Easy Fall Decor Tips

Easy, inexpensive fall decor tips were the goal of my day today. I was looking back over past years fall decor because we are in transit this year, and I likely won’t decorate for fall, but when it comes to decorating I have some tips on making your house fall ready year after year!

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fall mantle decor that is white pumpkins and greenery

Fall Decor Tips

I have been doing really similar fall decor year after year – because let’s face it. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on new decor when it is only up for a couple of months!

I wanted to say some easy and inexpensive ways you can tie fall decor into your current home decor seamlessly, because it doesn’t have to be a huge deal, and you can do simple updates that you can add to yearly to slowly grow that fall decor stash.

greenery for fall

In this post I will share several round ups of decor in 4 categories that I think can really help make your home feel more warm for fall, but I also want to share ways you can incorporate them, and ways you can change them up yearly.


One thing I didn’t round up was pumpkins. I use them GENEROUSLY in the fall. I honestly have been adding to my stash for years and have an embarrassing number of neutral pumpkins.

white brick mantle with pumpkins for fall

My suggestion on the Pumpkins is to slowly add them, but always get 2 or 3 minumum in each style. You can easily sprinkle them all over your house, and if you stick with a neutral color-scheme it won’t feel busy.

I also highly recommend mixing textures and such on the pumpkins – you don’t want 50 plain white pumpkins with nothing going on on them.

Move Things Around

Your decor doesn’t have to look the same just because you use the same things each year. 2 years ago I used white pumpkins to cover my mantle and incorporated greenery with garlands.

The next year I used those same pumpkins and greenery and did a table-scape in my dining room. Move things yearly and you won’t have to invest in a ton yearly.

white pumpkin tablescape

The next year I used those same pumpkins and greenery and did a table-scape in my dining room. Move things yearly and you won’t have to invest in a ton yearly.

But on to those investments – lets talk textiles, wicker, pots/vases, and greenery. I am going to walk you through 4 round ups and talk about what to pick for your home!

round up of fall greenery

Fall Decor Element 1 – Greenery

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

When it comes to fall greenery – you can incorpprate your typical greens, but I also love tying in some more ‘fall tones’ with the greenery and stems as well.

When going green stick with things like eucalyptus and dainty greens, and you can tie in fall ribbons or texture like velvet for the wreaths so make things feel more like fall.

Buy these for your mantle, your table, or to add to vases. They are such a great way to invest in things that won’t go out of style! Shop the items I picked below.

  1. Pink Pampas grass – this comes in a couple of colors and is so pretty!
  2. Wild grass stems – this bunch has gorgeous natural colors with a light pop of pink!
  3. Eucalyptus stems – I love adding this to my decor with a mix of real to save on buying so much fresh all season.
  4. Harvest Bunch
  5. Colorful stems
  6. Wheat stem Wreath
  7. Wheat Stems
  8. Wreath that has nods to fall with the colors
  9. Green wreath – this is an investment piece but will look gorgeous for much of the year and you can change out the ribbons
  10. Vase with small burnt orange stems
  11. Mixed greens – this is a gorgeous choice for your mantle or to tie greenery into your table. If you do a garland just add some stems in to keep things looking full and natural!
  12. Olive Leaf tree – this is great year round but such a good faux plant for fall. I just grabbed this one and it is gorgeous.
fall vases and pots

Fall Decor Element 2 – Vases/Pots/Candles

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

Another great way to make your house feel more warm for fall is to change some of your glass to a colored glass (greens and browns). Make sue your planters and pots have good texture that add warmth.

You can also change out some candle sticks from white to black, buy some fresh new candles in warm colors or black with great scents for the season and you will warm your space up in no time!

  1. Black Candle – this is gorgeous
  2. Black and white candle
  3. Wood Candle Sticks – using candle sticks that add warmth and texture are an easy way to change up your decor for fall.
  4. These vases are gorgeous – they are a little less dark than some of the other colors, so if keeping things more bright and airy is your thing these might be great options.
  5. Wicker plant pot
  6. Vases – I used these in my fall decor. They are still clear but worked great.
  7. Cognac vase
  8. Dark green vase
  9. Black vase – throw some of those greens from round up one and it will be amazing.
  10. Gold candle sticks. These work amazing year round.
  11. Wood plant pot – another great way to tie in texture.
  12. Brown glass candle sticks
  13. Cement mid century planter – this is such a gorgeous mix of fall texture and bright and airy.
  14. Cognac textured vase
  15. Black candle sticks
  16. Tinted glass vase
fall textures

Fall Decor Element 3 – Textiles with Texture

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

Textiles are normally a quick way we all change things up for the season, and for good reason. They pack a huge punch in your house. Add in new throws with texture – they don’t have to scream fall in their print or color.

Do the same with pillows. Mix your textures and you will be shocked at how bright and light you can stay in the colors. Take the textured white ones from this round up – you can easily tie those into your year round decor, then pair them with a velvet pillow on the couch for fall and winter to warm them up.

Accent rugs in your entryway, kitchen and by doors are another great way to change things up seasonally, and the above round up has great options!

  1. Ivory textured pillow – this one would transition to year round so well
  2. Ivory striped blanked
  3. Round Jute rug – this is so pretty and under $40
  4. Black Striped throw – this is SO pretty
  5. Mustard textured throw
  6. Navy check pillow – I love that plaid in the fall automatically warms things up.
  7. Rug
  8. Black and natural pillow
  9. White textured pillow
  10. Black textured pillow
  11. Textured throw blanket – you could tie any of these colors into your fall decor and they will look amazing.
  12. Faux fur lumbar pillow – this is GORGEOUS!
  13. Cognac pillow
wicker baskets and trays for fall

Fall Decor Element 4 – Wicker

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Wicker – here is a super simple tip. I am a HUGE fan of wicker year round, but when it comes to fall you can add just a little more wicker to warm things up.

Add them to areas you maybe would normally keep empty. I am all about minimalist decor, but for fall think adding a little extra will keep things warmer.

  1. Wicker Tray – I have this tray and use it year round on my counter or table and love it!
  2. basket with black – this is a gorgeous option for holding a plant
  3. La Jolla Basket – this is MUCH more affordable than the Serena and Lily version and so cute!
  4. Belly bakset
  5. Basket with black accents
  6. white weaving baskets
  7. Seagrass tray – this is so pretty!
  8. This basket is pricey but gorgeous
  9. Wicker Tray
  10. Pom Basket

Hopefully if you tie some items from all of these round ups together you will have fall decor you love. Remember – you don’t have to buy it all every year, and if you commit to one look you can add slowly.

Hopefully if you tie some items from all of these round ups together you will have fall decor you love. Remember – you don’t have to buy it all every year, and if you commit to one look you can add slowly.

white pumpkins and gold candles for fall tablescape

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