. Blue Santa Pajamas – this pair matches number 3 and is so unique and adorable – The red pajamas in the family photo are the same style and I loved them on the boys!
  14. 2 Piece set – this set is adult, and comes in several sizes and styles for the whole family.
  15. Donut Pajamas – This pair is SO cute – I know my kids would love them. available in 6 month – 5 years.
  16. Black and Red set – this pair is really unique and adorable
  17. Gingerbread Pajamas – I love this pair and it would coordinate with plain ones really well.
  18. Nightgown – this nightgown matches the adult set from #14 and comes in several sizes and styles for your whole family.
  19. Plaid Slippers – these come in several sizes for the whole family.
  20. Sharks with Santa hats – this pair is SO cute. My 3 year old would love them. They come in 6m – 5t.
  21. Sparkly slippers
  22. Girls nightgown – this is darling
  23. Grinch set – this particular set is available in sizes and styles for the whole family! Be sure to shop around this site to find some other options – one thing that is pretty great about this particular site is that they tend to bring back the styles every year so you can add sizes as kids grow.
  24. Gold star nightgown – I had to include this one because I loved it so much for my Goldie girl
  25. Unicorn set for toddlers – Incase your little one loves unicorns as much as my daughter
  26. Dinosaurs – of if your toddler loves Dinosaurs as much as my 4 year old!
  27. Gingerbread house set – this pair is 6m-5 and so pretty and dainty.
Family in Christmas Pajamas on Mantle

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Coordinating and Matching family Christmas pajamas

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