DIY Superhero Valentines

My last DIY Valentine for the year. And I won’t lie…this one is super simple, but that’s what I needed.  I made these DIY Superhero Valentines in about 20 min to make all 6 I needed, so this is your true last minute option!

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Like I said, this is the LAST of this years DIY Valentines – I have already made 3 others, so now my kids are set for next week.  I wanted to do something different for the boys and girls in both Jack and Ave’s classes this year because they are young.  

DIY superhero Valentines

I also try so hard to stay away from candy Valentine’s on the years when I have time to think of it because I know they will get lots of other candy and snacks!

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DIY Superhero Valentines

For this little Valentine I grabbed some wooden peg dolls at Michaels (although here is a great option from Amazon if thats more your jam!), a piece of felt and was off to the races.

You will also need hot glue and a Sharpie to complete it. 

I simply cut some triangles with a flat top about 1.5 inches wide at the smaller end out of the felt – see the picture below, and glued them onto the neck of the peg dolls.  If you add the glue to the cape it is much easier to do this (as opposed to adding the glue to the doll). 

Once the cape is on the doll I drew a simple face and called it a day.  I played around with hair on some extras, and I think there is a lot more that can be done, I just didn’t have time. 

They are super simple, and nothing the kids are going to freak over, but a fun little Valentine that isn’t Candy none the less. 

Free Printable Superhero Valentines

To go along with the little peg doll superheros I threw together some quick printable Valentines, so those are available for you to print for free below.  I then Simply hole punched them and tied them around the neck of the dolls. 

Free Printable Superhero Valentines Here

Free printable Superhero Valentines


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Like I said – this is simple, but Valentines for classes should be!  Hopefully your superhero loving kids will love these too!

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DIY Superhero Valentines

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