Free Thanksgiving Bingo for Kids

This past week I was making Thanksgiving bingo for Ave’s class and honestly – it was so much dang work that I figured I would share with all of you to to use as well. Enjoy this free printable game and play it with your kids this Thanksgiving.

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Free Printable Thanksgiving bingo

Free Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is so low key. Nothing much is going on – in our family there is a whole lot of football watching (not for me) and eating.

With 4 little ones I am always looking for fun ways to entertain them on those holidays. I want time to be an adult, but also – I want the kids to make memories and have fun too.

When I made Thanksgiving bingo for my daughters kindergarten class I figured it would be something fun to play at home with the kids too.

Free Turkey Bingo

What you need?

For this all you technically need is a printer – for myself, I also laminated mine for the school so they can use them again if they want, and so it allows them to use dry erase markers instead of little plastic markers if they want.

This year is all about NOT sharing (yikes – I will have some back tracking to do with my middle littles), so I sent the option of mini m and ms, as well as the laminated cards so they could go the marker route – either one.

What you are Printing

When you download the file you are going to see that it is so many pages long. That is because when I created this for my daughters class I needed 17 different cards for 17 different students.

So – if you are playing this with family – feel free to print them all and switch out cards between games, or just select a few bingo cards when you print.

You do need to make sure to print the last 3 pages because they are the cards you will draw. Cut them out along the lines and draw them to see what Thanksgiving symbol is up next.

What Ages?

I created this very much so to mimic ZINGO so really I do think that younger kids could handle this all the way from toddler up. The cards are large enough that for a game or two you can likely keep the full family engaged.

No numbers or anything like that are needed, and the printable cards to draw are large enough to help kids recognize the symbol.


Best done on a colored printer!

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Hopefully your family has fun with this free Thanksgiving bingo and it helps make your holiday that much more fun. Be sure to tag me on Instagram in photos of you all playing (@arinsolange), and leave any questions below.

Free printable Thanksgiving Bingo
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3 thoughts on “Free Thanksgiving Bingo for Kids

  1. Thank you!!!

    I have been preparing and playing Turkey Bingo with my husband’s family for years…since my youngest two children were little bitty. I wanted something that my four children could look forward to on Thanksgiving. I think the seven adults always looked forward to it too. 😁 Now my two oldest have little bitties, making me a Grandma! The oldest of the three is three years old, and I wanted something besides the traditional BINGO game. I did a search, and here you are! Fourteen of us will be playing this year, so I am so excited that you have 17 cards!

    Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing these for free! They are adorable! And I am thankful! ❤️

  2. Success!!! The adults loved how fast-paced the game was this year and how wonderful it was to use dry-erase markers instead of buttons! Everyone really enjoyed the pictures! And my three-year old grandson totally got into it! Thank you again! ❤️